So, I may (or may not) have solved the mystery of why my cat suddenly started going crazy. Turns out it may be because there's something wrong with me. Weirdly also last week I had to go in for my blood tests, but that's not it. You see, I've been experiencing some swelling in my legs and feet lately. Granted since the foot pain started years ago I go back and forth - my feet will swell then they'll go down. However, lately I've been working a few more hours at work so I apparently connected A+B to Z when I thought it was C - I figured my legs was swelling cause I was working more, because my foot pain is a little worse, but according to my doctor my foot stuff wouldn't do that. Though I still don't know, because the swelling is worse after I've worked then it is on days I don't. But I admit I'm now a little worried, because why in hell would I be just swelling if not from pain? You know.

Anyway, now I'm on meds that will hopefully reduce the swelling and am scheduled to go back to the doc in two weeks for even more tests. So now I'm wondering if my cat might have been picking up on something being wrong with me and it was driving her crazy while I had no clue. PS - since I've taken the first pill its not really increasing my need to pee, but my legs and feet have been hurting a bit worse since - also seems to be making me fart more. Lovely.

Oh, okay, I know your here to read reviews of shows not reviews of crap wrong with me (or my cat) so...

The Originals 1x06 Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

RUN BEKKA RUN! If you don't leave now I suspect you never will!
(Okay, so I really don't want Bekka to leave, unless she's gonna run back to Mystic Falls, because I don't want her to stop being on my screen, but weirdly I am rooting for her to get away from her family.)

I'm apparently not really sure how to review this episode, despite the fact that this weeks episode was just as good (though less twisty) as last weeks. Elijah keeps his word to Divina, though her first test spell is to unbind Hayley and Sohpie - of course she doesn't know that and I'm not exactly sure why Elijah felt the need to keep that secret, since he could totally tell her the truth and she'd totally help him, since the witches are trying to use Hayley, her baby, and Klaus to get to Divina so they can kill her and finish the magic ritual. But Elijah doesn't tell her this and maybe it's not important, but it just kinda felt important that he wasn't telling her this.
(The unbinding is even more necessary since some witches have kidnapped Sophie so they can kill Hayley's little coming bundle of witch doom. The witches are and have been using cursed objects to get around Marcel's little no-magic rule.)

Also, perhaps Marcel doesn't want the originals (or at least Bekka) as gone from his turf as he acts, but that's later. Early he discovers that Klaus has whammied some of his vampires and so he goes to talk to his BFF that he imprisoned for killing another vampire. Apparently his BFF is not bitter about this, because he helps Marcel despite the fact that Marcel's all I can't release you cause I'll look weak.

So anyway Sophie is given a shot that will cause Hayley to abort her baby. Spohie is rescued and wants to unbind her and Hayley, because I think she knows without the leverage that is the baby the originals will kill her. In the end though it's Davina who breaks the spell and saves Hayley, though she still doesn't know that last part.

Before Elijah leaves to join Klaus (who's hunted down with help from the humans) the elder witch, Sophie begs him to stop Klaus from killing the witch. And honestly I missed that because I was too busy pouting, because I wanted Klaus to have free reign on her ass. Anyway, Bekka also begs him to run away with her, but realizes that Elijah is never going to give up his family/incest-y thing with Klaus and she's not hanging around to clean up their messes anymore. Good for you Bekka!

OR not! Because Bekka goes to say good-bye to Marcel in person and to no ones surprise they end up doing it. However, to my surprise Bekka still plans on leaving, and asks Marcel to come with her. Obviously Marcel says no, and to my surprise Bekka is all "good bye then." She's actually leaving. GO BEKKA!

And then back to Klaus who's primed and ready to kill the head-witch (the Priest may not be keen on killing her, but he doesn't care enough to try and stop Klaus from doing so, which does make sense since he knows she's the one who magically whammied his nephew) is stopped by Elijah like he promised. Klaus pouts as I did, until our pouting turns into pure bight shinny happiness, because Elijah starts ripping out witch hearts, ending with the head-witch.


Elijah is all like "nobody screws with my family!" You know, except his own parents, Klaus, the Salvatore brothers, and so on, but no witches allowed. Of course, he doesn't add that last part, but you know it's there. Though I think he only spared the Salvatore brothers because he didn't want to lose his Supernatural binge-watching partner Stefan. It's probably good that he missed cool Stefan. *coughs*

But there's still more - Marcel tracks down Klaus-house and poor Hayley is all alone.

Shortly Elijah returns home alone, because Klaus is making a side trip to see Cami, who is NOT happy that Klaus killed (or Elijah, but he didn't say Elijah did it only that he Klaus did not) the witch who hurt her brother, and the only way this makes sense to me is if Cami's pissed because this robbed her at her chance of revenge - otherwise dumb girl be happy she's not around to hurt anyone else anymore. Though, to be fair, Klaus has also mind-whammied her so there may be all these ~feelings~ in her head slamming together and it may seem like she's more pissed about one thing when she's really more pissed about the other.

During this Bekka is driving outta town her hair blowing in the wind when the phone rings. "Elijah gone means gone!" And he's all "please tell me Hayley is with you." Klaus comes up behind Elijah, and you can almost see the wind start farting all over Bekka's happy plans. So now they know Marcel knows where they live and know he has Hayley.

And all I'm thinking during this as the episode ends is that all these dumb sons of bitches just need to sit the hell down and talk. I think if Marcel knows the witches are against Hayley's baby being born he like the family Klaus would go out of his way to make sure this baby is born.

So, I'm in a weird place where I'm yelling at the TV to show me a damn talk-y scene!

Supernatural 9x05 Dog Dean Afternoon

You know what's terrible - this show and it's Anti-cat stance. I mean seriously last season we had an episode where cats was treated like crap and THIS time some rabid ass-hole is eating them for dinner. And, yes, that is exactly what kept me from feeling any sympathy (despite the fact that I like the actor playing him) later in the episode when it was revealed the jackass was sick in more ways than one.

On the other hand, I have to admit that it would be nice to be able to understand my little chatterbox. Seriously, every cat I've had (plus more than few strays) they all seem to try talking to me non-stop and I'd love to know what they're saying.
(And yeah it might be nice to hear what a dog is saying, but to be honest most all the dogs I've had would've been like the one wanting the belly rub from Sam - you see before my little one was dog-napped (or wondered off) there was this guy who used to visit me - a big ol' guy like Sam (though no where near as cute) but still my dog loved him. She'd crawl into his lap and well she looked very happy there - he could've dog-napped her and she wouldn't have made any fuss at all. And hell for that matter I wouldn't mind having my tummy rubbed by Sam... *coughs* Sorry, but really why couldn't this episode at least have had Sam rubbing Dean's tummy.)

But okay despite this shows Anti-Cat stance I actually liked this episode (but seriously show stop picking on cats, because cats are awesome!), especially the part where Dean wants to shoot the bird. What? That was a totally cute moment in an episode filled with them. Also, I loved the dog - loved him. Also loved that just as the dog was about to say something important the spell ends and Dean can't hear the important part.

I also like the Dean is having trouble convincing Sam that he shouldn't be back in the field yet despite the fact that Sam feels great. I know this is gonna come to bite me in ass later, because I don't want the boys fighting each other - fighting bad guys along side each other yes please, but fighting each no STOP DOING IT!, but I must admit that was a nice moment in this episode.

Also didn't hate how this episode treated the "hippies," because yes thanks to a certain group Vegans and the like do have a somewhat awful rep, but not all of them are hateful over-the-top people. And I say this despite owning a shirt that says "Hey Vegans, my food poops on yours!" I garden so I know that's actually healthy for the plants which was why I found the shirt cute.

And I'm going to stop here, because at this point I feel like just quoting all the cute bits in this episode (like Dean unintentionally playing fetch, or the bad guy leashing him, or the dog being a classic rock snob, also the dog kinda sounding like Dean with the words he uses, and also butt sniffing - hehe!) and I'm feeling lazy enough today that I don't want to do that. Though I admit my main thought about this episode doesn't really have to do with the episode itself - I watched this episode when I got up this morning, after watching Sleepy Hollow and The Originals then I had to go pick up my meds and while we was out we stopped at Long John Silvers to have lunch and they now offer pie - now I don't care for pie, but I couldn't help thinking about how much Dean would love that. *sigh* Though, as I said, in my defense I had just watched the show shortly before stopping there to eat.