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The Vampire Diaries 4x20 The Originals
The Originals 1x00 Pilot

So I'm kinda sad to say that I didn't hate it, but I didn't really love it either. I mean it wasn't bad, but they took something that should have been quickly forgotten (Klaus/Hayley) and have decided to build a series around it (she's pregnant).

Okay not entirely it's mainly just the hook to get Klaus and family to New Orleans, because to be fair there's a vampire being naughty and keeping witches from being witches - and boy could I wander off on how this really makes the people behind the show look even more racist than making every witch black (which wasn't all that terrible in and of itself I guess maybe). You see, the naughty vampire is black and the witches that are set to rise against him are white. This is funny in a sad way because while on The Vampire Diaries all the witches so far (except at least one) has been black (and been ordered about by the white vampires) now on the new show the witches are white and the vampire is black.

But again my biggest problem is the fact that they do seem to be setting this up using Klaus and Hayley. UGH! Why couldn't they just have Caroline and Tyler break up and have Tyler start getting with Hayley and have Caroline just decide with her best friend all wrong and her relationship ended that she'd just take off and of course then somehow end up in New Orleans. Plus again this episode just made me really really sad that Katherine can't be a part of The Originals because the actress playing her is stuck in the role of Elena meaning that Katherine can't get a regular role on another series.

Seriously, though I don't think you understand how sad it makes me that I didn't outright love this, because I wanted to outright love this what with The Vampire Diaries having gone pretty much to shit this season (and it was pretty much only the originals that stirred any interest in me this season and I mean the originals as characters not the idea of the originals as a show) I wanted to love The Originals so that even if I give up on The Vampire Diaries I could still visit the Verse itself. Of course, I guess I still can, because there is (or should be) more going on than Klaus/Hayley, but I'm kinda afraid the K/H stuff will ruin it all for me. Well that and Klaus not just outright killing Marcus, because I honestly don't see why Klaus would ever agree to go along with the witches in the first place and not just kill the/his problem - it's gonna take a lot of twisting to make that work is what I'm saying.

Basically what I'm saying and all I guess I'd really needed to say is that I really wanted to like this, but ultimately while I didn't hate it I didn't really like it either.

Another bonus is that this backdoor pilot didn't dumb up the series regulars to make the folks from the new series look better. But that would be hard to do since The Vampire Diaries dumbed up it's characters pretty much from the start of this season. Still not dumbing the series regulars to make the spin-off characters look better is a point in favor anyway.

Oh, and the naughty vampire may be named Marcel not Marcus, but I'm not sure because I couldn't make it through a rewatch of the episode, but everyone else on the net seems to be calling him Marcel and not Marcus so I'm gonna assume they're right and I'm not.
Vampires suck... Pirates are much more entertaining.. ;)

Doing well? :)
Yes, and no.

I'm okay, but Saturday night I fell down at work and hurt my right arm and my left knee. For awhile there I was really (and maybe still am a little bit) concerned about my knee, and while it's sore and a little bruised (I got ice on it fairly quick so it's not black like the spot on my arm is and there was very little swelling - I didn't know I'd hurt my arm until I woke up the next day stiff and bruised) I am still mobile and while previously I couldn't touch my knee not without P.A.I.N. (seriously if I wasn't careful when I sat down the pants would cup tightly enough to hurt - pants) today it can actually handle just a little pressure before it starts to throb - so it's not healed, but hopefully not as bad as I was afraid of at first.

But otherwise I'm pretty good, of course now is the time I kinda need to get some gardening stuff done, and while I've done a little bit it's clearly not happening like I'd hoped this week.