Supernatural 8x21 The Great Escapist

Yes, there was some annoying continuity things, but despite those I actually loved this episode. Seriously, this is probably the first episode I've honestly outright enjoyed with little or no reservations since Everybody Hates Hitler. Anyway, you remember last week when there was some indoor shooting a couple of idiots (including Charlie) did not wear ear plugs - well, I admit that I thought maybe Sam's ear problems might've been from that. Okay, not really, because this is the same show where Dean impacted a car hard enough to shatter windows and didn't turn to a pile of Dean mush, but also if we're being realistic Dean would be having more ear problems, but either way it was a cute little "ah-ha I make my own fun" moment for me.

ANYWAY, moving on, as you know I've never been the biggest fan of Kevin Tran but damned if I didn't actually enjoy him in this episode. So he's problem doomed. That's about how it works with this show I don't like a character and they hang around forever, but if I start liking one then they die, and Bobby doesn't count, because no I never warmed up to him, but even now a season after his death he's still hanging around.

I was disappointed with one thing - really felt that Cass should've kept Ion alive just for the simple fact that he seemed to have some real information that might've solved a great many mysteries. On the other hand, maybe that's why the angel tablet is (or could be) important. Perhaps it's not about the closing of heaven so much as simply restoring the remaining Angel's memories to what perhaps might actually be their true mission. After all this episode confirmed (though not that it was necessary) that many of the higher ups that didn't switch to Luci's team still went rogue.

I also like (but not sure if I should get my hopes up) the hints that perhaps closing the gates of hell will not be all that Dean Winchester believes it will be, because seriously Dean has some weirdly high expectations as to how perfect things will be once hell is closed.

Oh and I didn't hate the casting choice for Metatron as much as I expected. I don't know why, but somehow I just couldn't see Booger as Metatron. But it turns out he does better than I expected, so I kinda hope he joins Dean and Sam - maybe his chassis is broken or something and he can't resist Team Winchester, because ultimately I think I'd like having him around better than Cass. Then again for the first time since it happened I found myself not blaming Cass for Meg's death, though I am sad that Meg can't be the demon they cure.

Ultimately I just hope Crowley isn't the demon they end up curing. Though I can't deny even Crowley was awesome in this episode from directing to winning to get his ass handed to him. Also, really liked the little suck up demon, though I don't think Crowley would make as awesome a Dean as he seems to think he would.

Mostly though this episode showed me that while I love Sam I don't really relate to him at all. Recently I suffered a fall and hurt myself - not terribly, but it was painful and if I had someone as willing to baby/take care of me as Dean is Sam then they'd have to kick my ass out of bed so to speak because I'd let them take care of me until hell froze over.

So, come on, Sam, allow Dean to do this for me if nothing else.