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Bates Motel 1x06 The Truth

But seriously everything came out here... Well, not everything, Norma still doesn't know Emma wasn't the one, but and well she learned that Emma's mother took off because she couldn't handle raising a kid with CF and Norma actually acted like a decent human with her. SEE! No one can resist Emma - all will love her and despair!

Um, anyway, so where to begin. ETHAN IS DEAD! NOES! I liked him and I feel bad for Dylan, because as I mentioned last week Ethan was pretty much the only one that remembered Dylan but also actually kinda liked having him around. So I pretty much want to hug Dylan right now. Also wouldn't mind seeing him in leather chaps (damn bikers started that kink of mine again) without no damn jeans in the way.

So Dylan calls and tells someone he needs to talk to them, we see that it's the guy who basically hired him for the over-paid pot watching job. Anyway, he explains to his boss(?) what happened, and also forces himself to explain that he killed the guy who killed Ethan back. Instead of getting his ass in trouble as he clearly expected (he clearly doesn't know this town) we find out later along with him that he's apparently been promoted. HeHe!
(After he's told in detail how to get rid of Ethan's truck - i.e. the evidence.)

But more than that Dylan finally gets some love from not just Norman but Norma in this episode. After Dylan talks Norman into moving in with him and Norma finding out... Well, let's say a lot of shit goes on in the middle of this that I'll get to in a moment, but ultimately Norma tells Dylan the truth about what happened to Sam. Sam and Norma was fighting Sam got a little rough - Norman went into his first(?) black-out and hit Sam in the back of the head with a water pitcher or something and he basically died before he hit the ground. Norma couldn't get through to Norman so she put him to bed and then staged the shelf falling on Sam incident then went to get a shower. And we know what happens then, though the episode reshows it. Norman finds his dad and literally has no clue what the hell happened.

Basically, in the reshowing of it they make Norma look sane and normal - she's protecting her son. Anyway, after she tells Dylan this she basically tells him he can either start helping her protect Norman or get the hell out of her way. It's not really revealed what Dylan decides, but come on you know he's gonna help.

Anyway, the episode begins with Norma setting outside the motel just trying to process that the dude she kinda likes and has been dating - oh and who has tampered with evidence for her - is keeping a sex slave. It goes about as well as you'd expect, but at least Norman stops her from heading right over to his house right the fuck now.

Despite everything Emma still stupidly wants to go to police, I guess because she doesn't know what Norman and Norma know, but she does know a cop was involved with the keeping of a sex slave, so I'm not sure what she thinks going to the cops will accomplish, because they don't actually know at this point if there's anymore cops involved.

Jumps to the Dylan stuff I've already talked about, then moves back to Norma actually being nice and kind and not at all remotely kooky. Seriously, Emma says that the sex slave will have to speak to the police whether she wants to or not, and Norma is like "yes, but..." and basically convinces Emma that this can wait for at least a little while for the poor girl to at least get the drugged out nap she's currently taking over with.
(But after she leaves Norma admits that no one is going to the police until they get the belt back - you know the thing that the sex slave owning cop could hold over Norma.)

Now we come to a moment where Norman wants to know if there's something wrong with him, but Norma says she lied because she didn't want to believe Norma about the sex slave. That convo is butted into by Dylan and Norman tells him they found the sex slave, and so Dylan is all like "take me to the boat!" He's gonna help them.
(Of course, he's also gonna use the time to talk Norman into moving in with him.)

Norma is left behind while the boys go off to save her ass with the express instruction to stay put and talk to no one, so of course the sex slave owning cop shows up for a little mid-night nookie. Norma clearly isn't into it this time, but until her boys get back there's little she can do but play along. Which, of course, leads them down from the house to the motel, and you shouldn't need to be reminded that the sex slave is in one of the motel rooms, so you know this is gonna go smoothly with no problems what so ever.

And if you believe that I suspect you've never watched ANY television show EVER!

Anyway the boys do find the belt, but they simply toss it into the lake instead of salting and burning which seems like a mistake to me. Anyway, back at the love shack the sex slave owner cop is really going after it but Norma's taking it like a bored p0rn actress. Surprisingly he noticed this and they talk a little bit, before they (or he) start trying to get back into it. However, his sex slave chooses that moment to take a shower and he gets all concerned about the sounds of water running through the pipes, which of course during sex you'd jump right up to check out. (Not so much in my experience, but I'm going with it here since it could indicate someone might be in the motel who shouldn't be, and well we knew Shelby had to find her there, so this seems as good a way as any to get to that.)

Anyway, the sex slave opens the door - sees her kidnapper and literally bolts into the night/woods, and who can blame her. He takes aim with his gun, but Norma jumps him throwing off his shot, so he knocks Norma's head into the side of the motel before giving chase. Just after that (finally) the boys return, and Dylan just announces they (he and Norman) are moving out, so Norma tells them what's happened while they've been away, but then instead of running they have to stand there all in the open talking about this moving out shit, which while I'm bitching about it was actually kinda awesome.

But of course Shelby returns before Dylan can get everyone in the truck to get the hell out of there. And he knows whatever Dylan's into requires a gun so he forces Dylan to disarm before telling everyone they're going into the house for a chat. And I guess I've been spoiled by Justified but it seems perfectly normal for this chat to happen at gun point.

Anyway, Shelby is nuts and blames Norman for all this... Well then he starts blaming Norma, but Norma and Dylan try to convince Zack it's all cool and good while Norman blacks out into a flash-back to the past, though we don't see what's he's seeing at the moment. But then Norman just attacks the hell out of Shelby - Dylan grabs Shelby's dropped gun and proceeds to enter into a shoot-out at the O-K Motel, while Norma pretty much drags the out of it Norman out of the motel and to her car where she discovers she doesn't have keys.

Dylan and Shelby are still firing rounds in the house - Norman is still the hell out of it. Then shots are fired again and someone comes stumbling out of the house. Oh, and did I mention Norma called 911 during all this. Norman also seems to come out of it a little bit, though he's clearly not his usual self still. Anyway, the figure coming out of the house is Shelby not Dylan. But not to fear just as Shelby is taking deadly aim at Norma Dylan finally kills his ass.

It's after that where Norma basically tells Dylan exactly what happened with Sam. The episode ends with the cops (or cop - they don't show his face, but you know it's Guyliner). So Dylan ends this episode basically in the club on two fronts - he's clearly in with the pot people but probably more importantly for him he's clearly made some in-roads with his family - not just Norman but by the end Norma as well.