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So, I'm logging my adventures in my LJ for now and this links to the beginning. And now comes the next part.

My new life - Day Four

So, last year my doctor recommended going from cigarettes to those E-Cig thingies. In that time I've tried a few and none of them satisfy me, but the one with the liquid came close. And I was talking with someone yesterday who mentioned if I got one of those machines with a bigger battery it would be better, so because my old one broke about a week ago I decided to shell out the ten extra dollars and buy the bigger one - I even bought the liquid that claims to taste just like Winston cigs.


It's closer than the other machine, but it still ain't right. For some reason the taste just ain't strong enough for me. However, I'm thinking about doing some mixing - I had some that even with the weaker machine that was also close, so I'm thinking about mixing a bit of that with the "Winston" and seeing what that gets me.

Speaking of the meds, I'm not entirely certain they are working as they supposed to, because while my work pants fit much better today. Don't get me wrong they still tight around the legs but not so much that I spent my morning worrying that every time I bent over I was gonna bust outta them. On the other hand, I'm still not pissing as much as the doctor and the Rx man implied/feared/said I would.

*sigh* However, Monday afternoon I need to call for the most recent test results so I might mention it then unless it seems to kick in over the next 12/24 hours. On the other hand, the swelling is going down, but it might just be doing that on its own too, because I notice in the morning I'm normal, but then over the course of the day it's back!

My new life - Day Four (Part Two: It's working out!)

So, my doctor wants me to work out a little bit - she said walking, but that's part of her not listening/understanding about my foot pain. Here's the deal - it hurts and if I want to keep working (and since I NEED) to keep working I can't start adding more "pressure" to my feet. I can do one or the other NOT both.

So, I decided on a work-out course, and today I did my first "work-out" and it didn't last about ten minutes, but it only took me around two to realize I am outta shape. *sigh* I couldn't even do a sit-up and that used to be MY THING.

What I did first as a warm up was lay on my right side and lift my right leg ten times - turn over and repeat. Next back over and fold my right leg over and lift my left leg rinse and repeat for the other side. And damn if that didn't have me feeling a little burn in my legs - so fuckin' seriously out of shape which is weird, because I do lots of walking, bending, and lifting (i.e. working out) at my job which is usually at least four days a week.

Anyway then I laid on my back and tried (I repeat tried) to hold both legs up slightly - that didn't work without pulling on my entire body. DAMN! So, I lifted one leg for about 20 seconds then did the other one. No real burn for that one.
(Keep in mind out of shape or not, because of potential bum ticker I was purposely taking it easy.)

Then I tried sitting up, which amounted to little more than me crunching legs and elbows together and rocking for a few times before I gave up on that. And did the upside down bicycle instead for about 30 seconds.

Then I stood up and did some upper body stuff that mostly involved a bit more warming up with arm movements and kinda wiggling in place. Then I did the toe touches (both hands down at same time), and when I feel more bold I'll try some skiing in place (I used to be fairly good at that).

Finally some sitting down with legs spread eagle and doing the cross toe touch as I cooled down.

When I feel better/more bold I'll try doing these longer and maybe adding more, but heart-rate was getting up (and maybe I am a bit scared of that right now) as well as breathing and I decided it was time to rest. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was my fat ass.

Mostly I want SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT, but would accept something (ANYTHING) deep fried and covered in chocolate finished with about twelve beers! Send all salty and deep fried products to me post-hasty! Thank you.
I can't have salt either, but I found that adding a little garlic powder or onion powder makes my food taste a bit salty...maybe that will help you, I don't know...Mrs. Dash sprinklings helped me out also. Oh, I also tried a bit of melted butter...I know; it has salt in it, but not very much, and the taste when dipping a piece of boiled chicken in melted butter is really nice; makes me think I've poured a bunch of salt on it. That's the only salt-cheats I use.

I tried those E cigs, but threw mine away after finding out that SOMEtimes they explode.
I hadn't thought about that, though I did used to use garlic powder in my roasts (slow cooked). Of course, I also used salt in them, so probably defeated the purpose, but at this point I'm willing to try, and that butter thing does sound good.

*eyes widen* I had never heard about them sometimes exploding. Though I guess I should've connected the dots, because the new one I purchased mentions keeping the chamber half full so the battery doesn't over-heat.