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Okay, just popping in to drop a quick rec. I know there are fanfic readers on my flist and I'm pretty sure some of them are LotR fans, so...

Pippin's Diary by Hilary Thomson
R (complete) gen
Summary: What Pippin REALLY thought happened during the War of the Rings. Comedy. Parody.
Note: I labeled this gen, but it leans toward the slash side of gen.

My review "Awesome! I laughed, I cried, I laughed till I cried. Gotta love Pippin!" And, yes, I actually left that as a review!

PS - Nope, still haven't gotten anything productive done on Unexpected American Vacation and this week looks like I'm barely gonna be able to get everything done I need too, let alone have time to read/write fic/fanfic.
Just on Monday, I have to take my car to the shop, do my job, get super ready. And since this is a special week, my job will entail slightly more than usual. I also have NO idea how long it will take for them to fix car, or if they'll even do it Monday, if not I'll have to wait until Monday evening to take the car in, since I won't have a ride until that late. *sigh*

Other things I MUST do this week: Decorate for Christmas (I knew I should have done it THIS weekend) and make absolutely sure everything is ready to go for Thanksgiving. Maybe over the weekend I'll have some time for me again!
Uh, its November, Christmas is still a month or so away O_o
Ah, but in the good old US of A, people have always X-mased-up on Thanksgiving day or that weekend. However, for the past five (six?) years I've done my decorating the weekend before or the week of Thanksgiving and I've never been the first to decorate. That way by Thanksgiving day I can have things perfect!

Of course this year a few people (not me or mine) put up their X-mas right after taking the Halloween down and all ready there are about ten (or more, not counting the stores) houses all ready decorated within a one mile radius of me.

Honestly, if people start decorating for X-mas any earlier we'll have Christmas decore before Halloween next year. *shrugs* I mean this year stores started putting the X-mas junk out before Halloween, so it stands to reason.
Yeah... here stores have the x-mas crap in shop in frigging october.. O_o strangest thing is that x-mas isn't all that popular here O_o
Well, it's not going to be perfect (or done) by Thanksgiving this year.

I started Tuesday and I'm still not finished in the house. Today I've spent all day on the front porch, which thankfully I JUST finished. But I still have more to do than I'm going to be able to today.

*sigh* I'm still hopeful that I can get it all finished by Friday... Maybe I can even do more inside tonight, but for the next couple hours I've got to do some errands (starting with picking up my car) so I may end up too tired to do any more tonight.

Popularity and Christmas:

Strange, I thought Christmas was popular everywhere - shows what I know. LOL