Okay, so because of real life crap I got even more behind in my TV watching/reviewing. However, I am reasonably caught up now, so here's the not really timely reviews(ish). I watched all of them the day before Thanksgiving, and despite all the epiodes being fairly stand-out I admit that The Originals is the only one that gets something resembling a proper review.

So, while I was watching this episode I know I had things to say, because when I finally got around to watching it was a fairly awesome episode. Alas, I didn't have time to write/type thoughts while watching and since it's now been a few days I can't remember anything and everything I wanted to say, but here goes what I do remember.

The Vampire Diaries 5x08 Dead Man on Campus

By the end of the episode Caroline's so-much-better-than-Tyler Tyler replacement is dead, because apparently this show doesn't want Caroline to move on from the jackass who just up and left her. What it's either that or this show just delights in killing black men, and since aside from that little glitch this episode so was so good I'm choosing to go with this show fangirling Tyler over just enjoying knocking good black men off.

Okay, so after the mad Doctor got ahold of him he wasn't so good, but you know if this was Damon/Stefan/Elena (basically anyone else on this show) they would've found a way to actually help him instead of Elena just killing him because Damon was being bitten. Anyway, the Doctor is trying to create a vampire killing vampire and I feel like we've had this story before. The only difference is last time the solution was in the magical realm and this time it's science.
(For one wonderful moment the show allows Caroline to call Elena on this, before it later remembers that it feels Elena can do no wrong, and has Caroline back down.)

Still despite Elena killing to save Damon the episode ends with Damon being captured and because this show loves itself some woobie!Damon it's revealed that Damon spent some time at the hands of these people before. Lovely.

On the good side there's Katherine, who attempts to be a mother - she kills the dude possessing Matt after the dude reveals he was only using Nadia to get to Silas and Katherine - why Katherine who knows. Despite Nadia being there for this reveal she still seems mad at Katherine over it. *sigh*

However, earlier in the episode Katherine helps Stefan, because whatever else Katherine most certainly has experience with PTSD, so at the end when Katherine decides to go out on her own terms rather than waiting for age to catch up with her - Stefan is there to catch her before she hits the gound and also to inform her that she's Katherine and needs to remember that.

Then there's Bonnie who though out the episode has been experiencing people from both sides and sporting a new hairdo - At some point just as Bonnie and Jeremy are about to get it on there's a spirit needs to pass on through, which kinda kills the mood. But possibly more importantly it's revealed that Bonnie doesn't have access to magic anymore.

The Originals 1x08 The River in Reverse

Everyone betrays Klaus and he's unhappy about it because he was really trying this time, except his version of trying kinda sucks ass. Seriously, if Klaus can't look around and see why his siblings could believe he has less than pure motives he needs a severe beating with a clue by four. I mean the actor really does his best and maybe for a moment succeeds in making you feel bad for Klaus, but only until you remember every last bit of crap Klaus has pulled and that's just in the time we've been watching him - his siblings have been dealing with his ass for even longer.

But also Marcel really stepped up in this episode, but he did it by actually stepping down. And again if Klaus can't understand why he'll never be the King of New Orleans he needs to head back to the clue by four. But seriously Bekka decides to side with Marcel, because she's had enough of Klaus pretty much literally fucking up her life - PS - Elijah is still poisoned (by Klaus) in the backwoods shack being taken care of by Hayley - who apparently has redneck relatives.

Anyway, Tyler had went to Marcel last time, but he wants to kill Hayley's baby and Bekka is having none of that. Alas she doesn't kill Tyler just takes him out of the current episode, and makes it clear there will be no harming her niece.

So then it's time and Klaus walks into the trap, but since he's more than a little badass a trap that would take down any other vampire isn't enough to take down Klaus - again Marcel really needs to head over to Mystic Falls and have a confab with other folks who've had experience with Klaus.

Anyway, it's a fairly badass scene after Klaus tosses a coin on the floor and says anyone who picks it up will be safe. No one does so the fight is on! Klaus kills his way through lots of Marcel's forces until finally Bekka convinces Marcel to pick up the coin, and he does so and submits to Klaus to stop the killing of his people. And that Klaus is why Marcel's people love him - he's willing to do what is necessary for his people not just what's best for himself.

Who knew I'd end up almost totally on Marcel's side considering how I felt about him when the show started. But damn if this show hasn't took everything I thought about Marcel and turned it on its head.

During this Elijah finally gets better just in time to head back to the Originals plantation for Klaus to have his "you people always betray me" meltdown that as I believe I mentioned would've worked better if one didn't know Klaus.

Supernatural 9x08 Rock and a Hard Place

Again, as with The Vampire Diaries I wish I had the memory to properly review this episode, because while it was the weakest of the three it was still good - damn good when you consider the recent string of kinda sucky episodes.

Yes, the bad guy was fairly obvious from the start, but believable badass Jody trumps that. Well, that and Dean turning fanboy, which was good for a chuckle or two - I know some thought Dean was creepy here (I've seen the ranting), but I didn't see Dean as creepy just a dude that wasn't gonna toss away a chance to experience one of his fantasies and even then it's not as though this came off as in ANY way like Dean forcing her. Sure, he went to her house under false pretenses, but even then it's not like he backed her into a corner and wasn't leaving until sex was had, because it seemed at one point he was ready to accept it wasn't gonna happen. So I got no problem with how it played.

So, yeah, this was a damn good episode considering the string of recent bad ones, but sadly I just can't really remember it well enough to do a better review, and do not have the time to watch again right now.

Though I also liked the "pins and duct tape" thing, but also how Dean was ready to just tell the damn truth already. On the other hand, I've been one of those hopeful that "Zeke" was on the up and up and this episode combined with the promos kinda make it seem like that's not the case.