I know I don't usually review Grimm, but I've seen so much shit slung about what I feel was a couple of pretty good episodes - not awesome, but still pretty good so I decided to go ahead and review them here. Yes, I know the season two finale and the opening episodes this season is wanting to cash in on The Walking Dead, but it's not as though Grimm has been the only show ever to try and cash in on a bigger hit, nor was it the only so to do so on Friday night.

Anyway, I review them as I watched them - separately.

PS - I still haven't watched this weeks episode of Dracula - I do have it on DVR and will probably watch it at some point but between work, Halloween, and TV shows that I'm actually into, and then taking the Halloween down... Well, lets just say last weeks episode of Dracula did not leave me wanting more or at least not wanting it bad enough to watch Dracula over Haven or Grimm in the few hours I've actually had free this weekend.

Grimm 3x01 The Ungrateful Dead

You know at the start of this episode there was only one thing that rang weird/untrue and that was both the Captain and Monroe momentarily forgetting they have kick-ass inner beasts. Though FINALLY they remembered of course just before the cops showed and so they had to stop doing it. But the cops show up and lock the zombies back in the container.
(But aside from that it was a good solid episode with little else to strain credulity.)

Anyway, despite the Captain seeing the bad guys make off with deadNick and knowing what that meant (the Baron working for his brother) the bad guys still make it in the air. Nick's friends and Juliette feel all hope is lost!

So for some it's back to the station and others head for the Magic Box - Rosalee, Monroe, and Juliette are working for a bigger cure when Monroe decides "hell with that - Royal Family has Nick - let's kick some Royal ass!" Juliette agrees so Monroe's plan involves raising an army made up of all (or some) of those that Nick has helped in the past to ride to the rescue. Rosalee distracts them when she stumbles on a better plan - one that will cure them all at once instead of having to do it one at a time - they just need to turn the liquid into a gas so the zombies can breath the cure - Juliette knows how to do that.

So Team Rosalee (and she gets to be leader because she was the only one who didn't want to run off half-cocked) head back to the shipping container to bust some cure on zombie asses, and then they all get to stand around waiting to see if it'll work. SPOILER ALERT Of course it worked.

And honestly it's pretty good they don't charge off, because before the plane can even get over water Nick wakes up and as Rosalee stated in the previous scene Nick does not act like everyone else, even after a second face full of zombie snot he starts attacking the shit out of everyone including the Baron (i.e. the dude supposedly in control of the after snotted zombies), because apparently while zombie snot can make grimms zombies it won't allow the Baron to control them like the others. And so, of course, the plane goes down in the woods.

However, Captain Renard decides he's gonna get Nick back by dealing with his family (so we'll be calling this Team Hank). Still before the Captain gets to far gone in his own half-cockedness Hank learns the plane went down, so Nick is still in the US - also still a zombie, and also now out of the plane and on the lose in the woods tracking human noises. Oops.

Thankfully, after telling the Captain Hank calls the gang to tell them, and so they head off to find Nick. Hank and Rosalee are just awesome that way.

Anyway, they better hurry, cause Nick is close to people now and clearly he's craving BRAAAAIIIIIIINS! (Sorry, couldn't help myself). However, Team Hank is closer to finding zombieNick, but still not close enough because Nick makes it to the place with the happy human noises - a bar. Oh this is gonna end well.

Of course, the bar patrons don't care much for zombieNick, and of course the bar patrons try and take him out. I think you can guess how well that works. Not at all, if you couldn't - Nick gives all comers a beat-down, but somehow doesn't out-right kill anyone.

After taking care of business Nick sees himself in a mirror and apparently doesn't like that so it's all "Nick Smash!"

Alas by the time our heroes (Team Rosalee and Team Hank - I wanna call this Team Hossalee! But I won't) Nick is gone, and Rosalee keeps warning that something ain't right, and since she ain't been wrong so far this episode... Well, I think she just won Team Captain over both Teams!

So, Monroe makes like a blood-hound on Nick's trail and Hank follows, because they need to find him before he kills, because this is Nick and he kills monsters not humans, you know.

PS - Looks like the witch Nick de-powered years (or at least last year) is finally back! Well, apparently not just yet - she has to handle still beatings hearts as well as lots of other blood and dismemberment. And she's still not there yet, she's now digging in a rather fake looking field. Ah, she must prove worthy by dumping the "parts" in the hole and then cover it there with her hands. She must be worthy, because the field around them dies and smoke starts rising, and even then apparently the witch still ain't back yet. I know it seems weird, but I'm glad this is not gonna be an easy thing.

Grimm 3x02 PTZD

So, Nick's a zombie (remember that?) and Team Hossalee have tracked him down attacking some poor people in their very own home. And I love how this show managed to make me feel that there was real danger to said family. With most shows you know shit ain't about to get real, because most shows are never gonna take a true risk with their hero, but this one spent almost as much time making me Nick was going to kill someone as it did faking me out.

You see, finally they get control of Nick and give him his shots - not an easy task since Nick seems to have become some kind of super zombie - but not before he pretty much beats the crap out of everyone, including at least one shot at Juliette. They take him back to the Magic Shop and give him another round of shots before chaining him down, because thank you very much these people are tired of having their asses whipped.

Now comes the interesting part, and something else I also loved. Nick's Captain along with his partner and the rest of the team learn that one of the guys from the bar fight has died from getting his ass beat by Nick, and so our Team decides that because Nick really wasn't himself (to the extreme), but under the influence isn't a valid defense and to explain the truth would make them all look crazy. So the Captain walks them through what they need to do, but first Juliette wants to know only one thing is Hank (Nick's partner) okay with this? His answer is more complicated than the following, but it basically boils down to oh, hell yeah! Because none of this was Nick's fault.

Speaking of the man himself, when he woke up he remembered nothing after falling through the roof with the zombie maker. Also, speaking of which they agree in the short-term not to tell Nick that he's killed someone, which is always and forever going to end well. Possibly that's the only real misstep this episode makes.

And sure enough Nick discovers the truth when the cops come to question his girlfriend, and because Nick is a good man he decides he has to tell the truth. Of course, he's not really thinking this through, because at this point he'd drag everyone else down with him, because by this point everyone including Juliette (and weirdly excluding Monroe, because he wasn't seen in these adventures) has lied. But I do love that this show treats telling this lie and covering up for Nick, while the right thing to do is not necessarily an easy thing to do or for the characters to live with after. Including Nick, because at the last second Nick makes a choice not to talk, but not until after his Captain blows some self-defense smoke up his ass.

Turns out the Captain has the "missing" video from the bar, and the guy "attacking" zombie!Nick had a knife. Well, DUH! If I got a zombie on my ass I'm a-gonna hope like hell I gots a knife, or even better a gun, but basically the Captain spins it as the guy being as much into the fight as zombie!Nick, and maybe he was, but without Nick being there in the first place guy with a knife wouldn't have had a reason to attack Nick and then be killed by Nick, but luckily for the Captain (cause it helps the smoke blowing) the video only shows the potentially fatal version of the fight and not all the prelim before the fight stuff. I mean cause the fight didn't start until after zombie!Nick showed up - it's not like he walked into a fight in progress. Anyway, this helps the Captain by feeding into the idea that Nick was merely defending himself, and honestly I'm hoping the show will never ever reveal ANYTHING about now dead guy with a knife, because you know if they did they'd make him evil to further justify Nick.

Oh, but during the episode when you think it's finally over and Nick's cured... Well, while he's sleeping he goes dead again - not full on rampaging zombie, but still and all dead-like. And, no, it wasn't a trick, because the show has Juliette see him this way and panic. But then he wakes up and seems all fine, and doesn't ever go full on rampaging zombie again at least not the rest of this episode.

Oh, and no the witch still isn't back yet. This show is trying to make me lose my after work lunch with what she's having to do. It's good, but very very very gross. But again I'm glad it wasn't as easy as it first appeared it would be - she is at least having to work for it.

PS - I got to admit I'm a little ashamed at how long it took me to work out the title for this episode. *sigh* As now it seems totally obvious.