Well, lookie here - after several weeks and three reviews LJ is going to allow me to post this one instead of having to use my catch-all entry to post to my own journal. YAY! Of course, this is probably a one time thing, so...

The Vampire Diaries 5x14 No Exit

Okay, so now in addition to this week's Pretty Little Liars I can now say there's one other episode of a show I liked this week. And what makes this one even better - I didn't hate a single person in this episode. Though that could be because I just don't care enough about Wes to hate him, but whatever...

Fun fact is that just before the half-way point of this episode I was ready to write how Katherine was going to give herself away, especially with the hiding of that phone call. I mean sure Stefan and Enzo aren't best buds, but all it would take is for Enzo to come find Stefan to bitch him out for not caring enough to come help his brother and oops Katherine's game of hide the phone call would be the thing that gave her away, because the characters are right no matter how pissed Elena (or how firm her break-up resolve) would be at Damon there's just no way she'd not at least try to rescue him.

Then there was her rather boneheaded seduction of Stefan - look Kat even if Damon and Elena did break up there's just no way Elena would be trying to jump right back into Stefan's arms - if for no other reason than Elena would understand the much hurt she laid on Stefan with the whole Damon thing. And I was right, though I certainly didn't expect that Stefan and Caroline would've figured it out by the end of the episode I thought that wouldn't happen at least until next episode.

Of course, they also had a little help from Matt in the form of a not completed text he no longer remembers sending. See, kids punctuation IS important! Speaking of this I think I joined Team Matt just a little bit when he was pulling his fast one on Nadia, because I was all like "lookie here our little boy is all grown up." Of course, now someone needs to turn him into a vampire so he can get his memories back - I expect Damon to suggest this, while someone else may suggest finding a witch powerful enough to break through, which according to The Originals is painful but doable.

Sadly, and I really can't believe I'm about to say this, but through Matt I actually gained just a touch of sympathy for Nadia, but also that at that end left me being all ~poor Nadia~ I don't even care about her, but damn that's harsh - she knows she's not number one with her mother and now she's probably dead from werewolf bite, because I don't think anyone has a vial of Klaus-blood laying around. And even if they did I don't really see any of them being inclined to use it to help Nadia. Though I suppose Nadia could head over to New Orleans, but at the moment Klaus is hardly in a good mood, and getting him to help when he's in a good mood would probably be hard enough - plus there's that whole thing about her being Katherine's daughter and the fact that he's hardly a Katherine fan. Though I guess Nadia could try and hide that part, but again see the bit about Klaus's rotten mood.

Hell to my shock and surprise Tyler didn't even piss me off here. He was rational enough that I could actually see and even sympathize with his point. Though I think part of this is that when it comes to Tyler Caroline has kinda been bugging me a little bit. It's been clear for awhile that Tyler was not near as into her as she was him, but she could just never seem to figure out that he just wasn't into her. But it's just weird because Tyler's been pissing me off for a long time - long before his misadventure in New Orleans even. But somehow he was handled/written very well in this episode.

Sadly I can't see this show keeping this up, but it was (I admit) damn nice to watch an episode of a show this week (thus proving it wasn't something with me) without actually disliking anything about it.