*sighs* So, I had to work before the crack of dawn yesterday morning, which means last night my DVR had to work overtime while I was sleeping. You see, while I don't review Pretty Little Liars (I mean honestly I wouldn't even know where to begin) and have no plans to review Ravenswood I did want to watch them both last night, while also watching The Originals and Supernatural, which meant I had quite a bit to watch on this my day off, but I've finally managed! YAY!

The Originals 1x04 Girl in New Orleans

So Klaus is now thinking his story needs to be told and also doesn't understand consent and how it works. Elijah is back in the game, people are still trying to kill Hayley (and her baby may be helping her) and Bekka is either being really awesome or really pathetic right now.

And okay it's more than Klaus just thinking about writing his story (or rather thinking about forcing Cami to write his story & also is it weird that I think I'd enjoy reading his story? It's weird since we pretty much already know his story) - he also has a fairly decent plan, or at least it looks decent right now. Possibly simply because it did kinda work. Marcel's witch isn't exactly on Klaus's side, but he's clearly made some inroads and caused her some doubt re: Marcel.

Oh and it may not just be vampires after Hayley, because there seems to be another faction of something after her and her baby.

And finally... Yes, finally, because while the episode was good I just once again find I don't have all that much to say about it. So, finally, I'll explain about Bekka either being very awesome or pathetic right now. Either she's playing Marcel very expertly, or she's actually still pining over him. If she's playing him - awesome; if she's STILL pining - pathetic!

Okay, one more thing - sadly I think Klaus probably does honestly like Cami, but he's burning all kinds of bridges in his effort to best Marcel.

Supernatural 9x03 I'm No Angel

In a rare moment of honesty...

Cass: "You lied."
Dean: "I did. I do that."

So okay I expected to hate this episode, I really did, because I kinda hate woobieCass, but while there was some of that here somehow it managed not to be over the top. Honestly, it was just about perfect - so now I kinda wanna know what went on between the writers over the summer, because something certainly has changed for this season. On the other hand, I'm not questioning it too much, because so far it's good and I like it.

I guess I should go back to the beginning, because I was confused at first, because Cass clearly wasn't headed to the Lair, but then I remember he was trying to get to where the action was happening in the first episode to help Dean and Sam. Clearly without his angel powers or a magic car he has no idea how time works. Or else I am deeply deeply confused about where the lair is, but I'm pretty sure I remember that being in Kanass and this episode Cass was in Iowa which is east of that and last episode Cass was west/south of that, so it's my thinking that Cass was still headed east in his epic quest to help Dean and Sam, who moved away from there in the premiere, but alas Cass doesn't know that.

In fact we might be able to fill a book (or a show) with what Cass doesn't know. You see, he's got Angel's on his ass, but not just because they want to kill him. They know he was helping Metatron and they think he knows exactly what Metatron did/was doing - alas they clearly don't know Cass, because Cass doesn't or didn't have a clue until he saw dead Naomi and had his grace stolen. He keeps trying to tell people this - strangely they don't believe him, which is kinda of a head scratcher. Do they think he was the smartest Angel in the garrison? Because that's some grade A dumbass right there.

Then there's "Zeke" who has apparently got something of a mancrush on Dean. Seriously, I don't know how else to describe it - he keeps breaking in to talk to Dean, until such time as Dean actually wants him and then Dean has to call him out, which lead to me realizing that it's gonna be hard to not get sick of clueless Sam here. However, when I thought about it a little more... Well, it seems obvious that "Zeke" is doing more than just healing Sam's body. At the very least he's also attempting to heal Sam's mind, because seriously Sam seems happier than he's been in EVER lately (I think that's a clue) - otherwise I'm back to mancrush and that "Zeke" is just so mad for Dean that he's trying to remake Sam into exactly what Dean wants. My point is that things like Dean saying weird things to bring "Zeke" out is probably not something Sam will remember, because that would lead to Sam figuring things out and "Zeke" doesn't want that, so it's probably wiped away before Sam can ponder.

Still it was not all roses, because I hated Cass being kicked out. Yeah, I know, I'm by no stretch one of those mega-flaming-ultra-Cass girls in fact I probably lean toward the Anti-Cass side of the fence most of the time - still I hated it in that way that means I kinda loved it. Because honestly I really do like Dean and Sam best when they're fucked up, but not fucked up in the way that leaves them depressed, but fucked up like this. Dean wants to help Cass (and clearly doesn't want to give Cass the boot), and goodness knows Cass needs the help, but one threat to Sam and Cass is out on his ass. And, again, I'm not one of those mega-flaming-ultra-Cass fans, but I was actually glad when Dean and Sam found him and brought him back to the Lair, but then "Zeke" started talking and my first reaction was all "hell, no! Give him one damn night at least." Because for whatever reason I was really feeling for Cass here. Of course, as I said, I kinda liked it, because I love it when Dean and Sam do fucked up things for each other and everyone else is just canon fodder, but I just really felt for Cass over most of this episode.

So overall once again I liked this episode, and just cannot figure out what the hell changed from last season, because DAMN!

PS - Also, as I said before Cass needs better human role models, as much as I love Dean and Sam they aren't exactly great models of humanity. And I'm certain Cass could and should find better humans to emulate, because while I like Dean and Sam best when they're all fucked up... Well, it's still not something one should aspire too. So, while it's sad Cass got kicked out you have to realize that he's only barely avoided the Winchester death curse (at this point he's died like three or four times) and now that he's human... Well, the only worse thing would be for Sam to use the death peen on him. So, kicking him out might be the best thing Dean has ever done for him.

PPS - Oh and I'm ignoring the Reapers looking like Angel's when they die thing, because I'm just not hating the season enough to get wrapped up in something this small right now. So for now I'm just fudging it in my head - either those are not Reapers or they are and I'll fudge a different image of their deaths in - just depends on how the overall story unfolds.

PS - while I'm not officially going to review either Pretty Little Liars or Ravenswood I will say the following - Pretty Little Liars has had better Halloween specials (because this was mostly here to be Ravenswood the pilot part one), but this episode brought someone back so this episode was more of a bridge between seasons (or a bridge between half-seasons) and therefore while not the best ever it did what it needed to do and leaves one feeling that when the show comes back in January it's gonna be even higher octane than it has been. As for Ravenswood while I love Caleb, and even love how "events" (aka Hanna) conspired to leave him there (with his consent, because unlike the shows I reviewed above the shows I'm not reviewing do seem to have a basic understanding of consent & how it actually works) I just didn't really care all that much for the pilot. Though as long as ABCFAM will encore it I'm willing to keep watching, but at this point I'm unwilling to give up watching The Originals for Ravenswood.