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New season new shows, but first I realize I've been very absent from LJ lately, and believe it or not that's not the fault of real life, though work is (as usual) insane still. However, for the last week I've been enthralled with a game that's kept me from almost everything including playing around with LJ to see if I could get something (anything) to work here, which leads to the biggest issue. I noticed about a month ago that for whatever reason I couldn't actually post to LJ, nor edit old entries. Hell, as I'm typing this I'm still not sure it's gonna actually go up or not, but what the hell I'm giving it a shot. However, admittedly before the previous month I was out for work reasons mostly. You see, they keep giving me some day shifts but also some second shifts and that's just crazy - I'm getting to damn old to spin on those dimes.

So, first up is new show Sleepy Hollow, and as I sat down to watch the second episode I realized I wanted to at least say one thing about the first episode. Whether or not this show fails or not it wouldn't be because of that pilot. Seriously, that was the best pilot I've seen in years. Obviously, if the second episode sucks mightily the show could still fail, but if it does it certainly wouldn't be because of the pilot.

Next up is Mom which admittedly I only watched because of Anna Faris. What can I say I started to fall in love with her with Scary Movie and The House Bunny just sealed the deal. And I suppose the show Mom isn't horrible, except it kinda is and has a big ass fatal flaw, or at least it did in the pilot. It's basically the same problem that Worst Week had (bet you don't remember that one, do you?) in Worst Week that poor bastard could not catch a break and after awhile that was just too much. Mom is basically that show redone, at least as far as the pilot is concerned. Seriously, I think I'm supposed to be hoping Anna Faris stays on the wagon, but with as crappy as her life is (or was in the pilot) I couldn't help thinking she'd probably be better off just going back on the bottle. Sure, it's not likely to make her life any better, but at least spaced out she's not as likely to care. And to be frank her going on a crazy bender would probably make for a more interesting show then watching as life just keeps beating her down.

So that's all the new I've watched so far. Though I plan to at least sample The Crazy Ones, The Originals, and Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. Though I don't know if I'm gonna post my thoughts on them here or not. Probably will if they're either really good or really bad, but MEH just does not an interesting post make.

Sadly I find myself doubting that I'll stick with The Originals and perhaps not even The Crazy Ones. There's two big things in regards to The Originals the first is that as mentioned in the last post I was able to make on LJ I've decided to give The Vampire Diaries a pass this season, because last season made it clear to me that the show is currently not going in a direction that I enjoy or feel that I would come to enjoy. And the same person at fault for that is the same person in charge of The Originals and for me that doesn't bode well, not to mention that I rather disliked the backdoor pilot for The Originals. Of course, a minor issue there will be when Pretty Little Liars comes back in January it will most likely be on the same day/time as The Originals and even if The Originals surprises me I'm NOT giving up Pretty Little Liars. With The Crazy Ones there's not so much against it... It's just more a feeling I have based on the promos that perhaps this just isn't going to be the show I'm expecting/hoping for.

Okay, off to watch Sleepy Hollow episode two now.
(Or I was when I finished writing this - timing of posting may be different, because while the post button was clicky this time the posting page itself was kinda screwy. Because clearly since LJ was being screwy I obviously started watching while trying to get this posted, and I must say so far so good on episode two.)

(PS - Though if LJ does start working for me I'll hopefully get around to finally updating the ratings post for last season some time this actual week!)
...and not being able to post/edit is the norm. *sigh* This keeps up and I'll just give in to peer pressure and move to Facebook, though I really really don't want too!

Anyway two things: I know it's Sleepy Hollow, but auto spell correct was working over-time above apparently. And also I forgot one show that I am planning to watch and that is Dracula, though admittedly from what I'm seeing/hearing about that one I think I'll probably end up liking The Originals better which is a sad commentary in and of itself.

Honestly though this whole thing with LJ is worse than annoying. I posted last night, but apparently the only reason I was able to do that is because the posting page itself did not load properly. It seems when it loads "properly" it's not going to work for me but if it would stop loading properly then it would work fine. Fucked up!

Anyway, I checked and it seems LJ is aware of this issue, but not doing anything to fix it other than suggesting users disable their security, which for me is NOT going to happen - I like posting on LJ I don't need to post to LJ, and you can bet your ass I'll find another journaling service before I disable my security.

WAY TO BE, LJ! Way to be.
In case you didn't notice the above was sarcasm.

But look at that I can post/edit comments all day long - just not make actual journal entries!

Edited at 2013-09-24 06:31 pm (UTC)