So, I rewatched the recent three episodes last night and I believe that helped me work out why I'm so bothered by the way Sam is currently acting toward Dean, because it's not as though Sam doesn't have at least one valid reason to be angry. But taken as a whole I'm ultimately just not feeling that Sam's anger is justified (or at least the seeming extent of it is justified), and that was actually bothering me just a little bit.

Such as the fact that I kept getting caught up in the idea that from now on every time the big jackass is in trouble (such as the most recent episode where the fat sucker was attacking Sam) Dean should've asked Sam if it was okay for Dean to save him this time or would the right and proper response be to walk away and let him handle it. And, yes, I admit I would love to see that from here on out - stopping in the middle of fight so Dean can ask Sam what he should do here just so Dean can be absolutely sure he's not violating Sam's wishes in any way. Alas that won't happen because Dean is not as mean as Sam. GAH! I hate this so much - I loathe the meeeeen to Dean crowd, but the show has pushed me into being one of them.

But seriously Cass could start hunting with them (because Dean really does need someone who'll have his back) looking all put out at all the Winchester shit and then finally deciding (hopefully sooner rather than later) to diddle with one of their minds - at this point I'd like to see Cass diddle with Dean's mind to forget Sam like awhile back on The Vampire Diaries Stefan asked Rebekah to compell him to forget Elena or rather his love for Elena and that's what Dean needs now to just forget that he loves Sam. Then we'll see how the big jackass likes it when he's not the center of Dean's emotions, because clearly last season (and at times this season) he's shown he doesn't really seem to like it at all.

I mean while the writers can't remember some of us can remember that whole it's me or Benny stuff from last season. But then heaven forbid Dean save his life or something because that's bad, but that's sorta the natural consequence of Sam continuing to demand he be the center of Dean's universe - he ends up the literal center of Dean's universe. Which means that in many ways the current state of their relationship is as much Sam's fault as it is Dean's (because Sam won't allow Dean to move away), but the show doesn't seem to be noticing that not-so-little detail.

So, yeah, I think the best thing right now would be for Dean to just be compelled to forget how he feels about Sam. OR at the very least for the current writers to actually realize that Sam has as much (if not more) blame to share for the state of the current relationship - otherwise Dean comes out looking somewhat justified (or at least victimized AGAIN by the evil manipulative brother) and Sam just looks like an emotionally manipulative jackass, because it's not as though Dean hasn't tried to move on from Sam as the center of his life before, but everytime this happens or starts to happen Sam pulls Dean back because Sam clearly doesn't like it when Dean doesn't have him as center, until this causes Dean to do something Sam doesn't approve of then all hell breaks loose and somehow it's all Dean's fault when really it's not - at least not entirely.

Ergo if Sam really means what he says (and is becoming mature - and I can't even type that without LOLing) then he actually does need to walk away, but the show can't have him actually do that which means that he's going to continue looking like an emotionally manipulative jackass towards Dean, because by the same token the show also can't let Dean come to realize that he needs to be the one to walk away because for whatever contrived reasons Sam can't bring himself to do so. Ergo neither can have an emotionally mature response to the situation and will simply continue to come across as abuser and abused.

And look at this - apparently making my sticky catch-all post was exactly what was needed, because since making that LJ hasn't even attempted to lock me out of posting.