In a weird way this episode being this good kinda pissed me off. Seriously, every time I think I'm ready to just walk away from this show for good (it's happened more than a few times this season and at least once in seven) an episode like this comes along and grabs me again, which would be good, but based on the way things played out after the return from winter hiatus (and if you'll recall my winter hiatus was about three episodes longer than everyone else's) there might be a couple good episodes and then it'll go bad again. On the other hand, they've only got what three more episodes left this season it might be hard for it to get rotten again before the end of the season, though obviously not impossible.

Supernatural 8x20 Pac-Man Fever

So, obviously I expected to hate this episode, because mostly based on promos/descriptions I was pretty much expecting to see Sam sleeping through the whole thing. Though to be fair if that had been the case I had this whole big meta(ish) thing ready to go about how that was no matter how sucky oddly honest of the season eight crew. I know you may be groaning because I was one of those who believed that, but if you're being honest based on the season so far an episode with Sam sleeping through it all would not have come as a shock.

Anyway, so certain was I that I'd hate this episode that I decided to watch (or rather re-watch, though weirdly I had forgotten much more about this movie than I'd expected) Resident Evil, which basically ended up ruining the Supernatural teaser for me... Well, not really, though I was totally expecting the zombies to start coming for Dean, and I was honestly happy because while watching Resident Evil I couldn't help but think about how much Dean would enjoy being dropped in the middle of one of those movies. But that's the thing I really didn't expect Supernatural to actually have zombies in the teaser (and they didn't we find out later they was supposed to be vampires, but zombies work better for me so I shall continue calling them zombies) and so I was almost kinda nicely surprised when they did.

And, to be fair, the combo of Resident Evil and Supernatural in my thoughts lead me back to something I'd basically tossed out earlier about where it might kinda be nice if that's where all this was headed, because as it is now where Dean and Sam think it's all headed doesn't honestly make sense, but my vision/version would make complete sense and actually be in line with the whole "damned if you do damned if you don't" thing Supernatural has always kinda had going on when it comes to all things Winchester.

Basically for some BS reason Dean and Sam seem to think closing the gates of hell doesn't just keep demons off earth, but that for some bullshit reason it will void out all monsters (it wouldn't nor should it since according to the show (lol, canon) hell and purgatory are actually two different places that yes are close but are still not the same place - but even if it was why would closing that gate suddenly void all the monsters now on earth out? It shouldn't and it really wouldn't gel with past canon (lol, canon) at all for it to play out that way), but worse than that those dummies seem to believe that closing the gates of hell would suddenly mean that all humans go to heaven. Considering the nature of humanity and the fact that some humans are just plain evil that doesn't work for me at all, because in some cases sending certain human souls to heaven would in fact be a bad idea for the good/pure/not evil souls there - think about it. This could lead to some hostile taking over heaven and making things really bad for not just those in heaven but those everywhere else as well.
(Though this shit does give me bad Buffy flashbacks in that when it came to Buffy that show seemed to think if there was a soul involved that meant one couldn't actually be evil, and while that show never said I have to assume that for whatever reason Buffy and company was just horribly naive or when it comes to that universe a serial killer and/or sadist was simply unheard of.)

And that's where the weird thought myself and a friend shared/discussed awhile back comes in, because simply the way the show seems to believe it's setting it up and the way Dean and Sam actually believe this'll all ultimately play out makes no damn sense what-so-ever! So, I'm thinking wouldn't it be wonderful if the hardly boys (Dean, Sam, and sometimes Cass) shut the gates of both hell and heaven, but oops because even after that people would (or really should) still die what happens to them (my friend called out the tag-line for Dawn of the Dead ("When There's No More Room In Hell, The Dead Will Walk The Earth.") and my brain was off, basically), and "Welcome to Zombieland" makes more sense as an outcome for closing hell and heaven then suddenly all monsters on earth disappearing and suddenly all souls no matter how awful ending up in heaven.
(Though, to be fair, I'm not sure Supernatural could actually pull that off the way it should be pulled off, so I'm not entirely sure I want it to become a thing, but I'd certainly rather that happen than the SupPTB playing it as working exactly the way Dean seems to believe it will.)

But seriously my idea would be so fitting in so many ways, really. Dean and Sam most often try to do the right thing and all, but this wouldn't be the first time the right thing wasn't what they believe it was. What if they find that the right thing is hell and heaven are actually needed. That would also play into that whole "there's a natural order to things" that so badly wanted to be a story theme a couple seasons ago.

Anyway, you know I've never been the biggest fan of Charlie (as a character) and to be honest I'm still not, but at least she's starting to come across as a real type person and not just a walking talking ball of quirky lesbian cliché, though there is still a bit of "quirky" in there. And I guess quirky isn't really the right way to say that, because most of the time I love the quirky character (Kenzi I'm looking at you here) but there's just something about Charlie that passes good quirky and lands in the realm of someone is trying too hard, and I honestly don't think it's Day.
(And, yes, I loved her fashion sense here, but also Dean's reaction. FBI Agents (even pretend ones) cannot have quite that much personality. And, yes, I admit I loved her not wanting to miss the bro-ment. Also, interesting that the books are now on-line - I don't know if any of that is going anywhere considering this season probably not, but it was still nice up to and including Dean and Sam wanting to wipe the books entirely out of existence.)

Still this episode felt like Robbie Thompson wrote it just for me as some kind of late (very) Valentine or something, but more than that by the end of this episode I was kinda feeling like I owed Carver and Singer a personal apology for the trash I've talked about them this season so far not to mention just tossing a general apology out there to the rest of the crew, but then I think about pretty much everything (save two/three episodes) that's come before this and I realize no one needs to go that far just yet, though if episodes continue in the way of this one it just might happen.
(PS - You have no idea how annoying it is trying to watch the opening of the show waiting for the writers name to appear - next time I shall be cheating and just look it up online!)