Okay, this is a little late - sorry about that if you was eagerly waiting for it. But you see these days I mostly have to get up to go to work in the middle of the night, so I couldn't watch it airing live, and then thanks to bad weather Halloween was canceled for my area yesterday so I've been doing Halloween-y things today, and have only just now watched the episode.

The Vampire Diaries 5x05 Monster's Ball

Well, we start with Doctor Crazy is doing research on newbie vamps looking for something - at this point, who knows what? But apparently flavor of the week will do nicely for whatever it is. However, the episode headline is Tyler is an idiot. Apparently, simply because Klaus gave his permission for Tyler and Caroline to be together Tyler feels that Caroline has cooties now, though he doesn't tell her that before the welcome back sex - JACKASS! It would seem Tyler if off to New Orleans now to try and piss on The Originals parade.

Okay, maybe the headline should be "it's a girl," because this episode reveals that Nadia (the person who captured Katherine a couple episodes back) is Katherine's daughter. But not before she tells Katherine a bullshit story and Katherine half-ass stakes her. Half-ass because it doesn't kill her, though it wasn't meant too, because Katherine wanted to know why she was lying, which leads to the "you're my mother" reveal. Nadia seems surprised to learn that after Katherine ditched the Klaus-herd she went back to look for her daughter but her daughter wasn't there - said daughter doesn't seem to know where she was ta that point.
(Oh, and tis also revealed that it isn't just a little drop of Katherine's blood needed for cure and cure related purposes, but Silas is gonna need every last drop.)

But the real thrust of the episode comes from Damon and his master plan to use the death of Silas to return Bonnie back to life. He goes as far as to make a deal with Silas, which involves "killing" Stefan so Silas can access his raging mental powers - he's looking for Queen Qs magical link that keeps the other side up. Trouble is Queen Q is looking for it too, because some group called "Travelers" keeps moving it on her. Before Silas can get all he needs, Stefan fakes Damon out and then goes to let Queen Q know she's been had.
PS - Bonnie says no to the plan to bring her back to life, but Jeremy lies and tells Damon she's onboard.

Speaking of is it weird that because I saw hints of her being over Silas that I'm suddenly liking her so much more - to the point that I'm almost inclined to call her Tessa now. Also, Elena is distancing herself from Damon because she feels guilty about living her life while Bonnie was dead, which I get I do, but it's really kinda silly, because that's exactly what Bonnie wanted her to do. But again I get it - emotions are just screwy that way sometimes. Also, Doctor Creepy is trying to run Elena away from college, but not in the trying to kill her way - I think he may actually be trying to protect her.

Anyway, Queen Q turns Silas to fugue!vampire, so he can't beat her to the magic object, and Damon is very unhappy about this. I honestly didn't think he liked Bonnie this much. It's at this point my local news broke in. Anyway, while local news was on it seems Damon and Elena brought Silas home and somehow they managed to bring Amara back. WTF?! I'm not even sure this would make sense if my broadcast hadn't been distracted.

Another fairly good episode - despite having some logic gaps. The first, Katherine stakes Nadia in a crowded resturant and the patrons barely react at all - apparently this place serves Turduken. The second (related) is that clearly Nadia left the 'raunt with the stake in her, because when Katherine finds her in the alley it's still in her. And finally it would seem Damon has some magical time-traveling form of transportation, because he can make round trips from places a few hours away fairly quickly. Hell, there's probably others, but because of my fairly quick watch (and local hijack) I can't be sure, but that's just a small few.