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And I don't mean sick (as in twisted) I mean sick as in my heart may be having more problems than I originally thought, and yet as near as I can tell swelling is the only side-effect I've had for that so far, and until this week I didn't know the swelling was a side-effect of heart problems.

So, okay, lets go back to the beginning, which I guess does go back to the extreme foot pain I've suffered since 2008/09, but I've bitched about that enough on here - suffice to say it hurts.

Now the story takes another twist around six months ago - I started gaining weight, but it was weird weight gain, but I've never been one of those people who tries to pretend I'm not rotund - so I didn't try to pretend it was anything other than weight gain (despite the fact that my waist wasn't really "growing"). Though to be fair I did admit that in my feet and lower legs it was swelling, but that (I thought) connected back to the foot pain, because since they've been hurting my feet/ankles go through swelling cycles - they swell then relax. Now granted just over two months ago I noticed that I was staying swollen more than I was not swollen, but I chalked that up to the fact that I was working a few more hours lately and then simply wrote it off.

You see, A (pain) + B (more work hours) = C (more pain which meant extended periods of swelling), or so it seemed.

So then there's my story from about a week ago - my cat went bug fuck and decided the bed is the proper place for peeing (my soaking wet pillow and the following episode of cleaning). What I didn't mention was that even before that episode she turned into a real momma's girl - seriously, she wanted to be near me all the time, and was starting to act like a dog about me leaving - like she truly believed that one of those times I left I wasn't gonna come back. Well, once again I may have added the clues wrong, because see about three (maybe four) months ago my little doggie (MY BABY) vanished. She either ran off or was dog-napped, and I just thought the cats weird clingy-ness was spawned from missing the dog.
(I suppose I should've known better, because as much as I love them both I have to admit they never really seemed to care all that much for each other.)

Also, around that time I went in for my six month blood work. And then early this week I went in for the results. Well, there was several issues - first was and I noted this at the time - the blood tester didn't take as much blood as usual, but when I mentioned that I was told that was all that was ordered. WRONG! So, I went in for my results, and of course, the weigh in, and yeah I'd gained weight - didn't surprise me at all.

Anyway, the doctor was doing that thing where she puts the cold thing on various parts of my upper body and takes a listen that she noted the tests was not complete. So she wants more blood, but before I do that she acts like she wants to do that knee reflex test, and I have to say "please no!" You see, back in the summer I fell and hurt my left knee pretty badly. This is where it gets a little strange, because it had healed completely - no pain or anything, but then suddenly Saturday evening it started hurting again... Well, more of an aching than a hurting, but still I did not want her hitting it with that thingie. And that's when she looked at my legs and noticed the swelling, and looked at me like I was nuts for not saying anything. So, I explained my maths to her (see the A+B=C above) and she was like "nope, that wouldn't do that," and I was like "huh."

Well, turns out my heart (or at least doc believes heart) was causing water retention in my legs, ankles, and feet. So, in addition to my regular heart pill (I've been on that one for three (maybe four) years now, though I admit with crazy work schedule for the past year I haven't taken it as properly as I should, because I'm supposed to take it at the same time every night (before bed), but because for over a year thanks to work I've NEVER been going to bed at the same time every night it was easy to forget. Still for two months now I've just been taking it around seven at night whether or not that's bed time, and that's working for me to remember it a lot better.

Well, that leads back to the mystery of the bug fuck cat, because now I'm thinking maybe she knew something wasn't right, but because I sadly can't speak cat there was no way to know that maybe she was trying to say something was wrong with ME not her, because since yesterday she's not behaving near as big fuck - she's still mostly staying near me, but she's not bathrooming all over the place right now, I honestly can't help but wonder.

Of course, I guess there's no telling because I only started taking the de-swelling meds yesterday, but I can tell you this morning I woke up and my legs looked a lot better - my ankles and feet not so much, but I can see a lowered spot on my left leg (which has been that way since childhood) that I hadn't seen in over three months. And my knee is suddenly aching a whole lot less.

Though admittedly I'm not sure how well I'm tolerating the de-swelling meds, because yesterday about three hours after taking them I started feeling bad - not horrible, but do you remember as a child how you'd do that spinning in a circle and then after that wore off you're head still wouldn't feel right - that's how it felt yesterday. So far that hasn't started today, but I think I am a bit more dizzy than normal today.
(The good news is that yesterday I thought the meds might be increasing my frequency of farts, but today that doesn't seem to be an issue.)
Say hope babe.. DO take good care of yourself.. okay? *hugs*
I am trying, because well honestly I don't want to die.

But I'm finding out that it's damn near impossible to avoid salt - it's in everything!
(I'm supposed to avoid salt, because of the bad heart and the swelling - forgot to mention that.)

On the other hand, I seem to be tolerating the PP pills much better today, so it's not all bad.

Edited at 2013-11-08 09:53 pm (UTC)
Keep taking those damned pills! No skipping!
I am. *grins*

The fun/interesting/sucky fact is that my while my cholesterol is still higher than it should be, it's been heading in the right direction (bad down, and weirdly my good is perfect or it was during the most recent testing, not before) so I was thinking "hey this is good" then she noticed the swelling and totally bursted my bubble. UGH! So while numbers are slowly getting better apparently I'm still getting worse.
(And I don't know if it's good/bad/doesn't matter, but my BP is solid(ish) at 120/82 and my resting heart beat is 80 per minute. And my doc thinks if I could lose even just a little weight the other numbers would improve more.)