So, I didn't hate it. Though I am kinda pissed about something, and probably not what you think.

The Vampire Diaries 4x19 Pictures of You

So as I said I didn't hate it - I don't think I loved it either, but I do think it was one of the better episodes of the season. Of course, I think the fact that Elena wasn't the focus of this episode helped. As I've mentioned before I haven't really liked (let alone loved) any version of Elena this season. Now I had expected to at least like human-off Elena, but she's a moron. So, basically this season you can root for moron Elena or forever sad Elena, and honestly at least the moron version of her is slightly more fun.

But seriously Elena attacks Bonnie, because she (Elena) doesn't want to be human again nor does she want to turn it back on and so she doesn't want her brother or Jenna or Alaric coming back. So, yeah, she comes up with the idea to kill Bonnie, because without Bonnie the walls stay up. Fine - maybe not the best idea, but could understand her trying it once. But she tries it and Bonnie hurts her (Go Bonnie - go Bonnie!) so she backs off. Now for a smart person they'd realize that killing Bonnie might be better in a not face to face way, but not our lady moron. Nope she attacks again and this time Bonnie doesn't hold back - so much so that the two Elena whipped morons get scared Bonnie isn't going to stop and Elena is in fact gonna die for reals.
(Go Bonnie - Go Bonnie!)

Well, Bonnie backs off - I think maybe the moron duo thought Bonnie was out of control, but to me right there she seemed perfectly in control. And I think that's why Elena maybe got scared, because she realized that while the moron duo still luves Elena her friends are quickly tired of her shit. Caroline has already tried to kill her with not much success, but when Bonnie drops the hammer (so to speak) I think Elena realizes that the moron duo has given her a bad impression of how far she can push everyone - Bonnie ain't playing with that piss-poor Elena shell.
(Seriously, Stefan, go back to banging Becca, because at least then you was almost interesting. And Damon... Well, honestly at this point I'm not sure there's any help for you!)

Anyway, because Elena got scared the moron duo decide that first she needs to be locked up before her friends decide to work together and actually kill her ass, and maybe that the way back for Elena may be in the scaring of her. YAWN!

But seriously there's no way for the moron duo to scare her realistically because they've got their heads too far up her ass for that. Really for that to have even a remote chance of working they need to get Caroline, Bonnie, and Becca working together, because I think only they would be able to push it far enough to honestly scare her.

But the moron duo act like Elena hasn't felt anything else so far, but she has she was clearly jealous of Stefan and Caroline's closeness an episode or two ago, and I think even in this episode she was feeling a little of what Stefan was saying even if she didn't give in (which I was actually glad of, because that would've been trite cliché and overall craptastic) - probably because she knows that no matter what Stefan's saying he's never gonna be able to stop loving her - unlike say her friends Caroline and Bonnie who've both already stopped loving her and are ready to put her ass permanently in the ground.

Otherwise this episode is basically setting up the spin-off pilot coming next week, because for weird reasons Elena steals Caroline's prom dress so Caroline goes to Klaus for something classy. *shrugs* Yeah, I didn't really get that either. Anyway, Klaus lets her borrow a dress from what I can only assume was his cross-dressing phase back in the day. And then later Tyler makes a "surprise" return cause even he knows better than not to come to Caroline's prom - threat of death is not enough to save his ass if he missed that is all I'm saying. Anyway, Klaus is there as Tyler is leaving and in the interest of not spoiling Caroline's big night he offers Tyler a five second head start which Tyler only takes two seconds of, but weirdly Klaus doesn't give chase.

What I'm a bit pissed about is that Becca finally gets her prom, and in giving her this the show manages to screw her over anyway. Elijah before he'll give her the cure wants her to spend one day/night as a human (or as much of one as she can while still a vampire) and so she ends up mostly alone at the prom, and then that ass-wipe Matt is mean to her, and then because Elena is literally a stupid bitch right now she tries to kill April, and Matt basically demands Becca save April. Well, Becca does this and then Matt tries to redeem himself a little bit by admitting he was a little harsh (little my ass you was a prick!) on her earlier.
(Still while Matt says he'll never tell Klaus hears/sees the whole thing, and confronts Becca and it's all weird, but then the next scene Becca is telling Elijah that she passed his little test with flying colors - then Becca calls Elijah to tell him Klaus is being weirder than usual and to not let the cure out of his sight until she gets there, and Elijah's all "oops!")

So basically my Becca gets screwed all around even though she finally got her prom. Damn it!

The episode basically ends with Bonnie sorta agreeing to do what Silas wants, but of her own free will. Personally, I don't really get what pushed her into this, because Silas had appeared as Jeremy to her earlier in the episode so the big prom dance scene between them clearly wouldn't have been enough (especially since that's the scene where Bonnie actually breaks free of him just before laying the hurt on Elena! Go Bonnie - Go Bonnie!), but I also don't really get how she thinks bringing down the wall will help Elena, or honestly if she'd even want to help Elena at this point. Basically, I'm pulling an actor here and saying that I just don't understand Bonnie's motivation on this one, because granted after she understood exactly what Queen Q did to Silas (which is horrible) I feel that she was going to do what he wanted before that, so sympathy/pity for Silas isn't even the motivation.
(Oh, and I can't hate Silas anymore, because you can clearly see he was trying to help the moron duo not be morons anymore, but it's gonna take more than a little stake to the gut, but to be fair Silas had other things on his plate, so I shall be forgiving for now. Although, to be fair, I never actually hated him I was mostly just "bored now" by that whole storyline.)

No wait - the episode ends with Katherine (of all people) truly setting up the sequel - she's left Klaus a note, because somehow she knew everything that had gone down giving Klaus something better to do than start his little kill Katherine hunt again. Ergo spin-off, where alas, Katherine can't be a part of it, because the actress is stuck playing the now crappy Elena role. Basically what I'm saying is BRING ON THE SPIN-OFF! And I wouldn't object to Elena being killed off on The Vampire Diaries so Katherine could play a part in said spin-off.