Good news - for those who care - I'm going to live! No, seriously, the peeps at work did get the air fixed before I had to work any this week, and today I got the air at home fixed. Well, at least fixed for the short term, because probably sooner rather than later I'm a-gonna have to get a new one, but I can has sweet blessed coolness for the moment!

Bates Motel 1x05 Ocean View

Well, my first thought was poor Dylan - he just can't get people to remember him, because even Emma has forgotten about him - with Norma in jail, Emma offers to let Norman stay with her family, and Norman has to remind her about Dylan. Then at the end of the episode my poor Dylan ramped up a little bit, because the one guy in this town who not just remembers him but actually likes having him around has been shot, and as Dylan is driving aimlessly around after that he sees the dude that shot his bro and he runs that dude down with his truck. So I guess everyone in this family is a killer or at least destined to be one. But I think everyone, because the show does seem to be heavily hinting that Norman killed his father.
(But during all this Dylan gets the idea to get his own place, and if Norma's goes to jail forever Norman will be moving in with him, and even if she don't maybe Norman should think about it, but you can kinda tell that if Norma doesn't go to prison Dylan stands no chance of getting Norman away from Norma, despite the fact that you can tell Norman is almost fantasizing about it.)

I can't explain it, but during the episode Norma's being a bit insane because how dare Norman get laid - it's totally okay for Norma to be screwing her cop, but no way no how is Norman ever supposed to get laid - in a maybe interesting twist Norma still doesn't know who screwed Norman Bates. I actually kinda love this, though it's totally not fair to Norman, but he's jealous of her and then she's even more jealous of him and her jealously has more weight (in the storyline) than Norman's, and it's just so wonderfully fucked up. Anyway, during this one scene, Norman basically says that Norma's is scaring him or was scaring him and Norma gets this fantastic look on her face that basically says her line for her even though she goes ahead and says it anyway "I scare you" and it was just something about the way that whole scene played that makes me think the show is going with Norman having killed his father in one of his black-outs instead of Norma having done it to escape an abusive relationship.
(I'm not exactly thrilled about the narrative seeming to make him abusive, but it is what it is.)

However, while I started the episode really feeling Dylan someone snuck through and basically stole my heart here. And that's Emma! Norman gets all "I don't want to hurt you, but me and Bradley - we're in love now." And Emma's all "proof, please" - "we had sex! And it was very meaningful" - "it was totally just a hook-up," because apparently on the internets Bradley hasn't changed her relationship status. But really even without that it was obvious that it was just a hook-up to everyone but Norman - he keeps texting and leaving her voice-mail to which she hasn't responded (DUH? Totes just a hook-up! Although Emma doesn't actually know about that part, though perhaps she suspects). Honestly the whole thing reminded me mostly of that Xander/Faith thing back in the Buffy days. They have sex - it's obvious it doesn't mean as much to her as him, though I honestly don't expect Bradley to try and kill Norman, though that might be an awesome twist to the storyline if she did. So even though Emma is totally crushing on Norman she just handled this whole thing so awesomely that I am now totes in love with her, and in a weird way I kinda want her to end up being the one to out-live everyone else in this twisted little story. Though because of her illness that does seem a bit unlikely, but would be awesome.
(And I think she'd have probably still been awesome about the whole thing even if it had appeared that Bradley shared Norman's feelings, but Bradley herself basically told Norman before they had sex that it was just a hook-up - "I'm so tired of feeling sad all the time for just a little while I want to feel something else." So again only Norman really needed Emma to spell it out, because even Dylan gets that it was just a hook-up and he doesn't yet know much more about it than Norman had sex with her, and I'm not sure he even knows who her is any more than Norma does, but despite that even he "knows" it was just a hook-up.)

Anyway, the end of the episode reveals that the sex slave is real, because Norman and Emma rescue her which then breaks Norma's brain, because there's no way her super awesome Shelby could be this guy, but the sex slave confirms that he is indeed the guy.
(Apparently after Norman broke in, though Shelby may suspect it was Dylan - given the look he gave Dylan last episode - Shelby decided to move his sex slave to the safety of Keith's (the dead rapist's) boat, where Emma used her super awesome skills of logic to figure out where he hid her and so Norman and Emma find her and bring her back to the motel just in time (as I said) to break Norma's brain, which is kinda already broken enough and probably did not need this added breakage.)

Oh and I can't believe I forgot to mention this, but in addition to Norma being pissed in general just because she was arrested - why is the whole world against her? I mean, it's not like she killed a man and then hid his body. No siree Bob - Norma is being railroaded by all these evil people.
(And somehow I suspect she blames Dylan, cause I think if she wakes in the morning and it's raining she blames Dylan for even that.)

Anyway, the big thing is that she gets totally pissed when Dylan (in front of both Norman and Norma) basically admits that Norman told him everything (he didn't admit it, but said enough that Norma understood). And so this lead to her being even more pissed at Norman - enough so that a few scene's later when they're headed home far away from home she kicks him out of her car, but it's okay Dylan picks him up and welcomes him to the doghouse by giving him a ride home on his bike.

I'd toss off a poor Norma, but I can't bring myself to do so, but it is a bit sad - from her pov anyway - because damn it in addition to Norman "cheating" on her (but she's not cheating when she sleeps with the slave owner and why can't Norman just understand that?!) he spilled her secrets to IranDylan.

But part of my problem with giving a poor Norma is because she just doesn't seem to understand that Norman is a teenage boy that kinda sometimes wants to actually be a teenage boy, and then in addition to that he was scared silly because his mother killed a man and he literally had no one to talk to about these things except Dylan, because at least right now on some level he actually trusts Dylan - at least in ways that he couldn't/can't trust Bradley or even Emma.

But Norma doesn't see any of that. Nope, she just sees her child/"lover" betraying her with/to another man. It's actually awesome, really.