Basically, this is just another random Harry Potter post, but I thought it might be interesting to list all my ships (though I doubt that's possible, because I'm not sure I can remember them all off the top of my head) as well as those that I don't actively ship, but do like. I think the rise in Potter stuff is due to the fact that it's getting close to movie five (and Book Seven) time. :)

My OTP (one true pairing) is Harry/Voldemort...
At one point I used to list that as Harry/Voldemort(Tom Riddle), but I've come to realize that I actually like Harry with the current Voldemort better than I do the young Riddle. Although that is relative, because unless it is a rape fic (I.E. Voldey(Riddle) rapes Harry) I won't walk away from Harry/either version. Also, strange because it was Book Six and Harry's thoughts about the youngish Riddle that actually brought H/V up to OTP status, though I'd been leaning that way since Chamber of Secrets.

But before Harry/Voldemort got its solid lead, it was tied with Harry/Lucius. Why is it that I don't like rape fics, but I find myself drawn to pairings that almost naturally support such a thing?
Actually, it isn't really that I don't ever enjoy a rape fic, I just, as a general rule, DO NOT like fics where Harry is raped.
Anyway, Harry/Lucius can be done without making Lucius fluffy or rape, which is good since I don't really like fluffy!Lucius much more than I like rapist Lucius. *sigh* When I can find a Voldemort/Harry/Lucius fic I am in HOG HEAVEN!

Now this is where it gets tricky trying to list in order of favorite, because for the next chuck I pretty much enjoy them all about equally. PS - there are several Harry Potter Het pairings I enjoy, read on to see which they are.

Harry/Narcissa, there are a few good fics here, but there there should be MORE! Like with Voldemort/Harry/Lucius, if I could find a Harry/Narcissa/Lucius fic I would be in HOG HEAVEN! Alas, to date I have not seen such a thing.

Harry/Luna, at the moment this is the ONLY pairing I like that has any chance of becoming canon. However, given how Rowling has written the canon ships to date I'm no longer sure if I want this one to become canon or not. For example, say it did become canon but was as badly done as Harry/Ginny was, that might turn me off the ship. Hey, me jumping off a ship because of bad canon has happened before. Buffy/Spike and a more recent example, Ron/Hermione. Before HBP I might not have loved Ron/Hermione, but I wasn't completely against it either. Now after HBP I found myself completely siding with the Anti-Ron/Hermione folks. *le sigh*

Harry/Parvati, I believe there are a grand total of THREE people on this ship! Two of them have written a fanfic, the other (me) has not. Okay, to be fair there might be a few more who are like me, they like the ship but haven't written any fanfic. *shrug* I know the Ball wasn't a good date for them, but I've always thought many of her actions were supposed to make Harry jealous, but he was too clueless to realize that. Therefore, I've always wondered what could've happened if someone had told Harry that he was supposed to be jealous, or explained to Parvati that Harry wasn't being rude so much as stupid.
Actually, there's more than three - has to be, because there was enough interest that there is one old thread and one current thread for H/P over at FAP. YAY!

Harry/Pansy, I've only read one fic with this pairing, most seem to like Ron/Pansy better. *shrug* I'm just not a big Ron fan and have never read a Ron-Centric fic, on the other hand I have read a few fics with Ron/Pansy as a side pairing, but I rather like Harry/Pansy better.

Harry/Draco, this was probably the first major ship I encountered online and for awhile it was great. However, I got tired of Emo!Draco and fics where Draco joins the good guys real quick. Why, oh why, aren't there more fics out there where Draco seduces Harry to the dark side? Seriously, I always figured that was the more likely option because Harry seemed darker in canon than Draco was light - if that makes sense. That's why I decided to give Harry/Lucius a shot and the rest is history.

Harry/Bellatrix - to be honest, this is a new one, and I might actually like it more than Harry/Pansy & Harry/Draco. But I'm listing it down here because I'm not actually sure I like it better. Alas, the only fic I've ever read that did Harry/Bella in any fashion was a Harry/Narcissa/Bella fic. And don't get me wrong it was good, but I would like to find a plain ol' (non-rape) Harry/Bella fic.

Viktor/Hermione, at one time I found myself hopeful that Ron/Hermione was a red-herring and that Hermione would eventually end up with Viktor. Admittedly I've come to realize that this ship (like Harry/Parvati) is gone with the wind. But even when I didn't hate/seriously dislike Ron/Hermione I still liked the idea of Viktor/Hermione better.

Harry/Snape, I know. At one time I loathed this ship with a fine burning hatred, but it has grown on me. It is still my least favorite of all the above, but I finally had to admit to myself that there was something about this ship that certainly didn't suck.

Harry/Hermione, I know, it shocked me a bit that I've changed so much that I actually like Harry/Snape better than Harry/Hermione, but the fact is that (at present) I read lots more Harry/Snape than Harry/Hermione.

Are you noticing a trend? Almost all my favorite pairings are Harry-Centric. Plus, I'm still waiting for some brave soul to write me a Harry/Lucius/Narcissa/Draco fic - Harry/Malfoy's RULE! *cough*

Now we move into ones that I wouldn't mind seeing, but I don't actively ship. Therefore, the order their listed in isn't really important, because I'm not really likely to read one over another here.

Snape/Hermione, though admitedly if I want to read a Snape pairing it will generally be Harry/Snape or Severus/Lucius.

Severus/Lucius, mainly I read this one as a side pairing, but from time to time I like my SS/LM straight up! (Teehehe!)

Lucius/Narcissa, I like these two in just about every combo possible, so it stands to reason that I'd like 'em together!

Hermione/McGonagall - *waits for the shivers to stop* Yes I realize this one is probably more squick-worthy to people than Harry/Voldemort and Harry/Snape combined, but I've read a couple fics with those two and for some reason both fics made me happy.

Hermione/Luna, I love the character of Luna so much, which is why it is so strange that I really don't ship her with anyone but Harry. However, I think I finally figured it out, while Harry is a little HO, I feel like Luna is so special that only a few would be truly worthy of her. Now granted I realize Luna/Hermione seems most likely (of all I've listed) to only be doable with OCCness. But really many people think Hermione needs to lighten up and I personally think Luna is the best person to help her with that, especially if Hermione happened to see even just one of Luna's more out there theories prove true - I think at that point she would start to wonder if there was more to Luna's wild ideas than met the eye.

Harry/Sirius, is an interesting pairing. One of those that I actually neither love nor hate, but since I seem to read every Harry/Sirius fic that crosses my path, I assume I like it more than I think I do. Doesn't make sense, does it? I'm teh weird!

Voldemort(TomRiddle)/Luna, like Harry/Bella this is a very recent one. I was reading a Harry/Voldemort thread and some of them were talking about Luna/Voldemort and I decided this was a pairing worth looking into. Though I think it could go either way - I'll fall completely in love with the idea or end up completely disliking the idea. And even now while typing this I find myself thinking Voldemort/Luna would need a third (*cough*Harry*cough*) to really dazzle. But for now it remains on the list.

Neville/Ginny, this one started as a side (dump-ship) pairing for me, but it is quickly becoming something more. Which is strange considering that I don't even like Ginny. I think the reason this one has moved out of dump-ship has has more to do with the movies than the books.

Speaking of McGonagall (hehe) Snape/McGonagall is for me an interesting idea. Sadly most people seem to feel that Dumbledore/McGonagall are the perfect pair. To a lessor (much less) extent I like the idea of Voldemort/McGonagall.

Harry/Regulus, never seen a fic for this one, but that doesn't stop me from wishing... And hoping! One day! Seriously, they could bond over Sirius. ;) And I really DID NOT mean that to be as dirty as it sounded.

Draco/Lucius, granted the way I read this pairing most is Harry/Lucius/Draco, but every so often I like a plain ol' Draco/Lucius. However, there's a reason I usually like it as a threesome better, more often than not plain ol' Lucius/Draco fics involve outright abuse. And Lucius being an abusive pop is another PET PEEVE of mine. I think he spoiled Draco rotten, but I don't think he ever abused him. DAMN YOU FANON! j/k.

Harry/Dudley, again this one has non-con/rape written all over it and I wouldn't object to a Harry raping Dudley fic (something I've yet to see), but I think fics with the Dursleys (any of them) raping Harry is overdone. However, I think I wouldn't mind seeing a Petunia raping Harry story - *sigh* Yet all the ones I've seen are Vernon raping Harry, which is something I just can't see. No seriously, I just can't see Vernon raping Harry, I just don't think that is in character for Vernon. On the other hand, it really isn't for Petunia either, but I'd still like to see that. :)
Oh, right, back to Harry/Dudley, this could be done without rape/non-con, but I'm not sure it could be done totally in-character without rape/non-con, at least not while their kids. So, the image in my head with Harry/Dudley is when their older.

Draco/Boy!Blaise, for once I was right! I was so happy since that rarely happens, but I was always one of those annoying people who said Blaise was a boy! I do still read a few fics with Girl!Blaise, but even before smacked with canon I just enjoyed Girl!Blaise fics less. To a lessor extent, I also enjoy Harry/Boy!Blaise.

Lucius/Hermione, why I like this one and cannot stand Draco/Hermione is interesting, because I can't see Draco/Hermione because the pureblood/muggleborn thing and that reason is actually more pronounced with Lucius/Hermione. Have you guessed yet? I like my Lucius/Hermione on the non-con side of things. Of course I also enjoy a seriously good mind-fuck fest (but no actual sex) with this pairing.
Grr! Honestly, I just don't understand myself sometimes. I can't stand fics where Lucius and/or Snape (and/or Voldemort, for that matter, but I don't really like Hermione/Voldemort) rapes Harry, but I actually like fics where they (one or the other, or both, though I've never seen that) rape Hermione. I'm a sick twisted pervert!

Lucius/Ron, admittedly, there are many other Lucius pairings I'd rather be reading, but I will read a good rape/non-con Lucius/Ron anytime. So, see, it's not just Hermione I like to see suffer!

Fred/George, Percy/Ginny and Ron/Ginny Weasley incest! Cause there are other incest combos here that I wouldn't object to seeing. I'd almost love to see a Molly/Harry incesty pairing.

Hagrid/Snape, because Snape needs a good reaming, and even if Hagrid were gentle it would still be rough from his partners point of view. Along those lines I kinda like the idea of Dumbledore taking advantage of his position over Snape. pun was not actually intended there, but I couldn't really word that any other way!

Voldemort/Snape, I like this one just about every way I've seen it done, non-con/rape or otherwise.

Voldemort/Narcissa, I know canon seems to lean more to Voldey/Bella, but I like the idea of Voldey/Narcissa better.

Voldemort/Dumbledore, oh come on! Granted this one would almost always end up being comedy, at least the way I see it. But I have this image of Voldey getting up every day and starting his plans to take over the world and Dumbledore always managing to stall him with lemon drops, among other things... *wink* You may puke now! ;)

Harry/Ron, I admit I rarely seek this one out, because I'd rather read Harry/Hermione/Ron instead of plain ol' Harry/Ron, but occationally I like a plain ol' HP/RW.

Draco/Pansy, though I usually tend to feel that Pansy could do better.

And last, but certainly not least, TRIO FIC! Harry/Hermione/Draco. Oops, wrong Trio! HEHE Okay, I do get into the occational Harry/Ron/Hermione fic, and I'd certainly rather read H/R/H than Harry/Ron or Ron/Hermione, I just happen to find Harry/Hermione/Draco a better threesome.
I've also read one Harry/Draco/Ron fic that didn't bring the expected squick, but that'll probably be the only H/D/R I'll ever read.
Of course, there are other threesomes that I haven't covered at all, which I like ever better than the three listed here. Though, Harry/Hermione/Draco is quickly movin' on up when it comes to favored threesomes.

Oh, hell, here's my threesome list (off the top of my head):

(Although, I have yet to find a fic with this threesome that I really like.)
(since I'm writing a fic with this pairing, I thought it should make the list)
I also think I might like a Harry/Narciassa/Draco, but until I see it I won't be able to say for sure.

You know after listing all that, I still can't be sure I got all the pairings in and while I got my fav threesomes in, I'm sure I'll remember one I like after posting this. But even for plain ol' pairings I don't think I listed Harry/Susan and I even started a fic that would have included this pairing once. Sadly, I never finished it and I'm not sure I ever will now. There's also Harry/Fleur and other Fleur pairings that I've neglicted to list. And then, there's Sirius/Remus, granted I don't love it, but I do like it. I also like Snape/S.Black and Snape/Lupin. Of course, I should mention that I don't like these last three enough to seek out fiction with that pairing ONLY, I just like them as side-pairings.

*sigh* It would have probably been easier to just say that I'm pretty much open to everything but Harry/Ginny, Draco/Hermione (though I read this one more often than I'd like as a side-pairing), Draco/Ginny, Ron/Luna, Hermione/Ginny, basically any pairing involving Ginny, though that isn't entirely true, which if you've read the whole post you know. ;) Also, Tonks/Lupin, Neville/Luna, Draco/Neville, Lucius/Voldemort (Shocking, I know, but the only way I like LV/LM is with Harry in the mix.), and Snape/Narcissa are no-nos for me. And, as I mentioned above, these days Ron/Hermione. Of course, I never could read a plain ol' Ron/Hermione fic because Ron/Hermione fics almost always turn into Harry/Ginny fics and I've never liked Harry/Ginny. Also, finally, while I've had it pushed at me and can see why people like it, I just can't get into Draco/Luna - interesting, because looks-wise I think Luna and Draco would compliment each other.