The Originals 1x02 House of the Rising Son


The Originals as a show has promise, but really I'm already tired of Marcel and his witch. That tired might've been speeded up by his opening of a rehash plot from The Vampire Diaries, but to be fair it just really doesn't work for me to see Klaus playing second fiddle to a younger vampire, especially one that is not family. However, The Vampire Diaries rehash plot could be made better if someone (anyone - even GhostBonnie could jump over and info him) from Mystic Falls would slip Marcel a note on the no-noes of killing original vampires. Otherwise rehashing stuff already done/tried from The Vampire Diaries will age this show before its time.

On the other hand, I had a flash of what it would be like being a suitor for the sister of Klaus - hehe! Poor poor Bekka - not to mention whatever poor bastard she brings home.

PS - So, okay, I thought when Plec daggered Elijah last week... Well, I couldn't figure out why (or what Plec was drinking/smoking), because seriously Elijah! However, shortly after that I went on a hunt and discovered the actor for Elijah is also working on another series so that's why his appearances must at least apparently here at first limited. But I'm still not thrilled with him having been handed over to Marcel and his bitch. Also, that Elijah looked so surprised Klaus did it last week - seriously, I saw it coming at least two sentences before he did it. However, I think this might be the easier dagger for Elijah to forgive, since Klaus was doing it in a round about way to save his baby.

Supernatural 9x01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

What can I say? I liked it. I won't say I loved it, but I did like it. That's a bit unusual even without considering the basic crap-fest that was season eight, because I'm not generally big on Supernatural premieres - out of nine seasons I've only loved the pilot, season three, and season seven.

Anyway, after last season I admit that I didn't just sit down and watch the premiere live, because... Well, I loathed last season with the fire of a thousand burning suns. So, before I watched last night I cruised the net looking to see what others thought first. You see, I have two sites I check - one is for a general balance of opinions, and the other is basically... Well, if the other site likes it I'm probably going to hate it, but if they hate it I'm probably gonna at least like it. The problem was last night both places seemed to hate it. Why did I go ahead and watch then? Well, I figured either I was gonna love it or it was gonna be some glorious black hole of suck-a-tude that would make season eight look good - so basically I just had to see for myself..
(Seriously, the opinions were bad enough that I figured most of this review would be spent thanking God for Sleepy Hollow while trashing this episode or being all like "I can't even..." And while I'm still thankful for Sleepy Hollow this episode wasn't the worst episode of Supernatural to date.)

Now you get the idea - yes, I could bitch about problems - consent, Dean Winchester that was NOT! which flies in the face of season five, though perhaps not as much as one might think, because I seem to remember the reason Sam needed to get his body back was because the loser in his body at the time could say yes and that would apparently be just as bad as Sam saying it. So this might be more of a gripe for the people behind the show and not the characters. But mostly I enjoyed this episode enough that I don't really feel like spending my day taking it apart.

So, as I said, I started the episode and kept waiting for the suck-a-tude, but then it never came. Now granted I could pick apart/bitch about some things, and the "road so far" song, but hey I figure that song probably happened because budget cuts. On the other hand, if the premiere ratings hold Supernatural might get its budget back, because the season nine premiere of Supernatural tied the season five premiere rating of The Vampire Diaries - I'm pretty sure Supernatural ain't had a rating like that since season five.

I could even pick out some "lol, canon" moments, but since I liked the episode I'm gonna hold off on that. Perhaps when an episode comes along that is chock full of the suck-a-tude that just wasn't for me in this episode then I'll come back and pull out all the bad, but for now I'm just gonna go with I liked the episode - see you next week.

So, it's down to the wire and I still don't know which I'm gonna watch this week - The Vampire Diaries or Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. *sigh* I never should've watched last weeks episode, because before that I was all calm and cool about skipping The Vampire Diaries now I'm giving serious consideration to consigning OUATiW to being watched later on DVD instead of The Vampire Diaries.

Choices - choices!

Seriously, it doesn't help that I still haven't watched the first two episodes of Once Upon A Time this season, though I usually do that with Once Upon A Time - it's not that I don't like the show, because once I start watching the episodes I'm hooked all over again, but it's not unheard of for me to have as many as four before I start watching, and to be honest if Once Upon A Time in Wonderland ends up being the same for me then while I probably will watch the premiere this week I'll probably end up going back to The Vampire Diaries live(ish) and catching Once Upon A Time in Wonderland on DVD later, because based on my watching of the "mother show" I'd say I like Once Upon A Time better in chunks rather than hour-longs.