Okay, so these are extremely late mostly because of the crazy-cakes my life has become. Granted it's not all bad, because it's right before Christmas and I'm getting extra hours at work, but it is playing hell with my TV watching and episode reviewing. But this week had bonus stress thanks to not such great weather. However, this afternoon I had time so I played a bit of catch-up.

The good news is it's HIATUS TIME now (though The Vampire Diaries will have another pre-hiatus episode - along with a few other shows I watch, but haven't been reviewing) - meaning hopefully I'll finally get caught up (or at least make some progress) while new episodes of shows aren't actually adding to my backlog.

Anyway, finally here's my big three, though I'll admit the Supernatural is more like a comment or two than an actual review, and probably the only reason The Vampire Diaries looks like a normal review (for me) is because it was the fresh one in my mind when I finally got the chance to do this.

And in addition to everything else then LJ didn't want to make the post button active for me. *sigh* Which means after I post I will see a mistake and then be unable to edit for several hours. Wonderful.

The Originals 1x09 Reigning Pain in New Orleans

I think I didn't really like this episode. It wasn't a bad one, and there's some stuff I really enjoyed, but thinking about this episode overall I realize I just wasn't that in to it.

On the other hand, there was one very good thing about this episode - it stopped trying to turn me into a Bekka/Marcel shipper. Though sadly it did this by turning Marcel into a Tyler-level jackass! At least Bekka came off as mostly awesome, or maybe I just think that because she voiced my thoughts Re: Klaus. That the fact they was wrong about Klaus this time doesn't mean there wasn't a good reason for them thinking the way they did about him in the first place.

Honestly that last bit with Bekka and Marcel really does kill anything good about this episode for me, and is probably the reason when I think about the overall episode it comes up sucky to me.

The weird thing is that up until that point Marcel was working for me - Klaus's awkward party, and Marcel being forced to watch Klaus being an idiot re: the humans. And then Klaus ordering all the werewolves killed, because he thinks that's the only reason Marcel's peeps would have a problem with him. *sigh* Although later the show makes me think that it believes that is the reason. *sigh*

Hayley is upset about this, because those redneck werewolves are the last links to her parents. And later it's revealed that they may in fact be the last links to Klaus's actual father. So while he plays off to Elijah and Bekka like he just don't care - he does try to help them (the wolves) on the down-low.

Anyway, the humans Klaus pissed off bomb the shit outta the vampires and Klaus and Marcel bond over killing every last one of them, except Father K... And who really cares? Honestly. No, I'm serious this show seems to think the story with Father K and Cami is hot, but it's really not. What it is is more than a little tedious.

On the other hand, I did miss something. A few episodes or so ago Elijah killed an old witch. Well, apparently this witch was the last of the elders, which means while the other witches might still kill Divina for revenge otherwise she's basically safe now because apparently without the elder the spell that would take her life can't happen. Divina is pissed about this (and I kinda am too) because this means Marcel was using her instead of being honest about protecting her.

So basically this causes Divina to seek out Cami just as the show was poised to be rid of her. Cami is all "I'm sorry I don't know you," and Divina's all "I'm sorry, I can restore you're memory, but it's gonna hurt alot." The End. See, by ending the episode there it makes me think this show believes Cami is an important part.

Supernatural 9x09 Holy Terror

The truth is I should've liked this episode - it offered up a few twists, and at least a couple that you didn't see coming. Yes, Kevin's death is a twist, but it's one of those anyone should've seen coming the minute Dean called him family. The timing is what made it happen in this episode - Kevin has almost (but not quite) got his job (i.e. the tablets) licked. So, really the surprise twist here would've been Kevin living until the whole thing was fully translated and even more shocking would've been him living past the end of the season.

Basically what I'm saying is that lots of times when this show thinks it's doing surprise twists it's really not, because you can see them coming from a hundred miles away. But also that apparently I'm just losing interest in this season, which is sad because for me it started so well. I think the problem may be because some time ago Supernatural got itself stuck playing the same story/patterns out each season and while this one has added WAY too many angels it's still the same basic story as season four, season five... You get the idea, right.

Still there was a couple cute moments with Sam and Cass (its like every time I settle in content to hate and/or be bored with Cass then the show does something that I don't completely hate with the character), and I loved that Dean tried to tell Sam the truth later, but was truth-blocked by the angel. But that's about it because even the "surprise" about Zeke not being Zeke wasn't exactly something that one didn't see coming. And mostly left me thinking "oh, yes, this is exactly what this show was missing - ANOTHER idiot angel."

Mostly I just had trouble keeping my attention on this episode, because I found myself twice doing other things instead of watching, which makes me think that while I liked the first part of the season the second part may be hard for me to watch.

The Vampire Diaries 5x09 The Cell

Mostly I just find myself wondering who the hell has such a hard-on for woobie!Damon and how the hell can we stop that shit?! Well, that and oh joy more Elena tears. I'm so tired of both of these themes, but what really gets me is the fact that this season started so well. Oh well at least I have the Stefan/Katherine/Caroline part of the episode to enjoy.

While Damon is reliving his woobie past, because Damon got captured by the Secret Society and sharing it with Elena because in the process of tracking Damon she gets herself captured. Basically, Damon spent about five years as a test subject, and admittedly the woobie is somewhat made bearable by the fact that those scenes were fairly well brutal.

Anyway, after saving Katherine last week Stefan has put her on suicide watch this week, and for some reason this means he's forcing her to keep a diary. Man, he must really be sad about cool!Stefan trashing his. Anyway, Katherine is all like "this isn't helping!" and she calls in Caroline, who decides what Stefan needs is a doctor. Not a professional, of course, but for Caroline to play doctor by locking him away in the tiny box where he "enjoyed" his summer. Basically, what I'm saying is that these characters really need to learn how to play the game of Doctor, because apparently they think it means actual doctoring.

So, while Stefan is locked away he's wondering (out-loud) if she knows WTF she's doing, so while Katherine suggests Stefan/Caroline, Caroline looks the answers up in a book. And, yes, it's as awesome as it sounds. However, Katherine still can't leave well enough alone and so for poor Stefan their voices fade for him leaving him locked up and alone.

Instead though this show clearly thinks Damon/Elena are the most interesting parts of this episode and spends way too much time having Damon reveal that while he was captured before he never told Stefan, so basically no one knows where they are nor will anyone be trying to rescue them. See, how quickly I summed that up? Well, the show went on and on and on and on and on... Well, you get the idea. And okay granted the stuff in the past with Damon's old cell buddy isn't totally awful, but it's just not as engaging as this episode thinks it is.

Still when we FINALLY get back to Stefan/Katherine/Caroline it is worth the wait. See, show this is why some think you've got your priorities all fucked up - you spend more time on the less interesting parts and short shift the more interesting ones. Anyway, when we come back Katherine is in the box with Stefan, which causes major panic on his part, because as you know Katherine is human now, and possibly doesn't give a damn if she lives or dies. And according to Katherine after she got in Caroline locked the box, so...

Well, Caroline is outside the box feeling just a little bit guilty, but Katherine knows what she's doing, and as I said Katherine doesn't really care because she's already dying.

Then it's back to the story that makes me think of all the house cleaning and other crap I need to be doing. Though the part where they drag history!Damon out of his cage to perform like a trained monkey ain't all bad - since free Damon starts killing the crap out of people. See, Damon and his cell mate gave Damon the lion-share of blood so Damon would be strong, but then fire and vervain kept Damon from rescuing his cell mate and Damon had to turn his humanity off to save his own life.

Honestly, like I said I didn't completely hate that part of the story (just the poor woobie Damon stuff), but I was much more interested/engaged in the other parts.

So back to the better part - Katherine turns Stefan's speech from the previous episode on him - not the exact speech, but the thought is there. You see, Katherine tries to talk Stefan out of Elena, which I can only totally agree with. But this is Katherine so she has more than one reason for bringing this up now - she wants to show Stefan that the safe is not the problem - Stefan's own issues, and possibly Elena are more the issues here. Honestly though I'm really liking this side of Katherine. Though I'm less sure about the Stefan/Katherine almost kiss-age that's stopped by a worried Caroline because everything got so quiet. But honestly I don't mind the idea of Stefan/Katherine I just can't help the feeling that Stefan is only using Katherine as an Elena replacement and that's not really good or healthy.

But at the moment once out of the box Stefan does seem like he might be better.

So back to the other story, Aaron shows up to blame Elena for everything, and while I could be cool with that he's blaming her for things that couldn't possibly be her fault. This leads to Damon confessing that as part of his revenge for the past Damon kills one generation of Whitmores (which early Aaron revealed he was one & and it's also revealed that Elena's dad (probably both) was part of the vampire torture society) leaving only one alive then coming back to kill the next gen. He also confesses that the last one he killed was during his and Elena's summer of love. Proving once more that Elena choosing Damon was possibly the most OOC (out of character) moment that any character ever has ever had.

After the ad break Caroline is trying to clean up (i.e. move the box) but she's getting no help because Stefan and Katherine are too busy having a moment. A moment that turns into a make-out moment, in case you was confused about the kind of moment I was speaking about.


Caroline is calling Elena to tell her she's feeling homesick so she's gonna stay at her moms when she hears the sounds of Stefan and Katherine's moment. I don't know if Stefan/Katherine is gonna drive her as crazy as Damon/Elena, but either way I'm thankful she's a vampire because it wouldn't be good for her blood pressure.

Anyway, the episode ends with Aaron being all confused after having shot Damon, who the show quickly reveals is still alive just in case some of us might've been fooled. Show, even people who don't even watch anymore know you ain't gonna kill Damon, so you don't have to be obvious here. When he wakes he's in his cage alone and Elena is gone. You see, she's got a new cell mate - Damon's old buddy. Elena is shocked, but I'm thinking once again that obvious reveal is obvious.

On the other hand, the promos for the next weeks mid-season finale look somewhat promising.