So, obviously you can probably guess from the title that I stayed with my original decision to watch Once Upon A Time in Wonderland this week. *sigh*

AAAND it's official I'll be returning to The Vampire Diaries next week. It's not that Once Upon A Time in Wonderland was a bad show, but I spent the first 35/40 minutes mad at myself for choosing this over The Vampire Diaries, because Once Upon A Time in Wonderland while it has all kinds of potential squanders that for a tired wanna-be epic romance storyline.

The following doesn't contain any spoilers, though I guess if you never saw a promo for the show it might spoil you a little, but probably not even then.

However, that in and of itself wouldn't be all that bad, I suppose, though it still wouldn't make it the show I was hoping for, because I was hoping more for a show along the lines of the mother-ship not just a typical romance movie set in a fantastic setting. Plus since I don't really know these people (and Alice in Wonderland unless I've missed something was never about romance) I'm certainly not as invested in it as the show hoped I'd be, but the bigger problem is I'm just not really interested in it either.

ABC should've, I think, stuck to their original plan of having this fill in during Once Upon A Times hiatus, because it is good enough that invested/interested or not I'd have kept watching it during the period it was originally intended to air just for the lack of something better to watch then.

So ultimately I'll probably watch it once it comes out on DVD, and then I can watch it during those periods where nothing else is on. *grin*