The Vampire Diaries 5x04 For Whom the Bell Tolls

So, this episode wasn't high octane, but I didn't hate it. In fact it was probably exactly what it needed to be.

Anyway everyone (including myself, though for a slightly different reason) is mad at Bonnie because heavy shit is going down and she's AWOL because she's dead, but she STILL doesn't want anyone to know. And yes I was miffed because seriously I know you don't want to see your friends crying again, but Stefan has magical memory loss... Well, and so does Matt, but his comes from an extra passanger and not just a mad witch trying to kill her Ex. What I'm saying is that I understand the desire to not harsh everyone's buzz, but shit is getting real and they need to know they don't have a witch on the payroll anymore.

Thankfully, Jeremy is finally tired of lying and tells Damon then Matt and everyone else finally gets a clue, so Bonnie gets a funeral, and gets to say her... Well, not goodbyes, because ghost!Bonnie isn't leaving, but through Jeremy she gets to say all kinds of good things to her friends. Everyone cries, and we get surprise Tyler at the end.

Of course, this being The Vampire Diaries you know that's not ALL that happened. First, Damon is making Stefan read Stefan's journals, which I guess is a good use of them, but despite having read some of the journals Stefan somehow comes up with the idea that he's the fun brother. So to prove a point Damon wrecks the car he stole just for the hell of it. They go to a bar, and somehow imagine that Stefan (aka Ripper) won't be tempted, because they are trying to keep Stefan from feeding because they think the Ripper thing may be hard-wired instead of based on life-insanity.

It's during this that Jeremy calls Damon telling him they need to talk about Bonnie - Damon doesn't see why this can't be done over the phone, but ends up leaving Elena to try to bring Stefan's memories back. Which leads to Stefan putting things together - not remembering, but understanding he and Elena was an item leaving Elena to try and explain they was but they ain't now, which leads Stefan to buring his diaries and informing Damon and Elena that he doesn't want to be that guy again because he feels that guys a loser. Well, and also that he's gonna hang with Caroline because he can trust her.

Of course, during the hanging out with Caroline Stefan decides it's time for lunch and tries to snack on her new flavor of the month, because Caroline is thisclose to giving up on Tyler, which of course was the first clue that of course Tyler is coming back, because we can't have her moving on. *coughs* Anyway, Stefan attacks flavor of the month, but manages to pull back, so apparently NuStefan doesn't have to go all Ripper, because NuStefan is just kinda awesome that way. Now this is a key plot-point that you wouldn't think is at the time, but rather than let NuFlav die Caroline feeds him vampire blood and then wipes his memories (though we do not see the latter).

And I guess I should mention that during all this Matt has bugged his house with cameras, because he knows shit ain't right, and one night he sees himself wake up and speak on the phone before walking to the camera and saying "hello" to himself. Well, hey, at least he knows he's not crazy now, but before Matt can share what he knows Jeremy shows up to inform him that Bonnie can't help him because Bonnie's dead.

Finally, the plot-point I mentioned - well, someone at Mystic Falls U is covering for vampires, which connects to NuFlav who knows somethings screwy so he goes in for a check-up, where the Doctor clearly knows more than he probably should about Mystic Falls, and informs NuFlav that someone either wants him to become a vampire or more likely he was hurt real bad and someone fed him vamp blood so he wouldn't die. NuFlav is all "WTH?!" and then I'm all "WTH?!" when Doctor apparently thinks the world doesn't have enough vampires and just outright kills NuFlav.