So, in an interesting twist I was reading the "epic" reactions to the last Sookie Stackhouse book before watching this episode. And to be perfectly honest I figured I'd probably have much the same reaction to this episode as the Sookie fans had to the last book. Instead I actually liked it - not the last Sookie book (I haven't actually read ANY of the Sookie books) but the season eight Supernatural finale. However, I went into this episode expecting not to love, so I reviewed as I watched mainly because if I liked something I didn't want it to get lost in the sea of hate, but rather the reverse is true some things I didn't like might've actually got caught in the sea of love if I hadn't done this the way I did.

Supernatural 8x23 Sacrifice

So, at just over ten minutes in and we're off to a fairly good start. But this season has trained me too well, because I'm expecting it to fall apart any moment now.

Here's hoping I'm wrong.

However, just before it does (or maybe doesn't) fall apart I want to say that one of the things I hate most about Cass is his whole confused by human customs crap - it's not funny. However, I must admit that I did chuckle at the scene where Cass is trying to get the deets from this random guy/victim of the week(?) about what he's looking for in a relationship. Yeah, so sometimes weirdly dumb Cass can work, but most of the time it's just really stupid.

Also, I must say I am happy that Crowley was smart enough to insist that Sam had to be the one to sign, but more than a little disappointed that Crowley didn't try to insist on a kiss from Sam. I mean, really, Crowley's been crushing on Sam for years it seems and now here's his chance and he doesn't try to slip it in. Crowley I'm so disappointed in you. And pardon my puns, but really I blame that on the episode itself.

So that's the first fifteen minutes, and weirdly I'm still feeling pretty good about this episode. Odd.

And the next fifteen minutes ain't looking bad either. Though that could be simply because it's starting with Dean and Sam taking Crowley out to the woods for some bondage - has promise is all I'm saying.

However, I must comment on something that's been bugging me a bit since last week. Really I think Dean and Sam would be better off going about this with a more minor minion for this - last week they tried a demon who was clearly on a higher level and now going for the king of hell. It just seems like the job would be easier with a lower-level demon. After all despite what Sam says the trial doesn't actually say the King of Hell must be cured just that a demon must be cured.

Okay, I paused here because Dean and Sam are talking about Sam is about to confess his sins and this is either gonna be really good or I'm gonna start composing an angry letter to Singer/Carver.

Well, okay, or maybe they just skip all that and have Sam run off to confess to air, because apparently even now we can't actually have Dean and Sam actually talk about shit. *feeling ranty* *deep breath* *letting it go*

Or not, but we're pretending I'm letting it go for now anyway, though I reserve the right to bitch later that we don't even know what Sam confessed to air because the silly show cut away from all that. Still if I didn't at least pretend to let this go it would take me forever to watch the episode and get this review done. Honestly I might even run out of space on the internet. Sooo, moving on...

Now when Cass pops in to tell Dean Metatron has been kidnapped by angels is when I start to think maybe my hopes are coming and season eight will finally see the end of the angel story. But this is season eight, so my hopes ain't getting to high. Mostly because I can see several ways this could go and not all of them end with the pearly gates closed.

But before I proceed I must say something else - remember back in season six when it was so clear that Crowley was blowing smoke up Cass's ass to get Cass to do what he wanted and that wasn't exactly a good thing. You member, I know you do. Well, I have to say, and I'm NOT happy about it, but I was getting the same feeling last week with Metatron and Cass. I don't like it! Please let Metatron be on the up and up - PLEASE! And it really hit home for me here when Cass is all "I'm the only one who can." Which is exactly what Metatron told him last week, which is BS - I'm sure any angel could, but Cass is the only one who'd want to - there is a difference, but Metatron could still be on the up and up. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

Oh who am I kidding, it's fairly clear something isn't entirely on the up and up with Metatron and I'll tell you I am not happy about this not happy at all. On the other hand, I don't know why it's making me so happy to see Booger getting tortured by Naomi, but it does. And I doubt the character he's playing now cares for it, but I suspect Booger totally approves of this.

And what in the ever-loving-fuck is this shit! Damn it, Carver. Last week had the boys being smart enough not to put her hands back on but then stupid enough that they both left the damn room to answer the phone before they completely secured the damn demon (how many Winchesters does it take to answer the phone? Two! And it would've probably been three but John Winchester is still dead) And now they've done pretty much the same thing again by leaving Crowley alone, though at least it does seem they made him a touch more secure first, but still. Look I realize you've got stories to tell, but if you have to make the characters complete idiots to tell said stories maybe (just maybe) said stories aren't worth telling, or at least maybe you should put more thought into since you're being paid the big bucks to do that. Just a thought, so think about it.

On the other hand, this leads to Sam and Crowley alone, and while that makes me happy in my pants I realize this is still broadcast so there's no way this is gonna play out as it would if it was real life. And I don't mean sex I just mean all the nasty naughty things Crowley would be saying he can't actually say because this is broadcast TV. Which is again a bit like last week - they want us to believe Father Max and his demon was more intense then The Exorcist, but it's not. The things that child was saying just freaked you the hell out and again this is broadcast TV so one they can't have a child saying those things, but worse still they apparently can't have anyone saying those things. So despite what the show says there's no way the stuff with Maxie and his demon could be a higher infernal event than The Exorcist. Just saying.

So no I doubt this is heading for sexy fun torture times. On the other hand, again, I'm torn - I like Crowley and I love that this season has made him smarter and more badass (though not entirely happy since some of that has come at the expense of Dean and Sam's intelligence, but whatever), which is why I'm torn. I don't want to lose the character of Crowley, but I don't want him cured of being a demon either. *sigh* Basically what I'm saying is that I thought I want Crowley bigger badder and more uncut. Okay, not really, but I had to go there.

Oh, and also, again with a DAMN IT CARVER! I don't want to like Kevin - I don't want to feel for Kevin, so kindly stop making me. K, thanks. Seriously, where's the whiny little pissant I knew and loathed? Instead you've actually done something downright shocking. You've taken a fairly useless character and actually turned him into something half-way decent. You're killing him by the end of this episode, aren't you? I mean that's the form right - take a character make him/her fairly good and then kill them. Goodbye Kevin it was nice (or not) knowing you.
(Though Kevin if you live you are probably going to have to accept that you're never gonna get out of the tablet reading business, despite the smoke Dean and Sam have been blowing up your ass to this effect.)

But I guess I can forgive you for this because Crowley bit Sam. Hot damn! I don't know but I just love that. Actually for the past three or more episodes I'm not kidding you've made Crowley awesome. And it gets better - Crowley's trying to use Sam's blood to call in for back-up. Awesome. But really Sam why you just be injecting him and leaving, because that's just not smart - not smart at all.

And that ends the second fifteen minutes. So that's the first half-hour down and I haven't really started hating yet. This is getting weird for me. Where's the badness, Carver? WHERE'S THE BADNESS?! You can't fool me - I know it's coming.

Anyway, we start the next fifteen minutes with Dean and Cass, and I don't know but I expected to be bored, and yet this scene was pretty good all around. Cass thinks Dean shouldn't be drinking on the job and Dean wants to know what show Cass has been watching? They both have a good point. But seriously let's brass these tacks, shall we by getting on with whatever we're here to get on with. Apparently, not, we're gonna spend the rest of the episode just talking about it. *sigh* On no, here's the pay off and it's totally worth it. Dean is confusing reality with p0rn again, but this time its gay p0rn and you can almost see Dean's brain explode.

Now we're back to Sam and Crowley, and damn I do like this with Crowley trying to make it all dirty. Seriously, if Crowley belts out the p0rn theme (boom chica bow wow!) I'm stopping this review right here and pronouncing the episode f-in' golden, and would probably even forgive everything I thought I hate about this season.

No, because instead they try to ruin the whole thing by turning Crowley into an idiot instead. Jossie the frankenDemon responds to Crowley's call and he seems to think she's there to rescue him. Dumbass! Though I guess that could be the injections of dumbass he's getting straight from the source.

Anyway, she starts whaling on his ass, but then Sam shows up and puts a stop to that, though I must assume he didn't kill Jossie the frankenDemon because I'm pretty sure I heard them say she's not killable, which is disappointing, because they did burn her body and I kinda liked Jossie the FrankenDemon. Still it doesn't matter because by the end of this episode hell is gonna be closed.

SHUT UP! Yes, I can see the hints that maybe that won't happen, but I am ignoring them - LEAVE ME ALONE


Damn it! NO! Please do not cut off a cupid's hand. GAH! All these cupids are all so sweet and this damn show just keeps abusing them.


Next season I'm a-gonna be the big bad, and I'm going to gather the cupids to me and we are gonna break bad on everyone's asses!


And we're back to heaven for some damn eye gore. *sigh* DAMN YOU, CARVER! Eye-gore is never acceptable.

Oh and sarcastic surprise sarcastic surprise it looks like Metatron is not on the up and up. DAMN IT! I guess I shouldn't have ignored those hints, huh.

But it's back to Sam and Crowley, and alas still no sexy times, so I'm gonna make up my own.

Okay, I'm back now. So, Crowley's trying to make Sam uncomfortable, but seriously I do think something is getting to Crowley, and I do think it's the dumbass injections. On the other hand, Crowley likes Girls, so I guess there's hope for him... No, what am I saying - don't make Crowley good! Give him more power - power enough to make Dean and Sam his top teen beat model slaves! But seriously I do think this has confirmed Crowley's crush on Sam - I need to re-watch that, because damn if I heard what I thought I heard then I certainly wasn't expecting that, so good show, Carver, good show.
(But seriously I know it makes me a horrible person, but with the recent Dean is bisexual wank I admit that I'd get a happy with the show making Sam the bisexual one if only for the "show's doing it wrong" wank. Relax wankers - there's no hint here that Sam is or will be bisexual - just that Crowley kinda likes Sam - really likes Sam.)

Really though I can't help but hope Crowley's just fucking with Sam here (not about liking him, but about not being totes evil anymore). But it's not really coming across that way. If he is then he really should've been playing Dean a couple episodes ago, because he is that good - if he's playing Sam anyway.

Speaking of characters that I hope are lying their asses off we come to a Cass, Dean, and Naomi scene, and I'm not hating it. In fact for the first time ever I think I'm kinda liking Naomi. And I don't think she's lying - I actually believe her, and I Dean clearly believes her, which makes Cass the dumbass of the scene. While she was "fixing" Cass she should've done something about his whole "trust everyone" thing he's got going on, really. Though I guess then that wouldn't have suited her purposes, though it could've because while Cass might not would've started trusting her at least he wouldn't have ran around trusting anyone but her.

Anyway, Cass the dumbass will not change his course, and Dean is more concerned about the fact that closing the gates of hell will kill Sam. And really is anyone but Dean surprised about that? Seriously.

So we come to the last fifteen minutes and I'm really scared. How are they gonna totally fuck this episode up in only fifteen minutes? HOW?

Okay, it's off - Metatron is evil, apparently. *sigh*

I'd like to say I didn't see this coming that I was so blinded about my hopes that this "twist" wasn't obvious, but it actually was. And even if it wasn't before this episode this episode spelled out so many things that even while I was ignoring said things it doesn't surprise me a bit that this is not turning out the way it was supposed to. So with that said I'm gonna watch the last fifteen minutes and hope it's not as bad as I fear, because it's not like Metatron not being on the up and up doesn't make sense.
(Oh, and also a little bit pissed - Naomi is dead, killed by Metatron, while Kevin and his penis still lives - just a little fyi. But seriously I think Naomi starting to come around might've made a pretty good story for next season.)

I mean even Cass being turned human was not something one couldn't see coming from a mile away. Though I am somewhat surprised the way this happened - Metatron actually took Cass's grace for his expel the angels from Heaven spell, which may mean even if they can use the Angel tablet next season to get the angel's back into heaven and kill Metatron's ass dead they may not be able to turn Cass back into an Angel.

Also, Sam not caring that the trial will kill him - really who didn't see his not caring about that coming. Anyone?

However, the biggest surprise of this episode was that Dean and Sam finally actually talk - it's overly emotional and all, but damn they talk. Holy shit - did not see that coming at all. Seriously, I was afraid this might end up badly, but it didn't, and they also hug, so I'm pretty happy now.

So, okay, not a terrible very bad episode at all, though it's not quite over yet.

Anyway, Sam decides to stop, and then finally his arms stop glowing. Then BOOM pain and I can't help but wonder if not finishing the trial is going to kill him.

Then there's Crowley all but good, but apparently still a demon since Sam didn't finish, and I can't help but wonder what'll happen to him, because he's clearly not in a position to re-take his position as King of Hell, but apparently his soul is still at least a little demonic.

Anyway, Dean calls for Cass, because Sam is hurting and Dean wants that stopped like yesterday, but alas Cass ain't an angel no more so not only can he not help he probably cannot hear Dean calling for him. Because I didn't mention, but after Metatron took Cass's grace he healed him and sent him gently back to earth instead of holding him back to be expelled with the others.

And then BOOM it's raining angels.

Apparently, Metatron finished his spell, because everything on earth is going crazy even in the Lair of Letters where Kevin is finally chilling. And a map lights up with locations where I'm guessing angels are landing, but Kevin might not know that, where Dean and Sam spent beside the car do know what's falling from the sky.

Anyway as mentioned it's raining angels, or else we've been shuffled off to Haven where the sky is literally falling, because AudreySam won't go into the barn the very universe itself is going to kill everyone and everything. I'm going with the first one, cause I don't think we're in Haven now, though I probably wouldn't say no to that crossover.

So on the whole I can't say anything (except Dean and Sam actually talking) in this episode truly surprised me, but nothing truly and terribly sucked either. I can say it wasn't the most awesome episode of Supernatural, but it certainly wasn't the worst, and it did its job, because I kinda want to know at least what happens now to Sam and Crowley, so I guess that means I'll be back next season. My one hope for next season (right now) is that we get the writers actually working together and hopefully next season won't have the problems this season did.

So now I'm off to see/read that others thought of the episode. After that I'll probably re-watch, because I think this episode would be worth watching again. On the other hand, tonight is The Vampire Diaries finale so a re-watch might have to wait a few days.