I decided rather than making one entry and then editing I'd type my post through the day and then post last thing. Now that this is done it's time for me to eat a bit and then start getting ready for bed shortly there after.

My New Life Day Five:

Hey, I almost did an actual sit up today - I could only do about half of one, but I did that three times, and it's certainly better than what I managed yesterday. Also, regarding my legs I did the same amoumt of leg stuff today as yesterday and there wasn't much burn today so I might push a bit more tomorrow. I also did a little longer today letting my heart rate stay up a smidge longer than yesterday.

I'll tell you what's a little weird, though, after my half-assing work-out yesterday I found that most everything I did today came a little bit easier anyway.

Moving on, I maybe seem to be pissing a little more today - maybe. Again though I think it's still mostly just going more when I go rather than being "forced" to go more often. And the pills might not be doing it at all - I could probably achieve the same affects by simply drinking more liquid, and since I am drinking more liquid that might be what's doing it over the pills themselves.

And that's all to report (so far) for Day Five. Though I do wonder after working out a bit if that'll make it easier or harder when it comes to work. I know you'd think better, but it wasn't that long ago where when I wasn't at work I was laid up to recover until the next time I had to work, so...

PS - I thought of something last night - I mentioned that I wasn't having any side-effects of the apparently increased strain on my heart, and I realized the swelling might not have been the only one. Over the past two months I have been having more instances of heart burn. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but it is something heart related so maybe - on the other hand, those instances had decreased back to "normal" before I went back to the doctor and the swelling was noticed, so who honestly knows.


Well, I noticed it was long into the day and my legs had not swelled back up today, so I'm a-calling that progress. However, my ankles (even more than my feet) are still a touch bigger than they ought to be.

Though sadly I found something deep fried and covered in chocolate and I was a baaaaaaaaaaad girl. What? Chocolate covered creme filled doughnuts, of course. However, I am a bit proud of myself considering I managed to stop myself after only one. Yeah, I used to eat them two at a time, so again progress!

Also, it seems after five days of being on the PP meds they may finally be starting to kick in this evening, because for once I do seem to be making a few extra trips to the bathroom.


Yup, I'm totally pissing more tonight! So maybe those meds are ones that need to build in your system before they start working. *shrugs* Because the way the doc and the Rx guy talked they should've kicked in right away, I think. Oh well.