So, okay, I realize I haven't posted since The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and Bates Motel ended for the season, and even before that I'd gotten all non-posty except for reviews. I guess that's mostly because when I'd think of something to share I wasn't near a computer and then by the time I got to one it just seemed silly instead of mind-bending as it did when I first thought of it. And with that in mind I decided to make a post today even if I wasn't really saying anything, though I do have a few things to say.

First, in regards to The Vampire Diaries I probably won't be watching the coming season (and if I don't watch obviously I won't be reviewing it). The big reason is that the Once Upon A Time spin-off will be airing in the same timeslot on ABC, and because season four of The Vampire Diaries was just such a big damn letdown for me, I've decided to go with the Once Upon A Time spin-off, so unless that sucks mightily I won't be watching The Vampire Diaries season five, which kinda makes me sad, because when that show first started it quickly became one of my favorite shows, so it's sad for me that it's fallen so far in my regard. Obviously your mileage may vary, because perhaps you LOVED season four, but I did not, and by the end of the season the damn show had simply become a chore to watch. And about a month ago is when I decided that since it seems clear that Plec's vision/version of the show is not one thats appealing to me that it was reasonable to give my attention to the spin-off of a show that while I don't love it as much as I originally loved The Vampire Diaries is at least still entertaining/engaging to me - i.e. not doing something in every damn episode that actively pisses me off, or worse, bores me.
(And, yes, while I hated (LOATHED even) the beginning of Supernatural season eight I didn't hate the later part of season eight - I won't say I loved it, but I at least liked it enough that I'm willing to give season nine a chance. And, for the record, I am still bitter about Meg and suprisingly Benny, though less bitter about Benny because the show had to stupidly make him a woobie! Well, that, and the fact that the people now behind Supernatural seem to have a real "LOL, canon!" mentality combined with the fact that sometimes (in season eight) from episode to episode there was dis-continuity proving that the writers don't even bother to pay attention to what's currently going on. But perhaps they'll do better this season, and if not then I can always walk away from Supernatural like I'm walking away from The Vampire Diaries.)

Next, and a big reason (possibly the main one) that I haven't been posting much lately is because of work. My boss went on vacation for two weeks, and during that period they tried to kill me - no, not literally! But if you've read my rantings/ramblings even remotely then you know I have some physicial problems that keep me from being able to work full time. But with one gone I didn't exactly have a choice, and I must admit that I loved the money that came with getting the overtime, but I'm paying for it now. Seriously, now I need two hundred dollars cause I need to go back to the doc doc for one of those lovely shots.
(It also probably doesn't help that everyone else where I work has suddenly gotten lazy - some days it seems I'm the only one doing any work. But I hadn't been bitching about that (except in my own head or to people in real life) because sometimes even I get tired of bitching. Shocking, I know. But true. Anyway, the boss (and then while he was gone HIS WIFE!) has taken it upon himself to more than once bitch about the things I'm not getting done, which of course when I'm the only one doing ANY DAMN THING of course everything won't get done because I'm only one damn person, and only one damn person working part time which means I'm not there everyday (usually) or close to being there every day. Seriously after his wife said something (which I couldn't help anyway, because when she was saying her piece I had to admit that she was talking to the wrong person because I literally hadn't worked the day before - bitch at the right person is all I'm saying, because yes I have screwed up - I'm not perfect, but please to not be blaming me for crap that is on someone else, you know, however she didn't seem to hear me because she just kept talking as though I hadn't said anything or else she thought I was lying) I decided if one more thing was said to me without something being said to the others who also "work" there then I wouldn't be working there anymore, because it's just so much bullshit! And then damn it all there was yesterday - one of the bosses relatives got to talking to me and well it's not all in my head - I really am the only one doing any of the work. The problem is I don't know if he's close enough to the others to note that to them or not, and to be fair as much delight as it sometimes seems they take in bitching to me I'm honestly not sure they'd care if they did know. But really people I can't do the work when I'm not actually scheduled to work, and when no one else does anything it takes a whole hell of a lot to be able to not just get my share done but also do it freakin' all because nobody else is. GRR-ARG really bascally sums it all up!)

And now that I think about that I probably didn't share that adventure here. Anyway, finally (near the end of last year) even going to a chiropractor for adjustments was NOT giving me any real relief, so I finally found a sports doctor who saw my problems and gave me a lovely shot in each foot that while didn't end the pain completely did offer enough relief that I could go to work again and still be able to do things when I wasn't at work. Seriously, for a while there if I wasn't at work I was mostly in the bed because of the pain. Anyway, I got shots in both feet that time - accidentally; the doctor got confused and gave me the shot in the wrong foot, and while even I at first didn't realize that I did before I got to my car and you bet your ass I went back up to office to get said shot in the other foot, because that one was the one most in pain. The weird news is this time I probably won't need shots in both feet, because even after two hell weeks (and one vacation week of my own) my left foot seems to have bounced back, but I'm limping again because of my right foot. *sigh*
(And that vacay of mine is another reason I haven't been around - I instead spent my time off celebrating the birth of my nation by watching FIREWORKS! Three wonderful nights of fireworks, and then spent the rest of the time off my feet resting.)

Lastly... Well, I'm not sure there is a lastly. Well, there kinda is - mostly for the past few months I just haven't really had a thought I feel like sharing, except I suppose going back into "my pain - my pain" mode and I figure that's just not very interesting.

So there you have it - new decisions and some reasons for my recent MIA around these parts.