Okay, yes, I know I said I wouldn't be watching The Vampire Diaries this season, but because Once Upon A Time in Wonderland doesn't start until next week I decided that I'd go ahead and watch the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries this week.

Oh, and LJay is still being prissy with the whole not wanting to let me post crap! At least not until after (once again) I post and edit a comment. *sigh* And even then it's still being a bit iffy on me.

The Vampire Diaries 5x01 I know What You Did Last Summer

*sigh* So, I watched The Originals first last night, but then decided that instead of leaving The Vampire Diaries sitting on my DVR for a long time that I'd go ahead and watch it.

And I don't know, yes, there was some things that bugged, but overall if there wasn't a coming conflict with Once Upon A Time in Wonderland the premiere of The Vampire Diaries would've probably been enough to have me hang on for yet another season.

The bugging:

Katherine as a human - to be honest I wish they'd have just killed her off instead of this shit! And I still think at this point it would be better if she was killed off as long as neither Elena NOR Silas are the ones to kill her.

Silas - SSOS (so sick of Silas). Honestly, show, you got rid of Bonnie because of a powers issue (or at least I assume that's why) but then you bring in Silas - I'd rather have Bonnie.

Damon/Elena - but surprisingly that only bothered me when I thought about season four, and from here on out I plan on pretending season four didn't happen, or at least that there was no rapey sire bond. From here on out Stefan simply had trouble accepting Elena as a vampire, but Damon was totes okay with it so Damon and Elena bonded (in a non-rapey way) while Stefan and Elena simply drifted apart.

But the rest was okay(ish), and I can't figure out if that's because I'd decided not to watch anymore so all the crap that would've bothered me simply didn't, or if it honestly wasn't that bad.

psst - I've missed something, though. What the hell is going on with the actor that plays Tyler? Is he wanting to leave The Vampire Diaries or is he just doing other stuff right now? I ask because while there was a valid reason for him to be missing most of last season (Klaus wanted to kill him) that same issue isn't in play this season, which makes me think it's something going on with the actor.

The Originals 1x02 Always and Forever

So, as planned I watched this show last night, and while I freely admit I loathed the back-door pilot that aired as an episode of The Vampire Diaries last season... Well, I think that pilot softened the blow, because this episode was basically just that episode redone (this time from Elijah's point of view rather than Klaus's) and it didn't seem that bad.

No all was not perfect, and to be honest when something else (*cough*Pretty Little Liars*cough*) starts airing in the slot I'll freely give up The Originals in a heartbeat, because while it wasn't awful it wasn't that great either.

However, I still want to know what whoever wrote and approved this episode was smoking. Now I love Bekka, but will freely admit she's not a character lots of people love that honor goes to Elijah, and so this episode makes the weird decision to have Klaus dagger him.

Seriously, show, Elijah is the character that most likely the audience is gonna love/relate to and you have him daggered in the "first" episode of your series. *sigh* But again other than that this episode wasn't terrible, which is just weird since I basically loathed this same episode last season when it aired as an episode of The Vampire Diaries.