Okay, so for one bright shinning moment I am caught up on my TV watching.

Last Week:

The Originals 1x10 The Casket Girls - I didn't really care for it - it wasn't bad just wasn't to my taste. Possibly though I didn't like this one, because I just feel like Bekka is setting herself up for a fall, and I don't like seeing Bekka fall.

Supernatural 9x10 Road Trip - As I said, I loved it. In fact I haven't enjoyed an episode of Supernatural as I enjoyed this one since the beginning of season seven. However, I haven't had a chance to watch it again, so I don't have any more to add to that.

This Week:

The Originals 1x11 Apres Moi, le Deluge

Well, this episode ended with a nice twist, but during the episode I kept thinking "so much wrong." Now don't get me wrong I understand Davina going nuclear - I just had trouble understanding how everything was fine to this point and then everything goes so wrong so fast. Also, why did everyone suddenly decide the original plan of the witches was suddenly the correct way to go? At least Marcel held-out, and at least Davina making peace with it rather than being forced did work for me.

But like I say the ending with Celeste was a bit of awesome, though not entirely surprising. And I suspect she's no longer gonna be Elijah's true love, which is a little bad, because holy crap am I getting tired of Elijah and Hayley - I know I said awhile back I could live with it, but now I'm starting to get bored with it, so it would be nice for something (anything) to get in the way of that. Though I give Hayley points for her speech at the end, though she loses those points because she's honestly not sorry about what she did. I honestly don't care, but I think for Elijah to forgive her not only does she need to be sorry, but she needs to understand why someone else might see what she did was wrong.

Supernatural 9x11 First Born

Okay, so I didn't enjoy this one as much as expected, nor did I enjoy it as much as last week's. That doesn't mean I hated it, because I actually kinda liked it - I just didn't love it.

The big problem is that unlike last week where I would've had more to say about the episode had I been able to do the review shortly after watching this week I find I don't really have anything to say. There's was a few cute bits with Sam and Cass - also, a few cute bits between Dean and Crowley, but mostly I can only wonder what the mark means for Dean after killing Abaddon (and Cain).

Well that and Crowley (or rather the show, I suppose) should stop trying to fake us out on whether or not there's still some human in Crowley, because that bit where Crowley was so scared that his teacup was shaking almost took me out of the whole damn episode, because that was just too over-the-top.