Apparently, some of my tinkering accomplished something, because after I posted a comment to my previous entry in loo of an edit/new post I decided to go back and update the ratings post (New season new ratings post! ("The Vampire Diaries" S4 and "Supernatural" S8)) by just posting the ratings in the comments to that entry, but I decided to check and see if could actually update the entry before doing that and shockingly enough LJ let me.

If this goes through then I'm gonna go back and try to correct the spelling in yesterdays entry, and perhaps hope that whatever issue I was having has now been solved. And it should because my post button is blue.
(And I don't really know why it's working now, because while I did tinker with some of my settings in the end I reset them all back to where they was to begin with. Weirdly I'm wondering if for some reason posting a comment to one of my entries had more to do with unlocking LJ than anything else!)

Update: Okay, LJ help might not be entirely incorrect, though while I was having the non-posting/editing problem my virus program was totally okay with this site, but now after it's started working for me my virus software has pinged on some not virusey pages. It hasn't locked me out of posting just tries to stop me from visiting a few pages of the site entirely. However, aside from that LJ still seems to be working okay for me now - just wish I knew exactly what it was that fixed my problem so I could help with others who are having the same issue.