Supernatural 8x19 Taxi Driver

Well, I don't know, I guess first I must laugh - I did say when Meg was killed that this show would bring Bobby back before they even thought of bringing Meg back and surprise surprise I was right, and yet strangely I'm not annoyed or pissed over this. I don't know I guess I just feel in the context of the story it worked, AND this doesn't bring Bobby back for good just for a nice one-off. Also, I suppose the blow was softened by the fact that Benny was killed in this episode, though admittedly I don't like that. It's like I said when the show killed Meg this show keeps killing off the good characters and keeping the ones that are past their sell by date. Though even then I suppose Benny's death was at least chilling unlike Meg's - who again it feels like they killed just because she might get her evil va-jay-jay on Cass and thus offend the Dean/Cass shippers. On the other hand, I guess I'm not one to talk because this episode killed off Mrs. Tran and I could only feel gladness in my heart over that, though not because she was about to get her va-jay-jay on some male character, but because I found her to be a terrible character in her own right. I also find myself hoping (but doubtful) that Kevin Tran is also dead, but somehow I doubt Crowley would simply kill him at this point.
(The biggest problem with Benny was actually Sam's out of character reaction to him - otherwise the character was not bad, could've been interesting maybe if the show had painted him in more shades of gray, though. Of course, for the first half of the season Sam was just entirely out of character period, and to be fair there's still shades of that now. The biggest problem with Mrs. Tran was that they tried to make her sassy and that just ended up coming off as her looking like a trying too hard to be kwel dumbass.)

Otherwise I think the truth is that this episode sucked in just about every way, BUT I think I kinda liked it anyway, though I think this would've been better as a multi-episode arc rather than a one-off. But seriously when the episode ended I found myself thinking that if you was going to clusterfuck a show at least this was a good way to do that because during the episode shit actually happened - shit besides warmed over and refried wangst. However, as I said, the episode was may be definitively bad, because seriously hell is now basically a walk-in closet - not to mention purgatory. Didn't Naomi mention Angels losing their lives in rescuing Castiel? Well, this episode does cause one to ask "Why? Are they that stupid that they couldn't just con the Reaper into getting them in and out. I mean, really."
(But then Sam gets Bobby out oh-so-surprisingly easy that it's hard to understand why Cass and company had such a problem getting Dean out back in the summer between season three and four.)

But again seriously this episode had enough shit crammed in for three or four episodes, and if they'd stretched them out a bit perhaps they couldn't have had to make getting in and out of hell and purgatory quite so easy.

Otherwise, though I just don't have a lot to say except perhaps before season nine starts even pre-production they (the Supernatural PTB) really should splurge and hire someone to read through and maybe even rewrite (if necessary) some stuff in the episodes so there wouldn't be this level of continuity problems. I mean, I thought that was a job of the show-runner, but it clearly doesn't seem to be, so again maybe hire someone for just this purpose, so at least maybe the show could remain in-season consistent even if over-all consistency is a deluded dream at this point. I mean honestly I doubt anyone other than a fan could keep the whole canon straight at this point, but surely they could find someone who could at least help them keep the in-season continuity straight. Though at this point I'm honestly not sure it matters, because while I plan on finishing season eight I don't know if I'll even bother to come back for season nine.