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Working days is killing my TV watching, because I find it less fun to watch my shows during the day after work instead of watching them at night after dark, but alas I must work before the crack of dawn so late nights are not an option, and hey at least I can still watch them. However, because of shared TV I can't always just kick back and langush over details these days. On the plus side at least I don't feel like I'm always working even though I'm working more hours now than when I worked second shift, so there's that.

Also this bullcrap with having to fight LJ to make a post is even more annoying than being able to watch my shows properly! Seriously, GRR-ARG! I should not have to refresh four/five times just to get make the post button clickable! And then when it finally does post it double posts, though the blame for the double post might be blamed on my mouse rather than LJ.

Episode One

Well, it started veeeeeeeery slowly. Then again rich people parties bore me (give me a raging kegger in a barn ANY day over rich people parties) so I suppose it would make sense that watching a rich people party would be even less fun than being at one. On the other hand, it does set up the players in this little drama, but please no more on the rich people parties! Or at the very least introduce bring more reporters to introduce some sex, lies, and videotape.

Another good thing is that even though I may not have loved it Meyers (aka Dracula) clearly had fun with the thing.

Honestly something I never thought I'd have a problem with, but found it kinda boring despite myself was the almost rigid adherance to Dracula. I know, I should be happy that they stuck to it, but because they did it kinda just comes across as tired. On the other hand, the big oil vs Dracula could at the very least end up being amusing, especially since I'm always up for a round of reaming the oil men. Plus you know that does intro an aspect not previously found in the lore so it doesn't come across as tired - on the other hand, it risks offending those shoved so far up big oil which sadly is a good chuck of the American audience.

And, well, apparently in this version the Order of the Dragon is something Dracula fears. Seems a little weird, but okay! Because I had to watch quickly, which meant PeePee breaks couldn't stop the show, and I did miss some of the 'splainy on this. Mostly I'd love to be able to watch it again, but with my current work schedule I'm barely having time to watch my shows once and if/when I have time to watch one more than once there are quite a few others (NAKED NAUGHTY NATHAN! aka this weeks Haven as an example) in line before Dracula.

Or I could just wait for another scene, and it seems then that the Order of the Dragon are vampire hunters and not just personally trying to harsh Dracula's buzz, and he's using his no wires electric power to try and take their business (aka their money) away. Okay that makes a bit more sense now. So, it seems Dracula is hunting them as much as they hunt vampires.

But sadly so far this show is way too talk-y and not enough bloody! Seriously, over half has been all talk-y - blood! I need blood! Seriously, Drac, throw a kegger and make a blood bath. It would enhance this show 100%.

Finally with about 15 minutes to go Dracula feeds, but there's no blood to be seen, which okay has always been a gripe of mine with feeding vampires - that little bit of blood that always escapes down the neck. For a species that needs blood to live I don't think they'd be wasteful that way. So here it's a good and a bad - it doesn't feed my need for BLOOD, but it does feed me in a different way.

And, oh joy! Opera now. This show needs to move away from the high class and get down and dirty, or at least throw another boring party but this time have Dracula murder all these boring ass people! On the other hand, FINALLY, there was a little blood, which still Drac didn't let escape his mouth, but at least me gots to see it. Sad that I'm this excited over that little blood.

Well alright fifteen minutes to go and NOW we're getting somewhere - we've got a fight going on, and it ends with a slashed neck, so okay. And so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this show ended better than it started, so in the future be more like the end of this episode and less like the beginning of it. Or at least insert the violence more often, because if I've got to set through boring rich people talk I'm a-gonna need a side order of hard-core violence.

I mean, the show does make it make sense for all the boring ass rich people to be around, but VIOLENCE! VIOLENCE UPON THEM, please. Thank you. So, because of said last fifteen minutes I'm willing to give it another shot next week, but if it stays more like the first forty five minutes rather than the last fifteen I won't be watching long. And at the very least the promos do kinda sorta maybe hint at coming violence.
This show needs to move away from the high class and get down and dirty, or at least throw another boring party but this time have Dracula murder all these boring ass people! SO VEY TRUE! I hadn't had any high expectation but this was even more dull than I thought it'd be.