The Vampire Diaries 5x06 Handle With Care

Okay, first things first, apparently when my DVR blinked out last week it wasn't Amara they brought but Katherine after Silas used her for the cure. Katherine is still alive, but she seems to be falling apart. Well, okay, she's got a streak of gray hair and her tooth came out, which is hardly falling apart, but I'm guessing that's where it's headed.

Anyway, so Queen Q is a raging bitch, Elena is more than a little jealous, and it would seem NuStefan is still Elena's bitch. Is that it? Am I done now? Noooo! Turns out the anchor thingie is Amara, because stupidly no one actually considered (and I include myself in this) that Silas and Amara had taken immortality BEFORE Queen Q tore her to pieces. So, of course, Amara is the anchor, because Queen Q knows Silas wants/needs to destroy the anchor, but that he would never ever destroy Amara.

But of course by the time he discovers this he's already taken the cure, and Amara wakes up HUNGRY (or well she's stone at first, but Silas feeds her, and...). She doesn't want to live anymore so once she realizes the cure runs in Silas's veins she takes it for herself. I thought this meant Dead!Silas, but later Team Vampire Diaries says he's missing, but that would've been such an awesome way to kill him.

Let's see what else happened? Oh, right, okay so Queen Q and Stefan are trapped in a love shack until sundown, and Queen Q lures Elena there - apparently just so she can goad Damon (who's on a road-trip with Silas and Jeremy to find the anchor) into killing Silas on the off-chance that Silas would destroy the anchor. Damon wants Silas to bring Bonnie back first, but then with Elena on the line he's all "must kill Silas NOW!" But he's distracted by a group of, I'm a-gonna call 'em, witches, he kills them while Silas finds the "anchor."

So, Bonnie's still dead, and still okay with that - Jeremy's taking it pretty damn hard, though.

Oh, and because NuStefan is still Elena's bitch, and afraid Queen Q will kill Elena (not an entirely groundless fear) he distracts Queen Q once the sun goes down so Elena can escape. This bites him on the ass later when Queen Q shows up to give him all his pain back and bring us back to EmoStefan. She also twists the Damon/Elena screw by reminding Stefan the two people he loves most failed to help him when he needed it, but that she did.

Okay, is that it? Am I done now? Nope.

There's a little side plot with Katherine needing food, and wanting to room with Caroline - in exchange for the room and Elena'a food card Katherine helps deal with Dr. Max. The dude who's experimenting on or with vampires. There's a secret society (with it's very own bad-ass killer vampire that we do not see or really learn anything about) that wants or wanted Elena until her being a vampire was suspected, so Katherine and Caroline share an awesome look as they are bleeding the vervain from the not-so-good Doctor.

Katherine goes to the party as Elena, and since Katherine is human bordering on zombie now she's not playing by vampire rules, so everyone now thinks Elena is human - yes, even the doctor, because Caroline does her thang and the doctor forgets. Sadly she's intrupted before she can get the full run down on the secret society.

It's still not over yet, because after this Katherine shows up to visit the doctor again and reveals that she's Katherine not Elena and she thinks she's dying now and wants his help. She's basically black-mailing him because of his research.

And still not yet - as Damon, Elena, and Jeremy get their morose on Damon reveals they failed, but now they have to protect a mortal anchor until they can get Bonnie back. Now I still expect Bonnie to return, but now I'm thinking this will not be the way it happens at all. Anyway, the last scene of the episode is Damon opening his trunk and revealing a bound and gagged Amara, who freaks when she catches sight of Elena. But she's been kinda freaked out since taking the cure, so this might've just been more of that.