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This is my sticky entry, because LJ is getting worse and worse about letting me actually update my own LJ. So after this previous week I decided I needed a sticky post because usually when LJ is not letting me make entries it will still let me make comments - ergo this is my comment post, because sometimes I just need an entry to vent my spleen so to speak and that always seems to happen when LJ refuses to work for me.

Basically this means that if you care and suddenly realize I haven't made an entry in a while (especially in the TV season when I usually at least make weekly episode review entries) read the comments on this entry because if I'm around but haven't been making entries then it's because LJ hasn't been letting me and I've been reduced to making comments on my own LJ to say what I want/need to say.

I kinda hope it won't ever be necessary for me to use this one, but based on recent history it probably will.

Yep this is what LJ has reduced me too - I'd actually consider leaving if I hadn't made this a perm account - if I want to use my own journal I have to comment to my own entries. *sigh*

Yes, it happens to be working right now, but I apparently can't count on that lasting.
And, of course, now LJ is back to not letting me make entries! And I just don't have time today to keep trying, so here's the review.

Okay, yes, so I'm extremely late with this, but while this season started off with hope after the previous season almost drove me away, I've just found that lately I just find myself lacking the interest in watching this show. On the other hand, this episode was not a bad one - it was just that it took me forever to muster up the interest to even watch, and even then I mostly only watched it because I was getting tired of seeing it just sitting on my DVR.


The Vampire Diaries 5x13 Total Eclipse of the Heart

Still this is gonna be a short one, because I'm still fairly busy and therefore having to just do this basically on the side.

Anyway, if anything Katherine's going to give herself away by overacting if nothing else. Although by the end of the episode she was doing pretty damn good Elena.
(Though it's kinda funny that she wants all the love and affection Elena gets, but Elena only gets that because she gives that and it would seem Katherine still doesn't quite understand that. Though I wonder if she will by the time this storyline ends. My guess is yes and that'll probably be how the storyline ends.)

That leads to the next thing I kinda liked - that Stefan revealed that he'd pretty much turned himself into a Damon/Elena shipper after first just waiting for Damon to screw up in his very Damon way - though Damon totally killed that by having his partner place Jeremy in peril. See, Katherine wants Stefan, but Elena was with Damon until Katherine dumped him last week (as Elena) so Damon went all Damon. Now Katherine does not care that Damon killed Aaron and I think kinda wanted Damon (or rather Enzo) to kill Jeremy, but as per playing Elena she had to save Jeremy, but as a neat little bonus for her it kinda gets rid of Damon, because even Stefan was all like "don't come back." And you know it's bad when Stefan gives up.

PS - Bad timing too since Damon went and wondered into the stupidest storyline of this show - he got his ass turned into one of those vampires that feed on vampires.

Also, Matt figuring out that Katherine is in Elena's body was pretty interesting, but I doubt he'll remember that long since Nadia is just going to wait the vervain out of his system and compel him again, because if nothing else Katherine will still need her Elena cheat-sheet.

And that's pretty much all of what I enjoyed/mildly cared about re: this episode. And even one of those is tainted by the stupidest storyline this show has had AND the whole of Enzo - these things are not interesting to me at all - in fact it bores me. *sigh* At first I though the Enzo character and his storyline had some potential, but in the end both are just tedious, though that could be because his storyline ties so heavily into the stupid one. Either way though I was sad when Stefan failed to kill him, and later when Damon had a need to feed on a vampire he chose a random redshirt instead of Enzo.
The Originals 1x14 Long Way Back From Hell

Okay, so after finding a couple shows boring I decided I'd drink tonight and I purchased the new version Miller came out with recently, or at least it recently came out in my area and it certainly seems more potent than regular Miller.

Anyway, apparently watching while drunk isn't something one should do while watching The Originals, because we're five minutes in and I'm stuck on something. The witches are bitches and if they get their power from being properly buried or whatever why haven't the vampires simply destroyed every corpse in New Orleans? I mean, honestly, at this point if I was a vampire dealing with this dumbass crap I'd do it out of spite if nothing else. Certainly would if these bitches hurt my family like they have Elijah's.

But now Elijah is shirtless and this seems like a much less boring episode this. But then this is like naked!Damon in the bathtub, though to be fair I guess this is a touch less angst-y, but it would be better if Elijah was having fun here. But then I look up and a witch!bitch is pulling a dagger or the dagger - who the hell knows at this point? And better question who cares? Anyway, he's naked and in pain, and so it's still kinda good.

But then after ads we come back and everyone is dressed again and I suddenly remember how boring this episode really is. *sigh* Why back in my day when witches got angry with vampires they cursed them with human souls instead of this crap!



Oh and apparently Bekka's deep dark secret is that she hates Klaus and that she and Marcel had a thing back in the day. Wow what a freakin' revelation! I mean honestly who the hell possibly saw this one coming. I mean even Klaus was stunned beyond words by this shocking revelation, or you know not. So I guess it's not all bad at least the show wasn't expecting this to be a revelation despite the witch thinking it was. The witch says there's more, but given the shocks she's revealed so far I'm not sure I can handle anymore shocks. Why my heart might give out over the stress.

And now Bekka is begging as though all this will be REVELATION, and I'M BORED SO VERY BORED!

So I guess the lesson here is that while I think drinking while watching Lost Girl last night would've helped me ditch real life while watching and therefore allowed me to be more into that episode it's not helping with The Originals. Wonder if it'll help or hurt in a minute when I start watching Supernatural.

Mostly this episode would be much improved if this was turned into a big giant naked torture party. I'm not kidding - no nudity no admittance. But seriously I do think in a weird twist I might've liked this episode better had I watched while sober.

Anyway, the big deep dark secret is that Bekka called in Mikael or however the hell this show spells it. But honestly that's not really surprising either, though I guess it might shock Klaus, but in reality it shouldn't. He's been a raging dick to her the entire time we've been watching them together that it's hard to believe she hasn't tried to off his ass more often.

At this point the only surprise twist this episode could offer me is for Klaus to laugh this off after realizing that yes it makes sense for Bekka to have done this and ultimately he doesn't react with rage. Instead it'll probably go about how you expect. Rage, anger, bitching, ANGST!

This show has almost gotten as unoriginal as The Vampire Diaries. On the other hand, Hayley used my phrase or something close to it, so it wasn't all bad. But the rest with Klaus and revenge was as tedious as expected. Yes, even after Elijah showed up, though as that ended the episode we'll have to wait til next week for that exerise in tedious.

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Supernatural 9x14 Captives

Well, I guess the drinking helped, because I didn't really care that this was an episode that I pretty much totally called before it aired and it was as boring as expected and I simply didn't give a damn. Really the only thing that stood out is the fact that Sam is not just a dick but also a liar. But whatever - it's now clear that Jeremy Carver is jealous for ~reasons~ and had been wanting to wreck Sam's character since he took over, so congrats, Carver, happy now.

I think it's happened - I think I'm over this show.

Of course, now I know what'll happen I'll sober up and decide to give it another shot next week, but since next week is Ghostfactors I doubt that's gonna reinvest me in the show, so at this point I got pretty much nothing.

Though in all honesty if I hadn't at least enjoyed tonights episode of Pretty Little Liars (PS - Aria should NEVER EVER forgive Ezra. Look if it was just the lying maybe, but probably not, but it's not just that - that bastard stood back and watched as A mentally tortured her, so no she should never ever forgive him & SOMEBODY SHOULD JUST FREAKIN' TELL SPENCER THE DAMN TRUTH ALREADY! Well and that Paige as much as I hate to say it should die in a fire) I'd start to think maybe I was just not capable of enjoying TV right now.

But seriously the minute I saw the description for this episode I said:

I expect this to be at the very least as unoriginal as ghost!Bobby during season seven.

The ghost instead of being some interesting previous Man O' Letters that Dean and Sam could learn new and interesting things from is instead going to be Kevin. Therefore I'm betting that the prize possession turns out to be the dumbass that is his I know hooking better than hookers mother, because it totes makes sense that even after Kevin is dead Crowley would keep her alive in case Kevin somehow faked his burning from the inside death or something. *sigh*
(And it made sense to me that she was dead even before that, because otherwise it makes no damn sense that Crowley wasn't actively using her against Kevin, but that's what this show is now a random string of things that ultimately make no damn sense! And while Crowley was out of the game because of capture by Dean and Sam I'm having trouble believing the other demons would go out of their way to keep some human alive, especially since right now Crowley is no longer the undisputed King of Hell.)
The Originals 1x15 Le Grand Guignol

I don't really have a lot to say about this episode, because once Klaus decided to be angry over what he learned in the previous one then everything here, except I guess flashbacks, was predictable.

It wasn't necessarily a bad episode, but it's one of those where if the writers aren't careful they're going to write themselves into a corner and then the resolution will by default be disappointing/not make sense, and because I'm aware of this I couldn't just set back and enjoy I had to keep thinking about ways this could be worked out and still make sense for the story/characters.

Though part of me does kinda wish Klaus would kill Bekka (not really, but), because then Marcel would have to live with the endless guilt of how that's totally his fault because if he hadn't insisted on going back (or at least attempted to talk Bekka out of going back and trying to go alone) Bekka would not have gotten trapped.

Basically, I think I want to go back to last week where Elijah takes off his shirt to save his family. I mean if we're going to write silly stuff I might as well have some distractions, and Elijah's chest is a damn good distraction.

Mostly though I just ended the episode wondering not just why Klaus would keep a stake that can't be destroyed capable of killing even him in his home but also revealing it to someone who's not an original and therefore wouldn't have a vested interest in keeping it secret. Instead of keeping the damn thing I think his time might've been better served in trying to destroy it, though I suppose perhaps he tried, but then he should've hid it somewhere harder to find then, because while it can be used against his family it can also be used against him. DUMBASS!

Still the episode ends with Celeste dead, Davina alive, and three Originals in a graveyard stand off. You'd think that would at least muster a trickle of excitement, alas no.

Oh, and Hayley apparently has a cure for her werewolf kin, but not because Celeste was feeling generous, but because she thinks this will eventually lead to Hayley running off with her family to keep it in the family instead of keeping it with Elijah.
Supernatural 9x15 #THINMAN


Just no!

Was my first reaction. Seriously that almost ended up being the entire review, because what's going on between Dean and Sam is so totally NOT the same thing that was going on between twiddle Dee and twiddle Dumb, despite the anvils hitting me in the head claiming otherwise.

Sam was dying - now that doesn't make what Dean did right, just totally different, because twiddle Dee made up a story because he didn't want his boyfriend Dumb leaving him for a girl.
(And I might add that yes it was a lie but Dumb still left his girl to stay with Dee, and that actually undermines the message I think the show was trying to sell, especially since unlike Dumb Sam made the choice to stop the trials BEFORE Dean lied (and worse) so again the shows message is just confused.)

On the other hand, I guess if Carver sees those two as alike that might explain why he's writing (or overseeing) this whole thing as he is, but would also explain why it makes very little sense, because Dean didn't lie to keep Sam from leaving him (and no matter how much Carver keeps trying to push that angle still doesn't make it true) - Dean lied because he was afraid Sam would reject his efforts to save his life. And even then for me that's not the biggest thing Dean did wrong here - there was the bodily violation of Sam by angel, but for some reason the writing never addresses that it's always about either Dean keeping Sam alive or simply lying to him. UGH!

*sigh* This would've been better and more related to Dean and Sam if this episode would've had Twiddle Dee or Dumb in a coma and then suddenly flat-lining and then the other ignored the DNR order, which would've made that whole story a lot more of a mirror for Dean and Sam's. But I think I'm starting to understand that Carver sees totally different things here from what's actually been on the show, which is probably why things feel so "lol, canon" with this show now.

The reason I decided to say a little more is because I think I actually didn't hate the episode itself - just hated how it tried to shoe-horn the issue between Dean and Sam in these simple but not sense-making terms, but once you ignored that it wasn't a bad episode. Also I liked the feeling that both Dean and Sam's emotions over recent events was given fairly equal time/attention in this episode. Well and also like that the monsters here was totally human.

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