So apparently the data is inconclusive (whether I'm feeling BLAH about shows because I feel crappy or if the shows have been crappy), because while I didn't hate this episode I didn't really love/enjoy it either. Though up until the very end I was enjoying it quite a bit more than this weeks Supernatural.

The Vampire Diaries 4x22 The Walking Dead

You know I'm starting to think Plec for whatever reason has some kind of fucked up Elena love going on, because even with emotions on Elena is still tedious. At this point, about half-way through the episode, I find myself thinking that Bonnie damn well better make Katherine immortal, because if this version of Elena kills Katherine then I think I'm pretty much done with this show. Plus, I'd like to see dumbassElena stake Katherine and then Katherine opening her eyes and being all like "I'll be damned, Bonnie did it!" Then Elena can get all pissed at Bonnie and then Bonnie can just finally kill Elena and then Katherine can go be on The Originals (because goodness knows that show already being weighed down by Hayley and annoying baby needs something happening for it) and finally all is well.

Oh, and other stuff has happened so far, but to be honest all I care about right now is how the Bonnie/Katherine stuff plays.

Oh wait - turns out I care about Alaric/Damon - Bonnie dropped the veil and here's Alaric ready to help Damon. GAH! I don't remember liking Damon/Alaric this much, but it's pretty much all good here.

And now that I'm paying attention why is Matt and Bekka together in a cozy little room - Oh! I guess they're inside the triangle because here's Kol. And I know I remember finding Kol tedious, but somehow I seem to like him better now than I did before.

And now oh yay here is Elena once again doing her level best to fuck things up. Why the hell does Plec keep doing this shit with Elena? No, I'm serious. WHY? What in the ever loving hell is it you like so much about this Elena, because she sucks ass.

And now we're back to Silas and Bonnie and Silas reveals that he's just been fucking with Bonnie, and all I can think is "who cares?" Can we just allow this crappy season to finally limp across the finish line already? PLEASE.

I mean despite the fact that I'm tired of Elena and Silas, this was still a pretty good episode. Bekka helping Caroline and Elena perhaps finally starting to actually get her brains back. Oh, and Silas pointing out something Bonnie should've remembered - Q wants Silas with him forever so why should she help Bonnie? Though I am a bit disappointed that Bonnie hadn't broken away from Silas on the other hand it led to a scene where Grams smacks (not literally) some sense into Bonnie, so it wasn't all bad.

Actually the episode itself wasn't all bad, and I don't know if this is the case or not but this episode gave me hope that season five will happily leave season four behind and start a-fresh and a-new. If it wasn't for that I'd probably spend more time bitching about some of the stuff in this episode, but honestly I just don't feel like it so for now I'm just gonna wrap myself in hope for a better season in five and let (for now) my unhappiness with season four go.

Or not! It was going so well up until all the annoying hunters returned and Bonnie dying. We're never going to escape season four are we? And for the record I am more unhappy about the annoying hunters returning than I am Bonnie dying.