Okay, yes, oops I forgot to do a review of The Vampire Diaries this week. Partly because while I enjoyed the episode I wanted to watch it again before reviewing, but then forgot to watch it again (because my DVR was getting full so I decided to watch the back-log of Revolution and Once Upon A Time episodes), and now I've decided I don't care to watch the episode again so this isn't going to be a long review, and basically just covering only a couple things one of which struck me as strange.

The Vampire Diaries 4x21 She's Come Undone

Okay, first, I mean I get the reason why Damon and Stefan decided torture was the way to go, but all things considered they probably would've gotten through to Elena fast if they'd just started ignoring her totally and completely. Since they've been so stupidly focused on her for so long I think that would've worked better than them trying to convince her that they might if nothing else accidentally kill her - even Elena as stupid as she's been recently knew that was never gonna happen, and to my delight she called them on that shit in a pretty big way.

Soooo, even though there way did get Elena back the torture method would've probably worked faster if Damon and Stefan had called in Bonnie and Caroline - Elena would believe they not only want to kill but could actually do so considering they've both tried and Bonnie only stopped because I guess she decided she could always do it later, or maybe Bonnie just stopped because she wanted to prove to herself that she could and therefore was no longer at the mercy of Expression - that's my fanwank anyway, because I can't believe Bonnie stopped just because Damon and Stefan wanted her to. Calling in Katherine wasn't a complete bad idea, but it wasn't a great one either, because Katherine has proved time and again that she doesn't really give a fuck about Elena where at least Bonnie and Caroline loved human on Elena.
(But how could I not love Katherine voicing what I've been saying since the whole human off Elena BS started - pretty pretty princess wouldn't have lasted a day without all the idiots running around protecting her dumbass.)

Anyway, despite the lateness and shortness of this review I did like the episode, but just had/have too much to do to watch it again right now. However, one thing that was strange is that Elena's deep dark secret is her hate for Katherine. I mean it's not totally out there or out of character for Elena, but I believe having her wrap herself in hate for Rebekkah would actually make more sense. Though I guess since they (the PTB) want to soften Bekka because of the coming spin-off they felt having Elena hating on Bekka would've been against what they're going for with Beks. And like I said it almost makes sense that Elena hates Katherine that much it just felt a little weird/off is what I'm saying.

Bates Motel 1x08 A Boy and His Dog

I gotta be honest I didn't really enjoy this episode because almost everyone in it was just so painfully stupid.

I mean, while I love Emma she was even more than a little stupid here. Only Bradley was really okay, but even that disappointed me because thanks to idiot Norman I'm realizing the only way Bradley is going to get her point across is if she actually does go all Faith on his stupid ass.
(To get her point across on Buffy the Vampire Slayer Faith skipped the explaining part and jumped straight to the trying to kill Xander to make her point part. What's sad here is that Xander unlike Norman would've likely accepted that not interested actually means not interested.)

Then there's Norma who I guess really does think sex is a weapon, because to try and stop the highway from being built she embarrasses herself pretty badly by getting all sexy and when that failed tried to get Sheriff Guyliner to help just because somehow (who knows what the fuck goes on in Norma's mind) he owes her one or something. *sigh* But the stupid didn't end there - Norma decided Dylan was right about her first guest and decides to follow him, but it's all stupid because Norma is too obvious to be subtle.
(This leads to the guy demanding something but neither Norma nor the audience know what it is - it might be the comic, but I'm pretty sure that was in room four not nine. But because Norma cannot just tell the fucking truth the guy, of course, thinks Norma knows something... That does pretty much lead to the best part of the episode - Norma finding dead Shelby in her bed.)

Basically this episode was very realistic from a behavioral stand-point, but horrible embarrassment isn't good entertainment for me so that means I just didn't really enjoy it at all. Yes there's been embarrassing crap in this show before now, but before now it tended to balance that out by having at least one or two characters actually being awesome to off-set the horrible embarrassment coming from other characters.

But let's go back to Emma for a moment, because even I knew telling Norman's business to the gossip girls in the bathroom was a mistake. Still in her defense she only did it because those girls was dissing Norman by saying it was stupid that he seemed to think he had ANY chance with Bradley, so Emma jumps in and says "check yourself, cause it happened." This leads to Norman being mad at Emma for spilling his business, but also wondering why Bradley doesn't want anyone to know, because they had sex why should that be a secret and clearly that dumbass was still planning the fucking wedding. But then later when Emma comes to make up with Norman and explain why she did it she does her level best to make me a Norman/Emma shipper, but darling Emma that's not gonna happen, because I love you too much to want that for you. Yes, you say Norman makes you feel safe, but he shouldn't and you should be getting the fuck all away from him NOW! So, no, I won't be shipping the two of you no matter how hard you try and make me.

Oh, and before that Norman decided he wants to learn from Emma's father (starting with his very own dead dog), but Norma finds that weird and tells Emma's father how she really feels - I don't want Norman becoming ANY weirder thank you very much. But then she has (or tries) to back-track because Emma's father does not just ignore the insult. Also, some smart teachers at school get together and decide Norman needs therapy - Norma doesn't like that so she chooses someone for Norman to see herself, and then she inserts herself into that because she doesn't trust Norman not to spill the family business, so this really isn't gonna help Norman at all. The dude tries to point this out by at least pointing out that there's some dysfunction in Norma, but as expected she just gets defense and pissed off, so this isn't going to help at all.

Oh and I think Dylan is in over his head, but I find myself not really caring.