Okay, so I'm feeling slightly better - not great, but slightly. Good news apparently I can remember how to work LJ codes now, so here's the actual stuff I stopped myself from saying in the previous entry because I couldn't figure out the magic that is the LJ cut.
(No, I haven't yet watched the episode again, and honestly don't know if I will, because frankly I'm scared of how much I might notice about this episode now that I wouldn't be watching through a sick haze.)

Supernatural 9x07 Bad Boys

Though it was probably an okay episode for a different show with different characters, or at least on a show where there was less backstory already known.

Part of why I suspect I hate it (or will when I watch not sick) is the discontinuity but also because I saw things before this episode about Adam Glass -- Let's just say if I approached my job in the same piss-poor manner that Glass appears to and my boss would almost literally hand me my ass as he dropped kicked it out the front door. At least if I tried his "but my job is sooo hard!" whine to explain why I didn't get something right. And admittedly that might be coloring some things just as much as me being sick did.

Really though I guess Glass and others among the current crop of writers should be damn glad neither I nor my boss are with the WB, because the piss-poor mistakes in this episode combined with his whining about it and we'd be all "well, you don't have to worry about how your job is so very hard anymore. Good day. I said good day!" Because for some reason unlike the actual WB a quick look around the internets would yield better writers for this show, or at the very least ones that are more worthy of making the big bucks than this whiny continuity-challenged jackass.

Because here's the things that jumped out at me while I was watching while sick - meaning I was barely focused on the episode. But had to hold back before because in my sick haze I couldn't seem to figure out/remember how LJ works.

At the point and time this episode was set Dean would've been so firmly up John's ass that his behavior in this episode just doesn't work at all. The only thing that works is the idea that Dean tried to steal food for Sam - otherwise the rest is crap even the idea that John would just leave him there - I have more trouble believing that John would do this than I do imagining John beating the hell out of him for getting caught. And I'm not one of those who feels John was physically abusive.

But the truly unforgiveable parts are Sam's age (damn it! Sam is only four fuckin' years younger than Dean and it's not that hard to remember) and the fact that I'm reasonably sure Dean didn't start losing his John goggles until after John was dead, which means Dean would've jumped at the chance to be back with John and Sam rather than ~conflicted~ about leaving the boys home. Not to mention the whole thing in this episode makes Dean a damn howling hypocrite when he got all brassed off at Sam in the season five Dark Side of the Moon episode. Also, I'm pretty sure Cassie was the only person Dean ever broke the we don't talk about hunting rule for. But I'm supposed to feel for Glass because his job his so hard. Dude, if I felt like you was at least trying maybe I'd have some at least pity to spare for you, but this steaming pile of "lol, canon" isn't even in the ball park of trying, and if I was in charge you'd be out of work right the hell now.

DO MOAR BETTER - is what I'm saying, or maybe CRY MOAR YOU WHINY PISS-ANT - because, as I said, the above are the things I noticed first time around watching while sick, which is why I'm frankly scared of watching again, because there's no telling how many actual FUBARS I missed.

But honestly I think the simple truth of the matter is that because of the current troubles behind this show (you know the "lol, canon" mentality) the show itself should stay the hell away from episodes set in the past, because the current bunch cannot help but fuck that shit all up.

Or it's possible that I'm still sick enough I should've held off on this, because I may look at this once I feel completely better and feel like I was too harsh.