Before I start - I just gotta say Sleepy Hollow just keeps getting better and better. And I just love Icky's outrage about all things modern, though I'm not sure anything will outshine his outrage about the levy on doughnuts, but his introduction to the internets does come close. But seriously somehow that's being played just right - it's not over-the-top cheesy eyerolly. Of course, I think it wouldn't hurt if someone took the time to explain infrastructure and how it's more massive these days to him, because at the very least that would explain a lot about the much higher taxes.
(Then we might get to see him being all outraged over the fact that our levy's are being wasted because bridges and other shit aren't being kept up properly.)

*coughs* Anyway, Sleepy Hollow is good is my point. And that this week the episode of Sleepy Hollow was better than either The Originals or Supernatural. I mean, I'm not saying either show was horrible (though kinda), just that Sleepy Hollow this week was miles better, because at the very least it managed to hand out lots of details without being so bloody boringly talk-y about it.

But now it's time to turn our attention to the CW for their new Talky Tuesday's - only on the CW! Why watch people kill monsters or monsters kill monsters? - I mean that's been done a million times before. No, we know what our audience wants - watching our characters sit around talking to each other for hours or even better standing around looking all badass while simply talking to each other! [sarcasm]I can't wait until the CW decides Talky Tuesday's just aren't enough and decides to go talky for a whole week![/sarcasm] At least I don't watch every show on the CW, so I'd miss most of that.

The Originals 1x07 Bloodletting

Well, I gotta admit I thought the episode was gonna be tedious and boring until it was revealed that Tyler kidnapped Hayley instead of Marcel. Then I realized I'd totally called this, because I said stupid dumbass Tyler dumped Caroline just to go fuck up Klaus's world. And aside from a few things I will say this episode was mostly tedious, but I can't say it was overall boring just enacting.

Still I'm almost weirdly eager to see Tyler get his ass totally and completely killed by the originals. Except I'm thinking Klaus won't kill a hybrid even one as stupid and annoying as Tyler, so... BORED NOW! Well, at least Klaus quickly figures out Tyler is in town.

Alas, during Marcel trying to turn Klaus's spy vamp my CW cut out and didn't come back until Tyler was doing something with another guy and Hayley and not that. For some reason Tyler is trying to turn werewolves into hybrids - guess he wants his own army to stand against Klaus. This probably should be interesting, but because it's coming through Tyler (HATE HIM!) it's just kinda boring me right now. Although, his line about Klaus being a killer of men, women, and puppies was actually kinda good. Anyway, he succeeded in making his own hybrid using Hayley. But this whole thing just now makes me wish Klaus had killed Tyler when he had the chance, because Tyler's just turned into a big jackass.

On the other hand, Divina and Klaus's spy is kinda interesting. But in the end I don't care how much she might like him or how loyal to her he feels right now she still should've wiped his mind, because with all the people and things around that can access his mind it's just not safe.

There is an interesting twist here in the fact that either Hayley or Hayley's baby controls the new hybrids. Hmmm.

No wait - lets get back to KILL TYLER! KILL!

And Klaus does show up, but somehow I doubts he's about to grant my wish. And I'm right because they will NOT STOP talking and get on with it! For some reason Klaus lets Tyler beat the shit out of him, and he's still talking the whole time instead of killing. *sigh* *&$(*#$*^*& Tyler issues a challege just as Klaus is about to kill him, so of course Klaus ends up not killing him. Damn it, Klaus, do NOT make me start calling you wussy Klaus.

Also, Show, no matter how hard you try you aren't gonna make me start shipping Bekka/Marcel - it's not gonna happen. No! Okay. Though damn it I am starting to like Marcel. Anyway, Marcel finally finds out from Bekka that you (or rather Marcel) can't kill Klaus without dying with him. Of course, all this is while he's trying to talk Bekka into the vampire version of marrige, which also involves trying to put Klaus in the ground, though without the killing him and therefore dying with him part.

Anyway, Hayley tells Elijah what she's learned when he shows up to rescue her, but Elijah is still determined to protect her. But I don't know I think everyone may be giving Klaus more credit than he deserves, on the other hand, I also wouldn't put it past him to suspect something like this. However, what good is an army of hybirds gonna be to him if they're more loyal to someone else? And I admit that I do like Klaus's outrage when Elijah informs him of this basically implying that Klaus is as bad as Tyler said. I'm not sure I buy his outrage, because it is a bit over-the-top, but still it's kinda awesome. Though sadly I think this is gonna lead of Elijah in a box. OR Klaus is gonna bite him poisoning him with werewolf bite, and then just leaves Elijah and Hayley in the woods. Of course, they aren't entirely helpless, so I can't call this a big deal. The bite is the bigger deal here, though later Klaus mentions the leaving them as though that was as big. *sigh*

Plec, we should have a word - only if you are truly nuts are you going to remove Elijah from the show, soooooo you really (and I mean REALLY) need to stop with these fake-outs. K. Thanks.

Anyway, after this while Hayley and Elijah are in the woods talking about Klaus Hayley steps outside the shack to find a family bible that is probably hers. Then we swing to Klaus as Bekka comes home, and I realize that I'm really angry at Klaus - not really because Elijah but because he was willing to do this to Elijah, but couldn't fucking kill Tyler! You suck, Klaus! And being a giant flaming jackass to Bekka is NOT making it better. STOP AND SHUT THE HELL UP!

Bekka you should not have come back. Seriously, Klaus has now for some reason gone full on bug fuck and kinda needs to be removed from the story now, but of course no matter how the show teases this you know it's never gonna happen. On the other hand, now that I think about it when the time does come for both shows to end - how cool would it be for that to happen by killing the originals thereby ending all vampires everywhere? Think about it. Super cool, right?

PS - Before the episode ends Tyler goes to Marcel, and you'd think as long as Klaus has been alive he would KNOW BETTER than to leave an enemy, but especially a bitter one alive and in shape to take revenge. *sigh*

Show, you've been doing so well lately, please to not be dropping the ball, okay.

Supernatural 9x06 Heaven Can't Wait

Basically, Cass finds Dean and Sam a case (he's still maybe in a bit of an understandable snit because Dean kicked him out), but since Kevin just come up with something which requires book reading (and you know with Sam still an angel condom) - book reading to translate other book reading, which is (of course) right up Dean's alley - this is perfect for Dean who uses this case to bail. Anyway, the case involves someone running around exploding people with pink (slime not the singer). These people seem to be the ones about to sucide out, except for this one chick who just got dumped and simply says "I could just die," which is something we've all uttered at one time, it's not an indication of actually wanting to die.

Also, Cass has a new job that I think the show thinks is supposed to be funny, but at least it's not being portrayed too badly. After all, the show wouldn't want to insult it's audience, though, of course, Dean mocks, but he really should shut the fuck up since he pretty much lives on/for places like that. Plus that whole insulting your audience thing.

On the other hand, Sam trying to convince Crowley to help with the heaven stuff is almost actually amusing. Such as when you think Sam's almost cleverly (you think) gets Crowley to help, but oops nope Crowley's a wee bit smarter than that. Or at least it was for one hot minute.

Sooo, Cass thinks he has a date, and honestly I can see why. This women never mentioned having kids or anything, and her wording... This bit just wasn't clever - other shows have done this misunderstanding so much better without making everyone (including the audience) believe it's a date. *sigh*

Okay, so Dean goes to see Cass and takes a reluctant Cass to the crime scene - Cass then freaks because apparently pink slime is very very bad. Then he explains that this class of angel are basically doctors, but they are not against mercy killing, but somehow apparently pink slime makes it a painless death. Also, this angel is as dumb as Cass, because this angel can't tell bummed from pain. Moving on...

Crowley finally wants to help he just wants his one phone call. Kevin and Sam discuss this as though letting Crowley make a call is not a massively bad idea. *sigh* On the other hand, they do (thanks to Kevin) test Crowley to make she he can do what they want first, so it's a bit of a step up. But before they can decide on whether Crowley can phone home it's back to Dean and Cass with Dean helping Cass get ready for his not-a-date. *sigh* I mean, Dean gives good advice, but I suspect if this was an actual date Cass would still somehow manage to screw it up. Thankfully, I suppose it's not a date.

Then back to idiot patrol who are going to let Crowley make his damn call. But Crowley doesn't want Sam's blood he wants Kevin so there's a bit of a row before this bullshit still happens anyway. *sigh* Crowley gets put on hold, and even this storyline stopped being amusing ten hours ago. *sigh*

On the other hand, Cass turns out not to be a terrible babysitter. Though in keeping with the whole Cass as a dumbass he probably should've been a terribly really bad babysitter, so I'm putting his skills here to Jimmy (since Jimmy did have a kid, of course, Jimmy also knew all about humans and the modern era *sigh*).

I guess I better watch myself because the weird angel might be tracking me, because I'm pretty sure he's tracking a somewhat depressed Cass - depressed because he thought he was going on a date instead he's the babysitter, and there was a weird truck in front of the house as Dean pulled away. Of course, before the angel never took his time, but of course he has to delay here for the not-wacky hijinks to insue before he can get down to business. And also so Dean can figure it out so he can show up to rescue Cass. Though as Dean is figuring it out the angel FINALLY confronts Cass, but apparently this time the angel just wants to talk and also fangirl Cass a bit. *sigh*

UGH! Why did the CW decide this week should be Talky-Tuesday. WHYYYYYYYYYY?!

And oh yay Crowley finally gets in touch with Abadon. Why do I think this is just gonna lead to more talk-y? Because I'm right - we switch back between all talk-y bullshit like the show thinks this crap is exciting.


(Except, of course, this week Klaus would just try talking the puppy to death. *sigh* It didn't work earlier, but Klaus is insane now, so no doubt he'd be willing to try again.)

Well, at least Crowley finally plays ball and reveals that the spell can't be undone, so the new world order is the new world order.

And Dean shows up to kill the angel menancing Cass, and somehow Cass instead kills the angel. Whatever, Show, whatever. Also, whatever on the tablet not being able to be translated in English only to have it end up translated to English. *sigh*

I don't know, I guess to enjoy this episode you maybe needed to be weirdly invested in Cass, and since I'm not... Well, it's like the show tried to offer stuff with Sam, Crowley, and Kevin for those like me, but then made it a big talk-y stupid mess that didn't help the episode at all - again unless I guess you're weirdly invested in Kevin, and since I'm not... Well...

Apparently the moral of the episode is Cass is special. WHOOPIE! Look, I don't need to hate Cass - I don't, like, get off on it, but I do get annoyed with anvils, unless they are literally falling on the heads of cartoon characters.

Anyway, Sam catches Crowley injecting himself with what was left of Kevin's blood - that's probably important, but I'm at the "who cares?" stage right now. Oh, and look there's Dean and Cass for more talk-y with added Dean lying rather than telling Cass the truth. *sigh* Look, I get why you won't/can't tell Sam the truth and why you can't tell Cass the truth about why you kicked him out, but you could tell him the truth about the spell. On the other hand, I still don't understand why you aren't a better liar since you've pretty much been doing it your entire life.


Anyway, the episode ends with forlorn Cass listening to the newscast about angels falling, though they don't call it that and looking out the store window - poor thing. And I do wish I could feel the poor Cass again this time like I did when Dean kicked him right out of the bunker, but this episode just didn't make it happen like that one did.

Still this is the first episode of the season that I didn't at least like, so I guess things are getting back to normal now.