Well, yay, I guess - I didn't have to fight with LJ to make this entry (or edit it) today, but the posting screen is a little weird with boxes everywhere - a couple of them are just blank, so weird. But I can deal as long as it keeps letting me post without a fight.

The Originals 1x05 Sinners and Saints

You know how I've been saying that I like the show but am not yet passionate about it... Well, I'm getting there, and it was pretty much all thanks to this weeks episode that totally spun on its heal everything we thought we knew. Because admit it - when this show first started we felt totally bad for the witches, but it turns out as much as there are bad guys the witches are them. Shock of all shocks Marcel is not the bad guy at all.

Outside of that I'm not exactly sure where to begin... like for example we thought Cami's twin brother had been whammied by a vampire and that's what had caused him to kill his church-mates and then himself. But now we know a relative of his pissed off the witches and they are the ones that whammied him. An interesting little side-note here is that knowing this than Klaus or Marcel could tell Cami the truth without causing themselves problems, because that's why Cami's in New Orleans - she wants to know "the fuck happened to her brother." And in the episode she revealed this she'd just learned about vampire so of course she was thinking "a vampire did it!" The thing is you could tell Klaus was thinking the same thing, and truthfully so was I, because to be honest at that point Marcel still seemed a prick with very little redeeming at all.

Speaking of Marcel, or rather is witch. His witch is the very little girl Marcel seemed to be in control of and the whole damn thing bordered on really creepy in a totally not supernatural way. But in the end it's totally not creepy at all - Marcel really was helping her - controlling the witches was just an added bonus. And the reason little witch is so very eager to work against her own kind totally makes sense in light of the now present facts.

Turns out just before this series started witches and vampire while not best bugs weren't trying to wipe each other out - in fact Marcel was banging Sophie (the most sane of the witches at the time), but the witches decided they wanted MOAR power. That in turn lead the witches into choosing four tween witches to sacrifice (meaning kill, but the young witches were not told that) and you guessed it Davina (Marcel's witch) was one of the chosen. But also Sophie's niece, which caused Sophie to disagree with this whole plan strongly, but mostly because she didn't believe.

However, Sophie isn't the one who told Marcel what was supposed to go down - that was Father Something (I actually did not catch his name) but apparently he's the "link" between the humans, witches, and vampires in New Orleans (he's also the uncle of Cami and her dead twin brother), and he told Marcel because he didn't want the witches killing kids even if the kids was their own. Sophie shows up and tries to talk the witches out of killing the girls and gets held back and gagged for her troubles, and Marcel shows up a bit late so the only one he could save was Davina (which totally explains why Davina is loyal to Marcel and has a bit of a grudge against the witches without having anything to do with creepy non-supernatural stuff) - his original plan was to hide Davina and then sneak her out of town and away from the witches grip.

Three things: It's not revealed exactly when Davina started helping Marcel control the witches (though it doesn't really need to be spelled out, because obviously Davina "knows" vampires are good and witches are evil) and as far as I can tell Marcel is still planning to do the right thing in getting Davina away from the witches, but during this episode Davina makes a deal with Elijah for Elijah's mothers journals (see the reason she is so powerful is because as the baby witches died their power moved to the next so she's basically got the power of four witches inside her and doesn't have very much in the way of control), and if Davina leaves Elijah won't be able to find her to hold up his end of the deal, so as Marcel is trying to move her Davina fakes a big magic incident and tells Marcel she can't leave. Still the headline of this episode for me is that Marcel is not the bad guy - subtitled Elijah's back.

Anyway, at the end of the episode the Originals (plus Hayley, and because the Originals have been infected by the Winchester virus keep telling Hayley that she's family now) are actually telling each other what they've learned over the course of the episode, so clearly the Originals have some protection from the Winchester virus, and Elijah seems weirdly excited because this is not really a war between witches and vampires but a family drama. I'm betting Elijah joins Stefan in binge watching Supernatural, or well used to I guess because who knows if NuStefan digs Supernatural the way old Stefan did. Anyway the ultimate conclusion is that Sophie because she saw with her own eyes that the ritual she thought was fake was clearly working (and also because her niece is dead without finishing the ritual) is crazy and that basically the plot between her and her sister to get Klaus to New Orleans was never really about killing Marcel they just want to get their hands on Davina to finish the ritual.

Oh, and then there's the stuff with "rogue" witches who are the ones who attacked Hayley last week, because the witch who gave her the exam and spoke a different language at the end of the session indicating all was not well with baby!Klaus. Apparently Hayley's baby will be or bring about the end of the witches - all witches everywhere or just the New Orleans bunch isn't specified.

And even with writing that much about this weeks The Originals I can't help feeling that I've forgotten something - hey, it was late and I was very tired while watching, but couldn't go to bed as early as I wanted because my cat has gone bug fuck and decided the bed is the proper place for peeing. WTF?! No seriously imagine my surprise when I went to lay down and it was wet, not just my pillow (which was soaked) but the entire top half of my bed was moist. URG! So, I had to do some washing and some cleaning before I could go to bed, so figured what the hell I might as well go ahead and watch The Originals and Supernatural after cleaning the mattress (and using a hair dryer on it - then a plain ol' fan for a few hours) and myself but still waiting for the washer/dryer to do their magic.
(And it won't happen again, or if it does it won't delay me - I've taken a lesson from the peeps who cover everything with plastic. That's right, this morning I covered my bed with plastic and then stuck an old tattered blanket over it, so even if she pisses in the bed I can just remove the covering layer and the part that I sleep on will magically be clean and dry. Now if only I could work some magic to make the litter boxes more enticing for the little wierdo to do her business, because while she's taken to pissing in my bed, she's taken to shitting under my bed. Thankfully, because she's done that one before I've got most of the under my bed blocked off to her so it's easier for me to reach and clean.)

Anyway, insane cats aside lets do Supernatural now:

Supernatural 9x04 Slumber Party

So, while I don't hate Charlie, based on the title and the smattering of things I'd heard about this episode I wasn't expecting to like it. In fact I was expecting this would be the first episode this season that I didn't like - mostly just cause I'm not a big fan of the Wizard of Oz. *sigh* But seriously now it's just getting weird - last season at this point I was seriously considering that I wouldn't be watching the show much longer and at this point this season I'm feeling weird because I haven't truly hated anything about it yet.

Anyway, after booting Cass last week they've (or Dean) has apparently decided Kevin needs a break (and really who doesn't think Kevin is now out there getting captured because he's looking for his dead mother?) so this week there's only Dean and Sam. Wait! Is it possible Zeke is a Dean/Sam shipper? And he's just behaving like a shipper - i.e. removing all the obsticles to his OTP happening? *coughs*

So this week gets off the ground by Sam thinking the computer could track angel's, because Sam wants to help Cass any way he can, and Dean's still lying - apparently Dean's telling the story that Cass left because he didn't want to bring danger to Dean and Sam, which I guess I can see why Sam would believe that, because he didn't see Cass having so much trouble last week. But the computer doesn't look like any computer Dean and Sam have ever seen (though I have seen one kinda like it, because back in the day my dad was a computer programmer for the "first" computers), but Dean has a thought and then Charlie is there, but not before Dean bumped a shelf and released the wicked witch, though since she didn't instantly pop out they don't know that yet.

Charlie goes kinda ga-ga over the machine at first, but apparently doesn't want to learn a new brand of PC, so she basically works it where she can connect it to her PC and just download everything. It's coming back from that, after Dean, Charlie, and Sam watch Game of Thrones and Charlie almost spoils it for Sam because he hasn't read the books yet. Oh and she insults his room, but Sam doesn't want to make a home, because Sam hasn't had much luck with homes, but Dean's all like this is awesome and probably the best we're gonna do, so it's home.

I must admit that I mostly liked this one, because this is how I like my filler episodes. The filler plot, but with all kinds of little relavant details smattered through it. Though the end is a wee bit corny, but I can live with it.

Anyway, other stuff happens - Dorothy wakes up, and reveals her father was a Man of Letters and then the dumbass white people decide to split up. *sigh* Don't you people ever watch scary movies? Anyway, this goes about as well as you'd expect - Dean and Sam (and I gotta give the show a little prop here, because Charlie took a shot meant for Dean and died - Dean calls Zeke to heal her, though Zeke does so you can tell he'd rather deal with the witch, but follows Dean's wishes - maybe Zeke is one of those Dean/Sam shippers who wants to Mary Sue himself in, but in the end he doesn't have to worry about Charlie getting in the way and not because she's a lesbian, but the props are because this will later explain why Zeke doesn't boot the witch from Sam's head) get themselves whammied by the witch, and the witch sends them after Dorothy and Charlie. The ladies get the upper hand and Dorothy tells Charlie to go after the witch while she keeps "Dean" and "Sam" distracted.

In the end it's hugs and puppies all around, except for Crowley who gets chained up again (though I think he likes that kind of thing, so...), but before that the witch reveals that she doesn't want to go home she wants to bring home to her. Charlie stops her and then goes to Oz with Dorothy in a twist the show revealed long before it happened. Yes, dropping clues is important, but this episode made it fairly obvious early on that Charlie was a goner, which was why I momentarily thought Dean would tell Zeke to take out the witch instead of healing Charlie, but once Charlie was healed it was obvious she'd be headed off to Oz.

Yeah, I admit it wasn't the best episode ever, but I liked it well enough, and next week... Well, damn I think this show is trying to turn me into Abaddon, because the promos with Dean do give a girl all kinds of ~thoughts~. However, if they don't start getting a bit more subtle it really is gonna get annoying if they have Sam take too long to work some things out. Also, I'm pretty sure that if for no other reason than default Dean should be a better liar than this, because it's not like this would be the first time ever he's lied even to Sam. Still I can maybe forgive that if they keep entertaining me.