The Vampire Diaries 5x10 Fifty Shades of Grayson

This is basically the episode where Plec tries to convince the Anti-Damon/Elena shippers that somehow it's not just okay that Elena chose Damon but that it was the right choice for Elena to have made. *sigh* She uses Damon to make the Anti-Damon/Elena statements, with Elena at least half-assedly trying to convince him (us) he's (we're) wrong.

Honestly, this is basically all from the ending of the episode, because the previous parts... I don't know, but what I do know is that this is the worst mid-season finale The Vampire Diaries has ever had. WAY WAY TOO TALKY! I mean even in the end when Enzo wants to kill Damon for his revenge he wastes the entire time talking. Seriously, by the time he tries he can't do it, because the science catches up with him.
(And even Elena's flashbacks, which are almost totally silent just don't really add anything to the story.)

Anyway, Katherine wants to talk about last night, except she wants Stefan to talk. Though in the end Katherine does some talking and seems to realize that no matter what Stefan is always gonna be Elena's bitch. I guess skipping the boring parts I also skip past Katherine waking up next to Stefan with a smile that turns upside down when she discovers more of her hair coming out and runs out with a blanket totally covering her.

The real rub is that after all the crap not only Damon, but Stefan, and Elena leave Dr. Vampire alive. I mean you'd think maybe even Enzo would after having his own life saved return to make sure Dr. Vampire does not ever have a hope of recapturing him. Apparently not. Nope, which is probably the dumbest thing in this episode, and that includes the part where it's not Elena who comes to her senses and breaks up with Damon, but Damon who does something like coming to his senses and dumping her.
(Oh and even Aaron (the nephew) doesn't kill him even after having learned that Dr. Vampire was all like "later for Aaron!" UGH!)

Instead as the episode closes the one's who's dead, or at least very much on the verge of it, is Katherine.

So, yeah, the last few minutes wasn't too bad, but honestly the rest of the episode should've been totally redone before making it to air, which granted I know is hard (impossible) for a TV show, but damn!

Also missing was Meredith and remember how she used vampire blood to heal patients, but for some reason got slapped down for it? You remember - I know you do. Now perhaps Meredith wasn't a part of this, but you'd think the show might want to address this somehow.