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So I usually just let most of fandom crap be just that fandom crap (perhaps even point and laugh from time to time, because sometimes fandom crap is just f'n funny), but certain events in the Supernatural fandom have crossed from amusing to actively pissing me off now. But even then I started not to post this, because I know the futility of telling people on the internets they're wrong, and I kinda like my internet-ing to be fun, but there comes a time when someone somewhere has to say something, or at least be willing to stand with others saying something, and that that time for me is now. Keep in mind that I don't feel like dealing with entitled shippers trying to take a real issue that troubles many people and use it to try and brow-beat a show into making their ship canon, so if you come here and do that don't expect to be taken seriously.

SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Has mostly been my response to the whole thing, because while Supernatural is guilty of many slights and sins they haven't actually yet been as guilty of queer baiting as they've recently been accused of being. However, what's going on currently in fandom could very well force them into doing just that. Misha, for example, has apparently already started saying things such as some writers support it while others don't - JUST DON'T! SHUT UP!

Okay. Because any rational person knows damn good and well that there has never been any real chance of the show turning Dean or Sam gay/bi - it's just not gonna happen. Because lets face it over the years the show has gone out of its way to show that Dean is straight and over the past couple years the show is doing the same thing with Cass (and what's worse is there's plenty of times when it's come off as "eww gay!"). That doesn't mean you can't keep slashing characters - ship your ship, but keep in mind that the show is presenting (and sometimes going out of the way to do so) these characters as straight men. And those behind the show - DO NOT START PRETENDING OTHERWISE, because that crosses into actual queer baiting!

But really as a bisexual I'd just like people to stop acting like the show has to bring your ship (Dean/Cass) to life to be true friends of Dorothy. Look, shipping is fine - looking for stuff in canon to support your ship is fine (hell making crap up to support your ship is also fine - i.e. headcanon), but acting like there's ONLY ONE gay pairing the show can do to be seen as gay-friendly is simply not right. Just remember slash shipping does NOT make you a big gay hero!

Whether you like her or not - the show has Charlie who is one of the most LGBT friendly characters the show has, and she does count whether you like her or not, and I'm willing to bet not even all lesbians love her, but like her or not she's a character that's truly gay friendly, because her sexuality is NOT the whole of her character nor has she to date come across as a lesbian created for the male gaze. No, she's not a main character, but she's there and she's queer, AND she's not just there to be queer (nor is she there to turn on the straight men with her gayness), and that's what makes her a gay friendly character.

Would it be great to have a main character manly man gay male on TV? Absolutely, but to demand that it has to be Dean/Cass or bust actually undercuts your claims - you don't care about true queer representation what you care about is your ship and you're using issues people have in real life to try and force the show into making your ship real. SHIP YOUR SHIP, BUT STOP PRETENDING IT'S ANYTHING MORE THAN THAT. Keep asking for more gay characters, but STOP DEMANDING IT MUST BE A CERTAIN PAIRING! Thank you.

Anyway, here is a much better post on the subject then mine. And should be read by everyone before they run around acting like a big gay hero!
So much this, and I do ship Dean/Cas. But it is never, ever going to be canon. Although, het relationships in canon doesn't preclude bisexuality because sexuality is complicated, and none of the characters have said the words "I'm straight". But that's my own personal fanon interpretation. The writers are coming from the perspective that they are all straight, and they were never going to write it any other way.
Oh, I agree just because a person has straight relationships doesn't mean they aren't bi or gay (hey, I'm a good example of this - I've had both - though considering what I've learned from TV and the internets bisexuals don't truly exist), though to be fair in regards to Dean he has said at least once (and I think twice, but I can only name the one in season six right now) that he doesn't swing that way.
(Personally, my headcanon sometimes ignores that, but in reality that is actual canon. Though I guess it's easier for me than some to accept that my headcanon is never gonna happen on this show, because my headcanon could simply not happen on a broadcast show. Hell, my headcanon would be a little iffy for regular cable as well.)

But I'm glad that came through - it's not that Dean, Sam, Cass, or any one else fictional or otherwise couldn't suddenly realize that they are in fact gay, because in life that does actually happen - it's the fact that over the years it's been made pretty clear that the people behind the show feel that the characters are straight and present them as such.

And so there was no sense in the extreme over-reaction to the WB exec who come out and said that, because to be honest I'd be more upset if he'd come out and implied that it was possible when he would know it isn't and that it's pretty clear overall it isn't.)
The whole Cas sleeping with a woman thing two weeks and certain fans reactions on Tumblr and Twitter was horrible.
The hardcore Cas/Dean shippers behavior was, well, frighting. The fact that these people are so emotional invested in a fictional couples relationship that they would go so far as to send death threats to the SPN cast/writers/producers scares me.
At the end of the day, it is just a tv show and if you don't like what you are watching, change the channel.