Well, I'm obviously a wee-bit late in getting this posted, but probably not for the reasons you think. Earlier this year I ordered some seeds so I could early start, but then even with brand new seeds I had the same problem as last year - they (on the tomatoes) got about an inch high and then simply started dying - cucs, peppers, and sunflower seeds are coming along fine, but not the tomatoes. And last year it was a mix of saved seeds and mail-ordered. Well, this year I had no saved seeds, because even though I did finally get some plants going last year was just a bad (hot and dry) year. So, back early I ordered seeds and was stunned that the same damn thing happened again this year with totally different (and all fresh) seeds. However, because of real life (mostly work) I wasn't able to try and restart and then suddenly I realized it was the end of April and that's just too damn late for me to get food from seeds before the fall frost.

So I looked around local stores, but they didn't have all the stuff I wanted, so basically I ended up buying only four tomato plants locally, and turned online for the rest. And that's where my delay in getting this review up comes from is because those big beautiful tomoto plants arrived today. Seriously, I've ordered mail order tomato plants before and no other company has come close to sending me plants as wonderful and healthy looking as the ones I got from Tomato Baby Company - to give an example these tomato plants are three times bigger than the ones I got a couple weeks ago (and planted) locally. And her prices are so very reasonable - downside is she doesn't take credit cards, but will take checks/money order and/or PayPal - well, I don't have PayPal. Seriously, though I've never gotten mail order tomato plants this big or healthy looking. So, you need toms you need to check out Tomato Baby Company.
(Sorry don't mean for this to seem like an advertisement - I've just never had a mail order company send me plants of this quality and I've done lots of mail ordering over the years. But I'm not kidding if these plants don't make it and/or give me lots of tomatoes I cannot fault the company because these plants got to me looking perfect some even have blooms already on them. Plus there was some extra plants included that I'm looking forward to trying because I've never heard of them before. But seriously I'm used to ordering tomato plants and having to baby them for a few days/a week before they're ready to go out, not with the plants from this company - these babies needed to be put right out where they are ready to go go go! Plus today was a somewhat rainy day and it's supposed to be that way for on/off the next four days so that makes this a pretty good time to have planted them.)

*coughs* Clearly I'd rather keep talking about my gardening instead of getting into this episode.

So, okay onto the review - it probably won't surprise anyone to know I am not happy about the way this episode went down - for at least two reasons. However, even I can otherwise admit this wasn't a bad episode, and therefore my review seems overly harsh, which is also part of the reason for the delay, because overall the episode wasn't that bad, but at times I found myself channeling Norman Bates (from Bates Motel) "you're crazy! [Julie Plec] You do things that make no sense - you're crazy!"

So, yeah, the following review is probably going to seem more harsh than it should given that the episode didn't completely suck, but it is (I do believe) the episode that broke me. And not in a good way, I believe this is the episode that'll allow me to finally stop watching this show.

The Vampire Diaries 4x23 Graduation

So, I'll just start with things I actually liked, though I doubt this will be complete list, but here goes:

LOVED the opening with Bon Jovi and Lexi and a moment later Damon was pretty damn awesome. Now I'm thinking I should start playing all kinds of classic music just in case the ghosts around me are missing the tunes they knew and loved. Also, Caroline forcing Bonnie to lie to her was pretty good, though to be fair Bonnie really doesn't want to tell them she's dead. Also, Alaric smacking down Connor - anyone who smacks Connor is A+ in my book, but bonus that it was Alaric.

So, I know you may be thinking that it seems like I liked/loved so much how can I end up hating the episode. But it's a complex thing - the plot reveals make little to no sense and then what that bitch (and right now I don't even know if I mean Julie or Elena) did to Katherine... I just can't even...

But I was okay, maybe even loved a little bit despite myself, Bekka wanting to show Matt the world, but really this whole thing falls apart with Katherine and Elena, which is oddly fitting, I suppose since that's basically where it all started. Okay, not really, because even if that bitch hadn't done what she done to Katherine there's still things about this episode that would be hard to over-look. And it isn't Damon offering the cure to Elena and Elena refusing it (though Elena refusing it not here but overall seems more than a little out of character), nor was it Stefan professing that he's gonna love Elena for ever and ever, though that is getting tiresome, especially since it seems Elena couldn't actually care less about Stefan if she tried anymore, and that also feels out of character. Look just because you've fallen in love with someone else doesn't mean you actually stop loving your old love, especially if you loved them as much as Elena seemed to love Stefan. But, fine, whatever, Show, whatever.

So, yeah, this episode has some great stuff takes some interesting twists and turns, but then there's the other stuff, and it's the other stuff that kills the episode/show.

I mean, I'm weirdly okay with Bonnie remaining dead and the contrived graduation crap that was tossed in just because I liked Bonnie wanting to say goodbye but not wanting to ruin her friend's big moment, or Klaus showing up as the big hero to save the big moment. Yeah, I know it's Klaus, but damn it I still liked it, okay. SHUT UP! Also, nice of Klaus to allow Tyler to return so Tyler and Caroline can be together. Of course that ignores the point that it pretty much

had to happen, because there's no sense in Tyler staying away when Klaus won't even be around anymore. Though I admit I just expected Tyler to sneak back in and start living the life again because Klaus would be too busy elsewhere to worry about him.

It was also nice that Bonnie's spell worked and brought Jeremy back, though admittedly I'd be happier about that if I thought I was going to watch next season, and maybe a little bitter because why can't Alaric and Lexi come back damn it?! And despite what I feel about Matt I'm kinda glad that he accepted Bekka's offer, and pleased that it made her happy, even though I kinda hate it at the same time. Bekka deserves better than someone using her merely for a summer of fun and admitting up front that there's never gonna be more than that, though at least he doesn't come across as though he's playing her, so I guess that's something. And I guess if Bekka's okay with the few month fantasy that she's the head cheerleader dating the quarterback who am I to piss in those cheerios. But it does kinda make Matt look a little assholey, and I thought the show had moved WAY past that a season or so ago.

It was also GREAT to see Katherine whaling on Elena - these days anyone who beats the crap out of Elena is a-okay in my book. Alas that ended badly and that alone would've been enough to wreck the whole thing for me, but that wasn't the only problem. Still I think I shall only be keeping one episode of The Vampire Diaries on DVR and that's the one where Bonnie tortures and almost kills Elena so I can watch that scene over and over again. Because seriously Elena using the cure to make Katherine human just sucked every last bit of enjoyment from me for this show. Really it should've been Katherine shoving the cure down Elena's throat - the show could still do everything it wants to with a human Elena, and I think most of the audience expects (expected) Elena will become human again at some point in the future.

Seriously, Show, you could still do Damon/Elena now with a human Elena since you've so badly wrecked the character of Elena from what she was originally it does almost make more sense that this fucked up Elena would choose the guy that will always put his desires over hers and admits this to her. *sigh* Okay, I'm being unfair, because this show also wants to play with Originals while getting rid of Originals. The first group of Originals we meet get their own series, but The Vampire Diaries clearly doesn't want to let them go so they being in a new (more powerful?) Original to replace them. Seriously, Show, I'd have rather you kept the fun/crazy Originals around instead of bring in the tedious Original, though I guess at the very least Paul Wesley is probably happy about this development.
(And something kinda funny that I don't think I've mentioned before, but every time I type his name I type Paul Weasley before remembering to change it.)

Anyway, yes, this episode was mostly an A+ episode, but also by the same token I do believe it's the one that broke me.

And it's mostly because of the Katherine bullshit, and NOT because Elena chose Damon over Stefan even though it makes no damn sense what so ever, but fine I could live with it because sometimes emotions make no damn sense, but I just don't think the professions of love between them in this episode was earned, especially since they spent most of this season living with the sucky ass rapey bondy slavery thing. I don't know I guess I just feel like maybe they should try actually dating and getting to know each other on equal footing before they start declaring their eternal love for each other, because honestly that just felt weird, and I don't think it was supposed too. I think we was supposed to take it at face value and not be suspecting that something is still wrong (or at least not right) with Elena. Still at least this time would (or should maybe hopefully) be better than what it was this season, so yeah I coulda lived with it.

But now I come to the real WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK?! part of the episode. It's apparently doppelgangers all around, because now Stefan is the Silas doppelganger - though I don't really know (or care) about this crap, but what the hell, Show, what the hell? Though I totally want it noted that I called it at the end of last weeks episode this season (season four) is NEVER gonna go away and take it's badness with it. Because now in season five it's probably gonna be about learning who and what Queen Q actually was since Silas admits he made himself immortal, and that just annoys me, because that's what I thought we was doing this season. Hell, maybe there is no Queen Q, but no wait there has to be since she has been mentioned by people other than Silas. Still none of it really makes any sense - if Silas made himself immortal then what the hell has he been doing this season and why the hell would he want to now take the cure and die since he's finally free. What the hell, Show, what the hell?
(Also, since there was no true love forever crap with Silas why does he want the veil dropped? So what was the point of all this? See, I think that question is supposed to entice me to come back next season, but it just doesn't, because I was tired of the Silas story around mid-season and the control/alt/delete/reload doesn't make it more interesting. Really it just makes it a confusing clusterfuck.)

But mostly why that pissing me off is because it almost gives me a reason to watch next season, but not because I care about Silas, but because I care about Katherine. Why did Silas really want the cure if the cure was a cure, so maybe the cure wasn't a cure. Think about it. The cure actually being a cure is expected just like it was expected that somehow/someway Elena would end up taking the cure, so there's hope, and I'm not happy about that, but it might just be enough to bring me back. DAMN IT! Well, and okay, so I am mildly curious about how/when Stefan will be discovered/rescued, but considering that Plec clearly doesn't give two shits about Stefan I'm not that curious, because I expect Stefan will damn near spend the whole of next season in the box.

So while I can admit this episode had more good than bad I just don't care about human Katherine (and I don't really have a lot of hope that there's a twist coming and the cure won't be a cure, because it would be just my luck that the one time I'm expecting/hoping for a twist there won't be one, or the twist would be that once you've been cured you can't become a vampire again, because clearly Julie Plec loves what I hate and hates what I love) and I certainly don't care about watching the continued adventures of Elena and Silas. If this show wanted to transition into something it would've been better if the show started focusing on the Damon/Stefan relationship and ditching Elena or maybe having Elena be all "I want to be single for awhile after all this crap," so she could still be a part of the story but not the thing that drags everything off because it's all about her true love. But clearly that's never gonna happen, so it is what it is, and right now I'm feeling pretty done with the whole thing, despite the fact that I am mildly curious if and how Stefan will be saved, or rather how long it will take the current crop of idiots to figure out that Stefan is Silas and the real Stefan is having an Angel vacation (and as I said above I expect this to take most of the season because everyone is currently a dumbass). Hopefully, that won't be enough to have me tuning back in, because I might end up sucked in again, and I just don't think I can take another season like the one that just ended.