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The Originals 1x03 Tangled Up in Blue

Okay, you know this show is nice and all, but I still haven't come to feel passionately about it. And I may never, but for now I do enjoy watching it, and while I've been annoyed at/over the character of Marcel since this show started, but this weeks episode... I don't know, I guess it finally gave him some depth of character or something, because for once I was actually almost interested in the character. Of course, with the surprise twist at the end with Marcel's witch saying no to him... Well, Marcel doesn't seem like the type who's going to take that well.

And while I love Bekka, I must admit that I am somewhat enjoying Klaus's long term power-play here, though I totally understand why she hates it. But seriously, at this point why does Klaus's family keep trusting him? I mean really at any moment he's gonna turn on you, and in Klaus's defense he's honest about this, and yet his family just keeps trusting him... And I mean I get he's family and all, but since this is gone on for more than one human life you'd think his family would just stop at some point.
(Elijah does attempt to address this in a voice-over, but still DAYMN!)

Again though I must admit this episode really had something, because it wasn't just Marcel's character that made an attempt to grow on me, but also Hayley's. I've always been pretty indifferent to her, but this episode like with Marcel did something with her that apparently toned down the traits that annoy me and amped up the previously unknown traits that I could've liked.
(Though, to be fair, over on The Vampire Diaries, I liked her at first, but then felt mostly that the character grew tedious.)

Or maybe she just got to me, because she was smart enough to keep the creepy part of her pregnancy results a secret while working on trying to translate the language used. Yes, Klaus or even Bekka would probably know, but I just love that she's smart enough to keep it to herself for now.

Supernatural 9x02 Devil May Care

Well, okay, that's two! Weird. But seriously the only issue I had was with the baby female hunter, and again it's more an issue with the people behind the show than the character herself. But seriously if you want the audience to take this girl seriously as a hunter perhaps you should first find some clothes for her - otherwise it's just really really stupid.
(Or else be fair and strip the damn layers off the mens! I mean all things are not equal until Dean and/or Sam is running away from a bad guy and somehow during their tripping and falling down episode the shirts somehow magically vanish.)

But I mean seriously you have the mens wrapped in 80 layers, so you could give the womens at least 35 - at least that way the stupid here wouldn't be so damn obvious.

Well there's one other thing too. Dean seems... I don't know weirdly more in touch with his ~feelings~ this season than usual. Yes, there was a moment "Zeke" made him uncomfortable, but even with that he still seemed I don't know more in touch and more open with his emotions than has been normal recently when it comes to Dean and this show. So yeah it weird but I kinda like it. Though I still think most of what he said to Kevin was BS, because of course they're keeping him around because he's useful, but I did kinda like the manipulative slant of the whole thing.

And okay I hope they don't keep dragging and dragging out the whole Abaddon thing, because she's good because she's smart, but if you keep her around too long then she has to be made stupid, because otherwise it'd make no sense that she hasn't yet won the whole thing.
(Yes, I like the character, and I'd rather see her continued to be used well rather than simply continue to be used.)

But speaking of which her speech on taking hell... I know I've heard something like that before, and I don't believe it worked out then either. Basically, I'm just saying her little speech makes me think her whole quest is pretty much doomed to fail.

Kevin, on the other hand, is still tiresome, and I don't care how much he amuses Crowley but I think the time has come for him to be gone, except, of course, now more than ever (on the show) a prophet his needed so I guess he'll be around pretty much the whole season. Though I must admit (I'm forced, forced I tell you!) that Kevin did earn some points talking to the military as part of Dean and Sam's cover, but otherwise... I guess I'm saying if you must keep him around, and it seems you must, more of the Kevin that talked to the military and less of the Kevin that's whinny and tiresome.

Speaking of Crowley, though I'm kinda happy the show didn't turn him human, because his comments to various parties, but especially the Winchesters is one of the reasons I haven't started bitching about Crowley remaining on the show past his sell-by date. Also, I'm guessing the show doesn't want the viewer to think Crowley has a point in his speech to Kevin, but he kinda does. While I do think Dean and Sam try their best those that get sucked into their vortex... Well, it generally doesn't end well for them.

Still two episodes in last season and I was making up my shit because the show was being stupid. Two episodes in this season and I find myself looking forward to what the show has planned instead of what I can make up from the spoilers/descriptions.
AAAAAND apparently the LJ troubles are back. *sigh*

Or else LJ just doesn't want me to be able to post my Revolution review/rant.

Edited at 2013-10-17 05:17 pm (UTC)
But seriously, at this point why does Klaus's family keep trusting him?

It's like the definition of insanity, isn't it? They keep expecting different results.