The following would've been an entry made on Saturday but LJ and my internet was bitches! My internet stopped being a bitch Monday night, but LJ didn't stop until today.

So, last week I had three days in a row off from work starting after my shift ended Wednesday afternoon. Now I knew Wednesday evening/night I wouldn't be watching my shows, because Tuesday night I had problems sleeping/resting because of a wicked combo of tummyache/heartburn. But I had planned to start watching on Thursday night, but alas I had other stuff that needed doing and so I did not get around to watching the following shows until Friday evening/night The good news is that I did watch the following on Friday night, but couldn't post these on Saturday afternoon as was the original plan, because I could not get connected to the internet. But despite that hiccup I'm still happy, because Friday and Saturday I did manage to get almost completely caught up on my TV watching. Still as mentioned I typed these up Saturday morning before I started watching other shows, because I didn't want my thoughts from these episodes to get lost in the thoughts of other stuff.
(And I probably won't get behind much (if at all) this week, because for some reason I'm not working as much this week as usual either - I'm starting to feel paranoid about that - like what did I do wrong? - but that is a topic for another time, especially thanks to being called for tomorrow night I won't be as lacking hours as I would've been without that.)

Anyway, I have no idea when/if my internet connect will return, so I have no idea when I'll get this posted. But while this would've been late it wouldn't have actually been this late is my point, and while I do have to work tomorrow night - if everything goes well I should be able to watch The Originals and Supernatural sometime after work tomorrow and if my internet doesn't go screwy again be able to post the reviews on Wednesday.

And, of course, now that my internet is back up LJ is post-blocking me again! *sigh*

The Originals 1x12 Dance Back from the Grave

I don't know that there was anything wrong with this episode, in fact I'm almost certain there was not, but I found myself just not caring all that much for it. Though all things considered the episode did leave me wondering what the evil witches are planning, so I suppose in that way its done its job.

Mostly though I think the show might work better for me if it backed off Bekka's rebellion. I mean, sure, if I thought she'd win one I'd be all for this, but I think everyone knows that Bekka will never ever be allowed to win one against Klaus, Marcel, OR Elijah. Though at least she did me a solid by trying to back Elijah off of Hayley. Sorry, but Original Bro is hot enough that he should never no never be tied down to just one partner.

But my big problem with this show since the break - they are writing Bekka into a corner. Sooner rather than later... Actually, we're already at that point - it's not making sense that Bekka keeps staying in New Orleans. Not that I want Bekka to leave the show, but that's what I'm saying by writing into a corner - having the dudes shovel so much crap in her direction makes it highly unrealistic that she'd want to keep sticking around.

Supernatural 9x12 Sharp Teeth

Honestly, I was bored (and not just because monster!Garth was obvious before the episode started - he was either dead or monster the minute he broke contact last season) - I tried not to be, because I wanted to like this episode, because while I hated (loathed really) the idea of Garth as the new Bobby (nobody needs/wants Bobby Redux!)... Well, while I was bitching about that I saw people on the internet being, well, people on the internet.

And while I think it's totally okay to hate Garth as a character (and the puppet and him as the new Bobby) I saw some very ugly things said about DJ Qualls (and I mean DJ and not Garth) that I personally found totally unacceptable, so I resolved to try my best to never again have anything bad to say about Garth. And, to be fair, I'm not sitting here holding rabid anti-Garth thoughts, but it feels wrong to be really bored with the episode, despite the fact that it wasn't really Garth's fault the episode was boring.

No, I'm maybe holding in some rabid thoughts regarding Madison, but they're basically the same ones Bitten brought out in me so even that's nothing new. But while Bitten at least actively pissed me off (because of the BS retconning if nothing else) I was just totally bored with this episode - so much so that I totally missed the ending.

At least I have three days off from work now (YAY! Yes, I could use the money, but this week I've worked some long shifts so I need some time and since for the past month(s) I've been working five days a week - this is a nice change) I'll probably watch (or try to) again tomorrow, though honestly I'd rather go back and rewatch the previous episode.

No, I didn't miss the start of Dean and Sam's talk, but I think I've finally seen where Carver is headed or trying to head with Dean and Sam and to be honest I don't like it - I don't like it at all! I know most of fandom is screaming for Dean and Sam to move into a more healthy relationship with each other, and I don't want that at all. I want Sam to end up just as fucked up as Dean, but Carver seems bound and determined to not let that happen.

On the other hand, next week Sam in shorts and Dean in a hair-net, so I'll be watching.

The Vampire Diaries 5x12 The Devil Inside

I admit that I was not eager to watch this episode, because based on the episode description I did not need to see Stefan or that cancer on the ass of humanity (Tyler) giving Caroline shit over sleeping with Klaus. Thankfully, this episode did not tick me off on that score near as bad as I was expecting. No, it wasn't the best episode ever, but it was certainly much better than I was expecting.

Still, I mean, sure, it wasn't like sleeping with Klaus was the best decision she could've made - on the other hand, if that's the worst mistake she ever makes it's just not really that big a deal. But compared the mistakes Stefan has made he has no room to toss stones (and thankfully he did not), and certainly Tyler needs to stone himself to death before he dares toss a stone at anyone else. Though, yes, I can understand why this would bug Tyler - I just have no sympathy for him, because somehow this show managed to make him such an asshole that I have no damns to give when it comes to Tyler.

The only other thought I have about the episode is that while I do find it fitting that Elena was the one who made Katherine human and so Elena is the one who keeps Katherine alive - I must admit that I'm just not thrilled with this storyline - it's not so much that I'm not thrilled with it I'm just mostly bored with it. I guess because I know somehow Elena will be back and this show has totally trashed the character of Elena to the point where I'd almost rather Elena be lost now forever and Katherine in control for the rest of the series, but come on we know that isn't going to happen.

End of the first entry - Begin second entry, which would've been made today!

The Originals 1x13 Crescent City

I don't really know what to say about this episode - I didn't hate it, but didn't exactly love it either. Though that's mostly because the only thing I can keep thinking when it comes to this episode is that I'm really really tired of the witches.

And yes I want Elijah to kill them all, but I'm not exactly on the edge of my seat waiting for that to happen either. I'm just kinda bored with the evil witches, I guess, and that's coloring everything for me.

But that wasn't all that happened - this wasn't an unaction-y episode, and by the end of this episode the witches have totally boned Elijah - he was smart enough to figure out that not only was Celeste up and around but exactly who she was up and around as - he tracks her down only to be drugged, while Celeste has arranged for Klaus, Bekka, and Hayley to be in separate danger.

Basically, she's making one of the classic evil overlord mistakes - she's forcing the hero (Elijah) into a situation where he can only save one and seems very happy that Elijah chose to save Hayley instead of Klaus, but I figure Elijah only saved Hayley over the others because he knows the Original Sister and Original Hybrid can't be killed while mother werewolf most certainly can. Plus and where the classic mistake comes in is the fact that now Elijah is committed to her death, so...

Meanwhile there was Hayley throwing a werewolf bash for relatives and met her intended (apparently werewolves do arranged marriages) but Hayley's family was wiped out before she could grow up. And you'd think this would be interesting, but somehow it just come out looking all like a watered-down True Blood.

I'm starting to think the shine of this show is simply wearing off for me. *sigh*

Supernatural 9x13 The Purge

Between this episode the previous episode and the first part of season eight I'm afraid my Sam!girl card has been revoked. Because I think I actually hate Sam now, because I was totally on board with Dean treating Sam like a stranger - after all that's what the prissy dumbass wanted, but then (of course) he acts all insulted. FUCK YOU, SAM! FUCK YOU, CARVER!

I want Dean to keep treating Sam this way until Sam realizes how fucked up he (Sam) has become and then falls apart crying helplessly in a corner somewhere while a bunch of people laugh at him because he's just that stupid now.

So, congrats, Carver - you've finally fucked up Sam enough as a character that I'm totally wanting Dean and everyone else to completely walk away from Sam and leave him alone, because clearly that's not only what he wants now but also what he deserves because... I mean, really, why are you doing this to Sam, Carver? WHY? You think this is Sam being mature and a Sam we can support - apparently, you've made Sam into Sally - a selfish dumbass who needs a comeuppins like yesterday.


And that's just my feelings from the first bit of the episode. *grin*

Of note is that because of weather my CW cut out ten minutes before the end of the show - so it's totally possible Carver fixed Sam by having him realize he's being a giant dumbass and he deserves the way Dean's treating him now - after all that's exactly what he wanted.

However, I know Carver and if anything Carver totally fucked it more by having Dean break down crying in the end because Sam is totally mature and his prickness is actually mature behavior, and Dean... You know what, I can't, because this time Dean is totally right and Sam deserves to be dumped off in a doghouse somewhere so he can have whatever it is Carver has decided he wants which is clearly not his family.

Honestly, this is one of those episodes where the plot and monster of the week was the best things about it, because I don't know what the fuck Carver is doing to/with Dean and Sam, but I do know I'm about done with it, because it just sucks. However, if the cases keep being interesting enough (and the layers keep coming off Dean and Sam, because hell at this point the pretty is all that's keeping me around) I could keep watching for the cases and skip all the Dean/Sam BS. But that won't happen either, because someone behind this show will at some point bring the angel story back and I've been over that shit for a couple seasons now as well.


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