For the record, I am NOT directing this at any specific person, this is just a general rant about a concept that comes up in fictions and on message boards honestly more often than it should.

Anyone (and I do mean anyone) who reads the Harry Potter novels should know this. This isn't like shipping or the half a million other things concerning HP that are truly open to interpretation - in the words of Professor Binns this is plain ol' solid verifiable FACT!

Harry Potter knows how to cook and is probably in point of fact a pretty damn good cook. Think about it - for a great many years he cooked the food the Dursleys ate. Now given how the Dursleys treat him, do you really think they'd accept Harry Potter NOT knowing how to cook? Ergo Harry Potter can cook and most likely do it fairly well. See, it is logical to assume the Dursleys would punish him for anything less than perfection and therefore he'd be forced to learn properly.

What is open to interpretation is whether or not he likes to cook or whether or not he can cook everything good? It is possible that he is a one trick (or one family) pony. I.E. He can only cook what he's cooked for the Durlseys but ain't worth spit when it comes to any other cooking.

Random Rant for the Month! Thank you.