WHOA! Pretty much sums it up, but you know me I babble on so much more about it!

The Vampire Diaries 5x03 Original Sin

Okay, so now more than ever I regret skipping last weeks episode of The Vampire Diaries, because once again this weeks was just great! Well, I guess I don't know if I'd say great, but there was certainly lots of juicy plot bits dropped in this episode and also many twists and turns.

Queen Q is back and she's still a woman scorned, and the gal Silas threw her over for all those many years ago is revealed to be the original version of Elena (and how did I not see that one coming? Cause really it is obvious in hind-sight), and according to Queen Q because the original love was interrupted the very universe itself is trying to get some version of Silas and Amara together. There's a joke here somewhere - Stefan and Elena so epic even the universe ships them!

Anyway, we start with Elena waking up from a Stefan dream, Katherine shows up to reveal she had the same dream. Things that make you go Hmmm!

So, its off to rescue Stefan who's actually been taken by Queen Q (P.S. In case you've forgotten Queen Q is Qetsiyah, who's now trying to change her name to Tessa, which all things considered can you blame her?) and rehashes the story Silas told, except somehow she thinks that makes her more sympathic - it really doesn't, because over the course of things she reveals that she made the cure and cured Amara and then killed her as though they momentarily stepped out of a teen drama and into a very bloody slasher movie.

During this Damon, Elena, and Katherine are coming for Stefan, but they get a wee bit distracted by what I'm sure was much more explained in last weeks episode. Anyway, Matt and Bekka's threesome comes back to bite Matt in the ass. Somehow he's taken over by someone's boyfriend that Nadia (I think was her name) killed last week because Silas ordered it, so for now he's trapped in Matt. Nadia promises she'll make him the owner of the body, but first there's things must be done. Yeah, she seems trust-worthy.

So, Nadia catches up to Damon, Elena, and Katherine forcing them to split up - Damon goes on to search for Stefan, Elena runs off to help Katherine. Alas, Elena is not up to that challenge, though I must admit Katherine and Elena do have a nice little moment before Nadia snaps Elena's neck and makes off with Katherine. Silas is waiting, which does not make Nadia happy, because for reasons I figure was revealed last week Nadia wants to "play" with Katherine before handing her over.
(That's Katherine, she just can't help making "friends" where ever she goes.)

Silas is having none of that, but before Silas can make Nadia off herself, Queen Q (or Tessa as she wishes we would call her now) works a spell on Stefan that will limit the raging mental powers that Silas has, which will make him easier for Queen Q to track down so she can shove the cure down his throat. PS - the cure is Katherine - her blood is now a cure. That's not revealed right here, but it's hinted at heavily enough that it's obvious long before it's actually spelled out.
(And as far as that goes I suspected as much last season when Elena shoved the cure down Katherine's throat.)

Anyway, just before Silas can order Nadia to kill herself Queen Q completes the spell and while Silas is having some problems Nadia makes off with Katherine. However, while the spell knocks Stefan out it only makes Silas bleed a little from his eyes, though he does figure out from this that she's back.

And this is where Queen Q tells Damon the worst thing about watching from the other side is watching the various versions of Silas and Amara find and fall in love with each other over and over again. *sigh* Though I can guess that would get tedious even for someone who doesn't hate them, so it was probably a damn good punishment for someone who loathes the very idea of them together.

She twists the nail more by saying that all she and Damon can and will ever be is the fly in their epic romance. You can see this does affect Damon, but in the end he's all "I'll do what I want and not even the universe will stop me." However, before that point, Elena finds Damon and Stefan while Stefans knocked out and Damon still hasn't recovered completely from being tossed into a wall by Queen Q, which is another nice little twist the knife thing where Elena seems to only see Stefan.

But after all that there's yet one more twist before the episode ends - when Stefan wakes up he has no idea who Damon and Elena are. Ooops, except not totally unexpected since Queen Q did freely and honestly admit she was frying his brains. Still I admit I didn't consider it until the very moment Stefan's like "I'm sorry, but I don't know who you are."

PS - This episode has me wondering if it also didn't reveal that Bonnie is not gonna be staying ghost!Bonnie for the rest of the shows run, though I suppose I could just be imagining things here. However, I wanted to note this, because before the episode where Elena died, I was thinking she would, but I didn't say anything (and suspecting that Katherine's blood was the cure - I thought I'd said that somewhere, but I can't find it now), so this time I'm saying what I'm thinking so if it does happen I can point and say "I called it!" And, yes, this is despite the fact that Bonnie ghost of otherwise was not in this episode at all.

So, you know the events of last season left me with the impression that the people behind this show honestly no longer had any idea what they was doing, but this season is making me think maybe just maybe they do after all.