Yes, I'm totally aware that the TV hiatus is over for a great many shows, and that I'm now officially behind on my reviews. Over the hiatus I got out of the habit of my new watching schedule (because of my new work schedule) and am having some trouble getting back into that. Mostly at this point for my work schedule I'm simply watching too many shows to keep up with them all properly. *sigh*

With that noted - yes, I have watched last week's Supernatural and I liked it - better than any episode since the beginning of season seven. Yes, I'm aware it wasn't perfect, but it hit me in all the right ways, so I liked it. And frankly it looks like I'll probably like this week's, as well. However, at the moment I just don't have time to say more than that.

Alas, I haven't yet watched last weeks The Originals - I don't know why, but I just can't get myself in the mood to watch it so it (and another show I don't review here Lost Girl) hasn't been watched by me yet and therefore I can't review it. I am hopeful that I'll get it watched tonight after work, but I'm not making any promises, because tonight after work I'll have two Lost Girls and a two hour Sleepy Hollow, and I know I'll be more interested in Sleepy Hollow than The Originals and more interested in Lost Girl than The Originals. Also, after tomorrow night (when a new The Originals will air) I'll be more interested in Pretty Little Liars and Supernatural than The Originals. Basically, I'm saying I really have no idea when I'll watch (catch-up) on The Originals.

Another issue Re: me posting is that I honestly get tired of fighting LJ just to make a post. I don't know what's wrong, but half the time the post entry button does not work for me, and so it takes me forever to make an entry. But that's more the reason I'm not posting random "crap," because I do try to fight it to post my reviews, but as I said just don't generally feel like fighting with LJ just to post random crap or other life stuff.