AAAND it would seem the LJ troubles are back. *sigh* Or else LJ just really didn't want me to post my little rant. It took four tries this time *sad face* which is weird, because for a couple weeks it's been working like normal, but now it seems to want to go back to as it was a few months ago. Oh well...

Apparently like last season I have a Revolution post in me that simply must be made. At least, I suppose it makes sense why it's trying to come out of me now. Why? Well, I'm thisclose to giving up on the show, and when I really really think about it I can't figure out why I didn't actually give up on it after mid-season last year really.

From the beginning this show really wasn't what I'd hoped it would be. Instead of living up to the premise Kripke skipped fifteen years, and then apparently the entire point of the first season was the not-so-epic quest to turn the lights back on, which led to many thoughts, because that whole idea is problematic at best. First, most people were attracted to this show because of the idea of a world without power - not the "epic" quest to turn it back on, especially since that shouldn't have worked like this show tried to make it work anyway.

Seriously, ignoring the no doubt stealing or otherwise taking apart of parts of the grid after the outage there's still the problem of nature itself. Dust and rust doth and will corrupt. Therefore it was a stupid idea that the characters could build a magic (but supposedly not magic) machine which could make things work, which isn't bad, because plains, trains, and stuff can be built to be ready to come right back on without that whole pesky having to rebuild the entire grid. No the truly stupid idea here was that the characters could push a magic (but again supposedly not magic) button and then magically the lights come back on and everything is as it was the moment the lights went out SIXTEEN years ago - NOT POSSIBLE. At least certainly not without an actual magic button.

But what you need to remember is that all of last year this show was touted as something that was possible to happen in the real world, and despite those office supply ads I have yet to see an actual magic button in the real world.

Anyway, I've seen lots of people talking about how Revolution is better this season, but why do the ratings keep doing down. Well... NO, no, it's really not getting better. I mean sure Kripke has addressed some of the problems with characters, but has actually doubled down with the more stupid aspects of the plot. And even with the characters... Well, I liked Aaron last season, but this season I'm finding him greatly annoying, and while Monroe is/was great as a bad guy I think rather than trying to turn him into not a bad guy the show probably should've killed him off.
(Oh, and did I mention the character of Aaron dying, but being brought back by the magical things (he's calling them Nanites and still trying to pretend the whole thing isn't magically) that can not just keep the lights off but pull of bringing the dead back to life!)

(Though I know everyone always thinks they're favorite shows keep getting better and better, because I still remember back to Ordinary Family and while I can admit it did get better before the end - it didn't get good until the last three/four episodes of the season, and by that point it was way to late. But after about five episodes fans all over the net was trying to say it was better now.)

Basically, I think what all this really says/shows is that Kripke needs to avoid setting anything in the real world period and just accept that his inclinations and ideas lend themselves to paranormal/supernatural and set his future stuff accordingly, because at this point I think this show might improve if it stopped trying to pretend all the magical shit going on could totes happen in a real world context.
(Because I remember last year where several interviews with Kripke kept claiming the stuff in his show could totes happen. Nope, you just need to accept that your ideas lend themselves to being at least ten degrees off reality.)

Because the bigger issues last season for me at least wasn't the characters (like it clearly was for others), but related to the less than epic quest to to turn the power back on with the idea that after fifteen/sixteen years the grids, wires, and all would still be there and in working order just as they would've been when it first went down. Just no!

And to be honest this season has just doubled down on all the crap that bothered me last season. So, while it has fixed some things for some people it clearly hasn't been enough to stop the bleeding ratings. Though with the overall ratings trouble NBC keeps having it is certainly possible that Revolution will be back for a third season, but I know I certainly won't be watching a third season, because it's unlikely I'm gonna finish this season, and honestly I probably should've been one of those that left at mid-season last year, but I kept thinking maybe Kripke would pull something out of his ass that would make all this make sense.

Though I guess also part of what kept (keeps) me hanging on is that not everything about the show is hopeless, but it is getting to the point where I spend more time annoyed while watching instead of just enjoying.

OR I guess I could've just said the following:

I think the problem for me may be that unlike most of the rest of the online audience anyway I didn't hate Charlie. I won't say I loved her, but I didn't find her as annoying/bad/whatever as the rest of the audience, and that leads to my problem this season. I loathe Charlie's mother (seriously I loathe her in the way most of fandom loathes Charlie), but I didn't in season one when she wasn't around that much. When she wasn't on screen all the time she seemed like a potential character of interest, but now I'm like "nope, kill her off!"

And I believe I mentioned Aaron above who I loved last season but am just finding him tedious/annoying this season. The only character that's holding up well with increased screen time is Neville, really, and sadly one character can't carry a show, but especially when he's not around to over-shadow the annoying ones.
(And they've turned Monroe from psycho bad ass to woobie they can (no doubt) bring into the main circle.)

So I think for me this show benefitted by lots of Charlie because with the focus on her it sorta hid how annoying the rest of the characters are. I mean, yes, Charlie was at times bothersome (even tedious at times), but at least it kept the focus off the (for me) more annoying characters.

But then the piss-poor science bothers me lots and lots too.