Well, it has been awhile since I've posted in this LJ or been "seen" online. Well, I have been online, but I've just been busy in... Lets call it not-so-usual hangouts where I was first doing some research about something. Then in a moment of free time I came across a rather "engaging" saga. Well, it is more like watching a train-wreck and while I never watch actual train-wrecks, I just couldn't seem to break myself away from this little saga. *sigh* Just when you thought the MsScribe saga was the most outrageous thing you'd ever seen... Still it is hard to compare the two, except to say in light of the "new" saga, MsScribe actually comes off looking rather harmless.
Related to the MsScribe saga is the Cassandra Claire/Clare saga - for the record, I haven't read this last one, yet! *shrugs* I am something of a fandom history junkie!

Disclaimer: I had NO personal involvement/interaction with MsScribe (or even that "section" of the Harry Potter fandom, including CC and friends) nor have I had any interaction/involvement with anyone involved with the debacle known as Tent Moot.

PS - I've not abandoned Unexpected American Vacation, I simply haven't had time to work on the thing properly. My gathered notes have been sitting around collecting dust since before Thanksgiving, I had been hoping to get four out before the holiday - that (obviously) didn't happen. And it won't happen this week either - Christmas Shopping. Grr-Arg!