So because I'm having some not feeling good issues I basically just wrote down a few thoughts as the episode aired and while it does make a review it's a pretty short one. Certainly a short one from me, but at least it's more than a paragraph.

Bates Motel 1x09 Underwater

Okay, so I'm starting to fall out of love with Bradley, and I'm honestly not sure why, but there was just something about the way she was "handled" in this episode that did more than just rub me the wrong way it made me not really like her much. And I think I started channeling Sheldon Cooper here (The Big Bang Theory) because I actually said the following while watching the episode - "apparently this show is just going to start lowering the quality of the character of Bradley until I will not actually care when/if Norma/Norman kills her." And that might not be a bad thing since Norman's now jerking off to the dream he had where he drowned Bradley (he had the dream, and apparently liked it so much that when he woke up he had to touch himself) - this later freaks Dylan out. Norman decides to look up drowning and dreams on the internet and Dylan catches him at that and gets all like "so who you dreaming about drowning?" Norman tries to evade, but does confess. And I couldn't help but think Dylan wasn't actually freaked out enough, but then he didn't know the images of killing Bradley took Norman to his happy place.

Really, though the only good thing about this episode was Stoned!Emma. Norma is all anti-drugs, and so she has to leave but tells Emma that she has to keep the stoners from stoning at the motel. Emma does try and I'd put mine out too, because Emma doesn't come off all "Norma" about the whole thing she's all like "please put the joint out because I don't want to lose my job." And the guy does so, but not before trying to get Emma to join him for a smoke. And, hey, that just means the stoner has good taste, but Emma's all like "really? You do see the Oxygen tank, right?" And he's all like "people who have those still smoke," and sadly he's not actually wrong about that, but Emma's smarter than all that. So later Emma finds a cupcake the stoner left her and after thinking about it she eats it. But alas unhappily Emma doesn't have a good reaction instead she gets all paranoid and freaked.

Well, okay, Norma attacking the real-estate agent with her purse was also pretty good. You could tell she wanted to hurt him, but alas her purse is not like most women's purses, because dude even if I accidentally hit you with mine it's gonna hurt and if I slug it at you like Norma did here you will go down.

But seriously this episode actually makes the supportive teacher creepy - like she wants to help Norman, but now she's all weirdly over-invested in this. *sigh* So again I say for this show to really work as it should the whole thing would benefit greatly by toning down the town evil and ramping up the Bates evil or at least creepy. Instead the show is now doing the reverse of that and ramping up the town creepy/evil.