(I don't have a proper Supernatural icon for my thoughts here, so just pretend the one attached to this entry says - "All Was Well - (But my Supernaturalmania ended up pretty damaged for that to happen.) - because that seems to be the direction Carver wants to take with Supernatural.)

You know - I was wrong in my review I said Carver had made Sam Sally (Sally from Being Human who even after having been turned into a flesh eating zombie and yet managing to come back from that has learned nothing - everyone keeps trying to tell her she needs to stop and think about her actions before you know acting, but she never does or at least hasn't yet), but that's mostly because I was comparing one Carver show to another, which upon reflection isn't really correct. No, Sam is more like Rebekah from The Originals, though not exactly because Rebekah isn't trying to emotionally manipulate her brothers into becoming different people - she's just wanting to take the pound of flesh from them that they've taken from her. What? It's not any healthier, but it does seem somehow more honest than what's currently going on between Dean and Sam on Supernatural.

No seriously, Rebekah is in a toxic relationship with her brothers, so she keeps plotting rebellions against them, or the one, instead of just getting the fuck out, which would be the healthy response. And that's what Carver has done to Sam - he's made the Dean/Sam relationship as toxic as the one between Rebekah and Klaus, but because of actor contracts the one needing/wanting to escape the toxic simply can't because the actor is committed to the show and therefore has to be there.

Yeah, I basically just want Rebekah to get the fuck out of New Orleans, which probably explains why I'm not enjoying The Originals as much as I was when it first started - she can go back to Mystic Falls (aka The Vampire Diaries), because at least with Rebekah I still care about her and want to see more of her, but keeping her on The Originals will probably end up with me hating her as much as I now hate Sam. Yeah, that's right, Carver has managed to turn me from Team Sam to a Sam hater (and it only took a season and a half), but with Sam its so far gone that I just want him away - dead or alive. And lets face it with the way this crap is being written that seems like what Sam himself wants - at best. Because looked at another way I start to think Sam is trying to emotionally manipulate Dean into being what Sam wants him to be.

GAH! I hate this, because this seems to be Carver's way of trying to turn me into a Dean/Cass shipper. Well, not really, I'd never be able to ship them at least not in the way D/C fandom seems to ship them, but all Sam's attitude is making me want is for Sam to get his toxic ass away from Dean and let Dean move on to someone who at least half-ass gives a damn about him. And right now that's Cass, or more interestingly (in my opinion anyway) Crowley. Seriously, to satisfy contracts they could split the story and let Sam run off to find a magically healing vagina again and I can ff through his part of the story.

But, yeah, I know the way the storyline has played out we're supposed to be on Sam's side, because yes Dean violated his personal agency, but the story is writing Sam as this huge prick that I just can't bring myself to have an ounce of sympathy for at all. Seriously, if Sam feels his relationship with Dean is that toxic then it's his own damn fault for not getting the hell out (after all it's not like Dean is forcing Sam to stay with him - hell, Dean actually left him recently, but Sam came back), because in this unlike Rebekah who's outright just trying to get revenge for all wrongs done Sam (and therefore Carver) seem to think staying in the toxic relationship and emotionally manipulating Dean into a different person is the healthy mature response.