Bates Motel 1x10 Midnight

Well, at least this episode made me rather firm in my total not caring of Bradley now. Here's the problem she's screwing with Norman Bates, but even if you ignore that Norman Bates is Norman Bates. Well, first she uses a virgin (one who's also clearly in love with her) for a one night stand and while that wasn't actually horrible the rest kinda is. Because now she's pretty much openly going for his brother in front of him. DAYUM! I don't care that this is Norman Bates she's doing it to, because it's just shitty behavior I don't care who she's doing it to. Somehow I think I just don't like that Norma is proving to be pretty much right about her assessment of Bradley. I guess I just wanted Bradley to actually be a good person - one I wanted to root for and feel bad when Norman finally does his business, but now I'll be cheering Norman.
(Oh, and if that's not bad enough now she's lying about it all - you see, she's still with the dude she was dating when the show began, and that dude confronts Norman in this episode, and reveals that Bradley has lied her ass off - she's told him that Norman took advantage of her. UGH! If anything she's the one who took advantage of Norman.)

But even Dylan somewhat pisses me off in this, because while he does seem to be holding back a bit - I personally think he should outright be trying to push her away, especially knowing more about Norman and the whole situation than Bradley. At the very least he freakin' knows his brother is having dreams about drowning Bradley. So, I think if he cared about her at all he'd be trying to run her off instead of half-ass encouraging her, because while he doesn't know that drowning Bradley took Norman to a happy place he does know that idea is in his head.

I guess it is mildly interesting that this show has taken me from loving Bradley to pretty much extremely hating her and wishing the show would have Norman get on with the killing of her already. Then again it kinda pisses me off, because I was kinda looking forward to rooting for the victims for once, because most of the time in scary movies half the fun is wondering how these idiots will be killed, and I was hoping the show would at least throw some victims in that one could almost be sad about losing. Oh well.

In other news, we learn who has Winn Duffy's money (hey, he admits that he goes by many names, and after all he has to be up to something while Raylan and the other Marshalls are on vacation) and that is Sherriff Guyliner (aka Romero), and even though I want to trust him, because I want him to actually be a good guy, I'm sorta with Norma for most of the episode. Though we can see (unlike Norma) that he is working the case even though from Norma's point of view it doesn't really seem like it. Still considering that Norma has more than a few trust and control issues it's really no surprise that she spends most of the episode trying to learn how to handle the situation herself. And I admit that in a somewhat shocking twist that show has me believing along with Norma that Sherriff Guyliner might actually be the dirtiest cop to ever cop, before he and the show pulls him back and has him basically save the day. This ends up shocking the ever loving hell out of Norma, though after all this he may have made a friend for life in Norma Bates.

Anyway over the course of the episode Norman of his own free will ends up asking Emma to the winter formal, and while it seems clear to me he's only asking her as a friend/I don't want to go alone kind of thing Emma's clearly reading from another script than the rest of us, because she finally reveals that she thought when Norman saw her all dressed up he'd forget all his ~feelings~ for Bradley and suddenly realize that he has feelings for her. And that makes me sad because I really thought Emma was smarter than this. But she seems to honestly believe that deep down Norman loves her. It's after Emma ditches Norman that Bradley's fool confronts and punches Norman.

This leads to him walking home in the rain and being picked up by Miss Watson, and I'd probably fear more for her if they hadn't turned her into "Bad Teacher" before this, because while Miss Watson is changing clothes, "Norma" shows up to inform Norman what kind of woman his teacher and tell him that he knows what he needs to do. Norman is next seen running home in the rain, and again I'd feel worse for poor Miss Watson if they hadn't fucked up her character (not really, but they could've left her as an actual decent teacher) before this point.

Anyway, Norma is returning from watching Sherrif Guyliner rock her world as Norman reaches the end of his run. He informs her that he remembers the dance, and being picked up later by Miss Watson, but then he blacked out and woke up on the way home.

The last shot of the episode kindly spells out what we already know - Miss Watson is dead.

But let's back-track for a moment, because earlier in the episode while she's afraid she's gonna die (just before Emma shows up to pick Norman up for the dance in fact) Norma reveals her super secret family history to Norman, because in her words if she dies she just wants someone to actually truly know her. Basically, Norma's mother spent her life spaced out, and her dad was an angry/violent man, but it's her brother that's the real problem. She says when she was around thirteen he started making Norma have sex with him and that it went on until he finally moved out. Norma says she didn't tell anyone because she was afraid her dad would actually kill her brother if he knew.

However, even before that we have a bit of a lead-up scene to it. Norma feeling very very stressed out goes to visit her therapist, but instead of just telling her how to handle stress he starts asking her questions. Considering she lies her ass off this session was maddenly less than unhelpful for everyone. Which I kinda liked, because it shows Norma is actually somewhat self-aware, but not enough to actually be able to evade the coming tragedy. The tragedy of Norman becoming Norman is what I mean here.

Finally, I don't know if it's important or not, but I thought it might be worth noting that Emma all dolled up bears more than a passing resemblance to Miss Watson, and all things considered I'm sure that bodes well for everyone. *evil grin*